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					Gloria Creed-Dikeogu
   The Past Perfected:
 University archiving and
  small college libraries
                Past Perfect
• Software created by
  Pastime Software
  Company in Exton,
• Inexpensive software
  used by small
  museums and small
  libraries with archives
  and special collections
               Software Notes
• Past Perfect is a back-end software in which you enter
  your records and digitized photographs
• The front end of the system places your collections on
  the web and is called Past Perfect Virtual Exhibit
• Customers may purchase software online from the
• The vendor offers training programs and software
  support to customers
• Customers can call software support if they have
  questions or problems that needs solving
                  Software Notes
• The vendor website has a
  newsletter; news releases
  about products, a customer
  list and a link to a customer
  discussion forum
• Customer can download user
  guides for different versions
  of the product from the
• Software upgrades of 3.5 are
  available and can be
  uploaded from the vendor
  website along with the
  Virtual Exhibit Front End
 What can Past Perfect software help
            you to do?
Software aids small libraries   Small libraries can:
  to accession:                 • Accession collections
• Special Collections books     • Catalog Collections
• Collections of objects or     • Describe collections in
  artifacts                     detail and include notes
• Archival Collections          and provenance
• Photographs                   • Digitize collections that
                                  are described
Software pricing
        • Recently upgraded from 3.0 to 3.5
          which was free
        • Libraries with very small budgets
          can afford this software
        • Currently small museums and
          libraries can purchase software
          Version 4.0 for $795
        • The virtual exhibit front-end costs
        • Upgrades to the newest system 4.0
          cost $310 if you already have an
          older version of the product
        Past Perfect Tabs

• Accessions & Collections
• Research
• Memberships
• Utilities
• Setup
      Accessions & Collections
• This tab organizes the libraries collections by:
  Archives and
• Offers libraries the ability to make lists of items
  in temporary custody with other museums or
  libraries and checkout or in items for loan
• This tab includes various searches that can be
  done on collections in objects, photos, archives
  or the library such as by:
    Search Terms
• We do not use this tab
• It would be a very useful tab for small
  museums that keep membership lists and
  charge for memberships; so that they can
  easily manage their membership lists and
  membership funding and information as
  part of the system

• This tab allows libraries to do some
  of the following tasks:
  –Backup their records to a server
  –Import or Export records
  –Re-index records after an
• This tab allows libraries to setup the
  following for use in the software:
   –Function Keys
         Licenses and Servers
• The library currently has one license for
• Our records have been setup so that they are
  backed up each time we work on the system to
  the university’s server
• If something happens to the laptop or there is
  an error or a problem with the software; the
  software can be replaced on the computer and
  files can be pulled from the server

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