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             May 12, 2010
             Update on Street Smarts campaign

             Teen Traffic Safety Essay Contest

             In an effort to reach out to junior high and high school students, Street Smarts recently held a
             Teen Traffic Essay Contest. The contest asked students to choose one of three topics: pedestrian
             safety, proper helmet use and texting while driving. We received 10 essays and a good
             representation of schools and grade levels. Our sponsor judges are currently reviewing the
             finalists and we will be announcing the winners the week of May 17. The first place winner will
             receive $300 and their essay will be featured in The Davis Enterprise. Second prize will receive
             $200 and third prize will receive $100.
             In past years we have held a junior high ad contest and a junior high video contest. We continue
             to strive to find new ways to successfully engage the teen community and would welcome any
             opportunities to team up with the DJUSD secondary schools in this effort.

             Bike Rodeos

             With the assistance of several volunteers as well as officers from the Davis Police Department,
             Street Smarts teamed last fall with the Public Works Bike Program to hold bike rodeos at Birch
             Lane, Chavez, Pioneer and Patwin elementary schools. More than 300 kids participated in these
             rodeos, getting helmets fitted and bikes checked, participating in a skills course and answering
             bike safety trivia. During the 08/09 school year, Street Smarts held rodeos at North Davis,
             Willett, Montgomery and Korematsu elementary schools. About 300 kids participated in those
             rodeos as well.
             In addition, Street Smarts assisted during Davis Police Department bike rodeos at Korematsu
             Elementary last fall, and at Pioneer Elementary during May 2010. Those rodeos targeted specific
             grades – third graders at Korematsu and fourth graders at Pioneer.

             Summer Camps

             With the help of Officer John Neves, the City’s bicycle enforcement officer, we will once again
             provide traffic safety information to the hundreds of children participating in the City-run
             summer camps. Many of these camps require that children ride their bikes to and from activity
             locations. Officer Neves will focus on topics like obeying traffic signs and signals, proper
             helmet use, riding out from between cars and hand signaling. Street Smarts will supply fliers for
             the children to take home to their parents on proper helmet fit and bicycle safety inspection.

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             Poster Contest

             Now in its third year, this year’s Street Smarts Poster Contest for elementary students, held in
             November, received more than 160 entries. This was far more than in previous years and much
             of the success of the contest this year can be attributed to teachers who encouraged their
             students’ participation. Street Smarts appreciates their support of our campaign. We are planning
             a similar contest for Fall 2010. As in year’s past, the three winning entries will be featured in
             poster that we will distribute to teachers at the beginning of the upcoming school year.

             Other Activities

             Last spring/early summer Street Smarts conducted a survey of residents about their thoughts on
             the campaign. Close to 300 people completed the survey, either on-line or on paper. Results
             showed that about 70 percent of those surveyed were familiar with the campaign, primarily by
             seeing banners outside of schools, posters at Unitrans bus stops or learning about it through their
             child’s school. Street Smarts plans to conduct a similar survey in the spring of 2011.
             We also continue to conduct counts at each school’s bike racks in the spring and fall to track the
             number of students riding their bicycles to school.
             Using the CalTrans grant, last year we purchased two additional speed boards (a total of four to
             date). The speed boards, which alert drivers as to how fast they are driving, are installed on
             Anderson Road near Chavez Elementary, on Shasta Boulevard, near Patwin Elementary, on
             Cowell Boulevard, near Montgomery Elementary and on Loyola Drive, near Korematsu
             Street Smarts will soon begin seeking sponsorships for the upcoming fiscal year. These
             sponsorships are vital for supporting any work we do outside of K-8, including targeting high
             school students, the university community or neighborhood groups.

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