The Global Market for Commercial Generators

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					            The Global Market for Commercial Generators

Commercial generators, also referred to as gensets, are used to supply full power,
temporary power, supplemental power or emergency back-up power to retail businesses,
industrial manufacturers, construction outfits, municipalities, telecommunication centers and
institutional operations. Generators may be relied on in times of power interruptions or
blackouts, although are also used on a regular basis – especially in regions where power
supplies may be inconsistent. The main types of commercial generators include diesel and
spark ignited varieties and are available with capacities all the way up to more than two

In 2012, SBI Energy estimates the global market value for commercial generators totaled
approximately $8.61 billion, reflecting slight growth from 2008. By 2023, the market is
expected to see significantly higher gains, with a handful of factors spurring growth in
specific market segments and regions.

Around the world, commercial generator markets are benefiting as concerns over energy
security escalate and prospective commercial generator purchasers look for ways to operate
more safely and efficiently. In many regions, such as in India, China and other developing
areas, regular power outages may greatly hinder smooth business practices. Implementing
generators allows these entities to function throughout a power outage, thereby helping to
save on energy and operating costs.

In the aftermath of natural disasters, those with commercial generators will have a
competitive edge over those that rely solely on the grid. This was apparent after Hurricane
Sandy hit the eastern U.S. coast in October, 2012. Retail stores with generators were able
to stay open, continue selling products and reel in new customers, while other less-
equipped businesses were forced to close their doors.

There are a handful of setbacks to market growth, some affecting only specific market
segments. One of the most pertinent is new and increased regulations surrounding the use
of diesel generators. With all the hype to go green and reduce GHG emissions, diesel-
powered equipment often receives a bad rap. It did not help matters when, in June 2012,
the International Agency for Research on Cancer, classified diesel engine exhaust as
“probably carcinogenic to humans.”

The Global Market for Commercial Generators contains comprehensive historical data
(2008-2012) and forecast data (2013-2023) for the global commercial generator market,
including the industry’s key sub-segments. This report identifies significant trends and
factors (such as new technologies, the regulatory scene, employment opportunities and
economic drivers and challenges), which affect the size and direction of market growth
around the world. Profiles of more than 15 major – or particularly interesting – companies
involved in the industry are also included in this report.

Report Methodology

The information contained in The Global Market for Commercial Generators has been
gathered from trade associations; news media; business, science and law journals;
company literature and websites; interviews with at least ten key individuals, research
services and institutes around the world; and is based on data from government agencies,
trade associations and other industry sources, including the U.S. Census Bureau and India

How You Will Benefit From This Report

The Global Market for Commercial Generators details significant trends, schemes and
market numbers for a clear overview of the commercial generator market around the globe.

This report will help:

•Managers identify market opportunities and develop new designs for their products and
services related to commercial generators.
•Research and development professionals stay on top of competitor initiatives and
understand the developments and obstacles within the market.
•Business development executives work within the dynamics of the market and identify
possible partnerships.
•Information and research center librarians access vital information.
•Policy makers and government officials understand the dynamics and scope of the market
they may be affecting.
•Advertising agencies working with clients involved in various segments of the commercial
generator market to help design appropriate messages and images.
•Investors and stakeholders gain a well-rounded view of the global commercial generator
market, including its strengths, weaknesses and likely future direction of growth.

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