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Brazilian Beer to a
 Brazilian Market
“Cerveja Não Viaja” – Beer Doesn’t Travel

     o The beer market is a local one
     o Brahma, Antarctica, Skol and Kaiser
     o Kaiser partially owned by Coca-Cola
     o Brahma produces Miller Draft in Brazil.
     Joint Venture is the only way some
     foreign companies may enter Brazil.

    1888 – Brahma is created by the
    Swiss Joseph Villiger.
    1934 – Brahma starts being bottled
    and becomes “Brahma Chopp”
    1978 – Brahma Chopp changes it’s
    bottle. It becomes an amber collor.
1980 – “Brahma Beer” is ready for exports
1982 – Brahma Launches the first light beer in Brazil.
1983 – Brahma Beer is launched in Washington and
1986 – Brahma Beer Brazilian Pilsener is launched
successfully in Tokyo
1991 – Brahma’s slogan changes from “Produto de Qualidade”
(A Quality Product) to “A Número 1” (The Number One)
1992 – Brahma Chopp is launched in Argentina
1996 – Brahma introduces Miller Genuine Draft
1999 – Brahma creates a beer bottle that looks like a
champagne bottle for New Years Eve celebration
2000 – Thermosensitive cans indicates when the beer is at the
“perfect” temperature
        Characteristics of Brahma Ads

                 • Humor Ads
                 • It appeals to both men and
                 women, despite other beer
 “Tssssssss”     ads that focus mainly on
                 • Sounds incorporate the pop
                 • 2002 – Highly emphasized
                 on animations
“Na na na na!”                                  “Weeeeee!”
F/NAZCA – Saatchi & Saatchi

           •Like most ad agencies in
           Brazil it is a Joint Venture.
           • “Agency of the Year” –
           Brazilian Advertising
           • F/Nazca was the most
           awarded Brazilian Agency in
           the British Design and Art
           Directors (D&AD) Festival
           • Worldwide, F/Nazca is the
           sixth most awarded agency
           on Clio 2003. It won 8 awards.
Before the Turtle….The Devious Crabs

        Crabs stealing beer and mooning the
        owner…believe it or not it was a big
        success and the beginning of a big
        success with the animal campaigns
        that would originate the Turtle ads.
Tartaruga (Turtle)
  Brahma Chopp
       The “Tartaruga” series was
       one of the big TV successes
       in 2002. It was elected by
       44.47% of Brazilians as the
       best ad campaign in 2002. It
       was exported to Germany,
       Australia, USA, England,
       Spain and Canada to be used
       on programs on Advertising
The Turtle Goes to Japan
    World Cup 2002

       With the turtle being such a
       good recall, it became the
       Brahma symbol and one of
       the unofficial mascots of the
       Brazilian Soccer Team.
       Brahma airs a 60 seconds
       commercial right after the
       game Brazil vs. Germany is
       over. The movie
       congratulated Brazil for the
       fifth World Championship
Print Ads Created by F/Nazca –
       Saatchi & Saatchi
What’s Going on Now???

     •“Give me a Brahma to refresh. It
     is my beer and it will always be
     my beer” is the theme of the ad
     ‘Balloon Project’ ad recently
     aired in Brazil. It shows all
     circumstances Brahma is a good
     idea to refresh.
     • Unfortunately since the end of
     the World Cup 2002, the turtle
     and the crabs were not seeing
     any longer.

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