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Global Market for Incinerator Technologies


									               Global Market for Incinerator Technologies

Waste Incinerator Technologies Global Markets

While global growth in incineration staggered in the wake of the global economic turndown,
global incineration markets are well-poised for continued recovery and consistent growth.
Since 2008, global markets for incinerators have resurged from $7.9 billion to $9.2 billion in
2012 (CAGR of 3.9%). By 2022, global markets will more than double, reaching a value of
$16.8 billion (2012-2022 CAGR of 6.2%). Observed and forecasted growth reflects a
combination of steady market expansion countered by notable contractions for select
technologies and applications, through 2022. These trends reflect an array of complex
market influences, ranging from technology cost effectiveness to incinerator plant capital
and operation period economics to regulatory support as well as regulatory controls on
incinerator deployment.

Waste management varies regionally and also based on waste content. In North America,
landfills are by far the preferred method of disposal for municipal waste. The continent is
served by over 6,500 landfills. But in many areas, landfills are falling out of favor. European
waste management practices stress reduced landfilling plus incentivizing or even mandating
of incineration/waste to energy. And in China, where an estimated 1,400 new landfills would
need to be established by 2030 in order to handle 500 million tons of trash, the government
is looking toward all forms of waste management including incineration, to minimize and
reduce anticipated future waste management burdens.

In Europe, North America, and in Asia, incinerators are a technology of choice (along with
boilers and industrial furnaces) for the combustion/destruction of many industrial and
hazardous wastes. These include biohazardous wastes from hospitals and medical
establishments, as well as select industrial and chemical wastes that cannot be easily
disposed of otherwise, and that are suitable for incineration.

At the community level, the advantages of incineration are clear: incineration can reduce
waste volume by 90% or more, which significantly decreases the need for landfilling and
long term storage of municipal wastes. Incineration obliterates biohazards, and when
managed properly with appropriate feedstocks, can minimize the toxicity of hazardous
industrial and chemical wastes. New emissions control systems have been shown to greatly
reduce airborne emissions, rendering incinerators safer than ever before. However, public
relations issues remain to be solved. There is much ground to be gained by industry in
terms of public acceptance of incineration in a growing number of existing incinerator
market regions.

Waste Incinerator Technologies Global Markets contains comprehensive data on the
worldwide market for the following waste incineration technologies: moving grate, rotary-
kiln, static hearth/static furnace, multiple furnace, and fluidized bed incinerators. Historic as
well as projected future market data are provided, including 2008-2012 historic market data
and market projections for 2013 to 2022, in terms of the dollar value of product shipments.
The report identifies key trends affecting the marketplace, along with trends driving growth,
and central challenges to further market development. The report also profiles leading
manufacturers and suppliers of incinerators and that are most relevant to the industry.

Report Methodology

The information in Waste Incinerator Technologies Global Markets is based on data from the
U.S. Department of Commerce, other U.S. executive agencies, the U.S. Census Bureau,
U.S. national laboratories, U.S. and global energy research institutions, the European
Commission/EUROSTAT, the National Bureau of Statistics of China, and the World Bank,
along with information from trade associations, business journals, company literature and
websites, Securities and Exchange Commission reportings, and research services such as
Simmons Market Research Bureau.

What You’ll Get in This Report

Waste Incineration Technologies Global Markets makes important predictions and
recommendations regarding the near term and mid term future of this market. It pinpoints
methods that current and prospective industry players can capitalize on to identify existing
trends, spearhead new trends, and identify and expand into niche and specialty markets. No
other market research report provides both comprehensive analysis and extensive, quality
data that Waste Incineration Technologies Global Markets offers. Plus, you’ll benefit from
extensive data, presented in easy-to-read and practical charts, tables and graphs.

How You’ll Benefit from This Report

If your company is already doing business in the waste or incineration market, in associated
manufacturing industries, or is considering making the leap, you will find this report
invaluable, as it provides a comprehensive package of information and insight not offered in
any other single source. Incineration technology holders and developers, investors,
marketers, midstream industry, and related technology startups will also benefit from key
insights into market structure, the supply chain, projects worldwide, and industry suppliers
associated with waste to energy technologies. The report provides an extensive review of
markets for incinerators from 2008, and projects trends through 2022.

This report will also help:

•Marketing managers identify market opportunities and develop targeted promotion plans
for waste to energy technologies, components, materials, and services.
•Research and development professionals stay on top of competitor initiatives and explore
demand for incinerator technologies, components, materials, and associated services.
•Business development executives and entrepreneurs understand the dynamics of the
industry/market and identify possible partnerships.
•Advertising agencies working with clients in the waste or incineration industry to
understand the market for incineration technologies, their application, and the product
procurement and project construction process; to develop messages and images that
compel consumers to invest in companies supplying or operating incineration facilities.
•Information and research center librarians provide market researchers, brand and product
managers and other colleagues with the vital information they need to do their jobs more

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Global Market for Incinerator Technologies

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