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									Asbestos Violations at Home in Klamath Falls Leads to $16,219 in DEQ Penalties                                  Page 1 of 1

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       For release: Dec. 6, 2011

       Frank Messina, Air Quality Program, Bend, 541-633-2019
                                                                                    Stale of Orejoti
       Bryan Smith, Environmental Law Specialist, Portland, 503-229-                Department of
       5395                                                                         Environmental
        Asbestos Violations at Home in Klamath Falls Leads to                       Communications tt
                      $16,219 in DEQ Penalties                                         sw kit .+.0. oitte
                                                                                    Po Marl ill, OR 97111.4
                                                                                    Amu: (MO) 221-3696
                The Oregon Department of Environmental Quality has issued a                  (80:4 .02-10 I
       total of $16,219 in penalties over environmental law violations associated            (51:131 2.294762
       with an asbestos removal project on a rental house at 850 El Dorado Ave.
       in Klamath Falls last April.
                                                                                    DEQ is a leader
               DEQ issued a $10,219 penalty to Klamath Falls-based Orchard          in restoring,
       Hill Investments LLC for allowing unlicensed workers to remove               maintaining
                                                                                    and enhancing
       asbestos-containing siding on the residential rental property the company    the quality of
       owned. DEQ issued a separate $6,000 penalty to Head Painting &               Oregon's air,
       Concrete Inc., of 3609 Highway 39, Klamath Falls, for conducting an          land and water.
       asbestos abatement project without being licensed to perform such work.
       DEQ also cited Orchard Hill Investments and Head Painting & Concrete
       for openly accumulating the asbestos containing waste material removed
       from the rental house, but did not issue penalties for these violations.

                In April 2011, Orchard Hill Investments allowed employees of
       Head Painting & Concrete to remove about 900 square feet of cement
       asbestos board siding from the house. The removal crushed and
       pulverized the siding. This activity possibly released harmful asbestos
       fibers into the atmosphere. Asbestos fibers are a respiratory hazard
       proven to cause lung cancer, mesothelioma and asbestosis, and asbestos is
       a danger to public health and a hazardous air contaminant for which there
       is no known safe level of exposure.

               Neither Head Painting & Concrete nor its employees are licensed
       by DEQ to perform asbestos abatement projects. A contractor licensed to
       handle asbestos would have known to take steps to properly remove,
       contain and dispose of the asbestos so that asbestos fibers would not pose
       harm to humans or the environment during and after the siding removal.

                 DEQ noted that Head Painting & Concrete allowed a portion of
       the removed asbestos material to be stored unpackaged and on the ground
       both at the residential property at 850 El Dorado Ave. and also at its
       facility at 3609 Highway 39. DEQ further noted that Orchard Hill
       Investments allowed unpackaged asbestos to accumulate at its property
       on El Dorado Avenue before a licensed asbestos contractor properly
       disposed of it.

              Both Orchard Hill Investments LLC and Head Painting &
       Concrete have until Dec. 12 to appeal their penalties.

http://www.deq.state.or.us/news/prDisplay.asp?docID-3756                                                        12/16/2011

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