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									 How to make your computer secure and virus free by using the Security Shield
                        Virus removal free guide
Computers are vital as well as crucial to all of us and protecting it is really very important. So it
is very important to remove the Security Shield virus which slows down the system and
ultimately affects the hard disk of your computer. When someone has internet connection then
he/she must have his whole system secured with a good antivirus so that every virus can be
detected. Unwanted pop-ups are also very necessary to block as it corrupts the system. So this
article provides some tips to remove the Security Shield virus in order to keep the system
running smooth. Some of the tips are mentioned below-

   1) Installing the Security Shield Virus removal free guide will scan the whole computer for
      the virus and will help remove them safely. The URL for downloading the software is and this software helps scan the computer and find
      the viruses affecting the system.
   2) The Download Process Explorer needs to be downloaded and this locks the files and
      folders that are needed to remove the virus from the system. The file procexp.exe to
      explorer.exe must be renamed so that the Virus may not block the file from running.
   3) The Malware Removal program must also be downloaded so that it can detect the virus
      and run the svchost.exe file while you remain connected to the internet. The system
      must not be rebooted in between because the complete process will be destroyed.

There are many ways to manually search for the Security Shield Virus and some of them are
mentioned below-

   1) By clicking the registry editor, click accordingly- Start>Run (type regedit) >Enter. Now
      browsing HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet
      Settings you will see something similar to http=; https=;
      and if yes then it means the system is infected.
   2) Another way is to see as Start> Run and write “%LocalAppData%” and hit >Enter. If
      there is a random character with an .exe execution then the system is infected. Also the
      following location needs to be checked “%AppData%\Microsoft\Windows\Start
      Menu\Programs\Security Shield.lnk”
   3) Again it is best to check the above proxy address to see if it is infected or not.
Thus to conclude it is best to go to the URL and follow the
steps to remove the Virus. Thus to remove the above virus the following steps must be followed
so that the virus be removed from the system. Running a weekly scan through the anti-virus
system, making sure that the latest service pack is installed and hot fixes are always installed.
Lastly downloading any software from websites can also lead to Virus entering the system.
Now the question arises that how one can know that his/her system is virus affected or not.
The answer to this is pretty simple; Windows firewall will detect the virus or any antivirus for
that matter while scanning the computer. The Security Shield Virus removal free guide is thus
the best tool for removing the virus from the system.

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