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									Information Technology
   Improvement Plan

                J. Brice Bible
                Chief Information Officer
                Ohio University
                June 28, 2007
                Where Do We Go From Here?
75 Day Plan (April 15 to July 1)
• Organizational Review and Realignment
• Budget Review and Plan (FY08)
• Governance Model (ITAC and Advisory Groups)
• Gartner Infrastructure and Staffing Plan
• Prepare for FY08 (OHIO IT Strategic Plan)

 FY08 Key Activities
 • Create Vision Ohio IT Plan
 • Implement Gartner Recommendations (Year 1)
 • Align Central-Distributed IT Responsibilities for
   Improved Efficiencies and Services
 • Allocate New Funds Toward Top Priorities
 • Create and Implement IT Security Framework

June 28, 2007                                          Office of Information Technology
   Gartner Findings
• OIT is significantly
• OIT is significantly
• Performance not
  sustainable without
• Outsourcing currently
  not cost effective
June 28, 2007             Office of Information Technology
                           OHIO IT Spending vs. Peers
                                        $7.4M Annually
                                        Below Bottom
                                       25% of University                                        17.2 FTEs Below
                                            Peers                                                Bottom 25% of
                                                                                                University Peers
                                       All Organizations
                                                                                            All Organizations

                                       University Peers                                     University Peers

                                       University (Bottom                                   University (bottom
                                       25%)                                                 25%)

  60% Below Organization Average for
        Comparable Workload                                 42% Below University Average

                                                                                                56.7 FTEs
                                       $15.4M Annually
                                                                                             Below Average
                                       Below Average
                                                                                              of University
                                         of University

                                                                                            All Organizations
                                       All Organizations
                                                                                            University Peers
                                       University Peers
                                                                                            University (bottom
                                       University (Bottom                                   25%)

  60% Below Organization Average for                        42% Below University Average
        Comparable Workload

                                                                             Office of Information Technology
April 4, 2013
           Establish a New Identity
   Office of Information Technology (OIT)
The Office of Information Technology (OIT)

Mission Statement
  To ensure modern, reliable, secure, and customer-oriented
  information technology services and solutions are available to
  advance the academic mission and objectives of Ohio
• Provide a robust and secure information infrastructure
• Provide customer-oriented and integrated applications and
• Provide transparent and measurable management practices
 June 28, 2007                                 Office of Information Technology
                OIT Organization

                               Office of Information Technology
June 28, 2007
              Establish Governance Model and
                   Customer Involvement

•    IT Advisory Council (ITAC) - The ITAC is a Presidentially-approved committee
     whose primary charge is to support the CIO in upholding the principles of Vision Ohio

•    Functional Support Committees – Customer-oriented support committees focused
     on specific IT issues.
      • Student Advisory Group
      • Technology Architecture Council
      • Faculty Senate IT Committee
      • Administrative Technology Advisory Group

    June 28, 2007                                                  Office of Information Technology
          Anecdotal Customer Observations by CIO
                      (First 2 Months)
•    Blackboard account for continuing education courses
•    Email assignment for admitted students
•    Web hosting service
•    Server hosting service
•    Server security standardization policy
•    URL acquisition and management (org, etc)
     Grad student printing quota
     Increase email quota
     Ensure the unlikelyhood of an outage similar to last Fall
     Simple mapped storage drive for all
•    Identity management                                                        Customer Input
•    AD enhancement plan between central and distributed IT
•    Telephone cost model improvements – don’t charge too much for handsets         Into IT
•    Eliminate desktop service call charge
•    Provide easy support for DNS entry changes                                  Improvement
     Eliminate charge for static IPs
     Improve wireless connections in the dorms
•    Simplify software distribution
•    Assist Baker Center with scheduling system
•    Enable Blackberries to work seamlessly with email
•    Integrate email and calendar
•    Provide better grant expense reporting
•    Integrate email system compatible with data phones and office products
•    Centrally-support online course evaluation
•    Faculty CV management system
•    Etc, etc, etc…

    June 28, 2007                                                             Office of Information Technology
                    IT Priority Areas
Key Priority Areas:
• Infrastructure Modernization and Stability
• Service Enhancements and Improvements

                Priorities and policies are subject to
                   review and governance by the
                 Information Technology Advisory
                            Council (ITAC).

June 28, 2007                                     Office of Information Technology
           IT Priority #1: Infrastructure
         Modernization and Stability (1 of 3)
• Network Infrastructure
     •   LAN Robustness, Redundancy, Flexibility, Capacity, and Security
           •     10Gb Core, 10Gb to Buildings, 100Mb to users, Redundant Routing
     •   Continuation of Rewiring Plan
     •   Network Access Control and Security
     •   New Resources: Staffing (firewall and network engineers),
         Routers, Switches and Training
• Computer Systems
     •   Storage and Server Standardization and Modernization
     •   Create Enterprise Storage Architecture
     •   Replace Aging Servers with Unix and Linux Architecture Solutions
     •   Seamless and Secure Identity Management Architecture
     •   New Resources: Staffing (system engineers and administrators)
         and Systems

 June 28, 2007                                                      Office of Information Technology
           IT Priority #1: Infrastructure
         Modernization and Stability (2 of 3)
• Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity
     •   Develop IT Business Continuity Plan (Risk Acceptance)
     •   Define and Execute Backup and Disaster Recovery Plan (OSU, Second
         Data Center)
     •   Update Data Center Environmental Reliability (UPS, Cooling, etc)
     •   Complete Business Impact Analysis (BIA) for OIT provided services
     •   New Resources: Facilities and Systems

• Information Technology Security
     •   Regulatory and Legal Compliance (HIPAA, GLB, CALEA, Audit, etc)
     •   IT Staff Training and Certifications
     •   Campus Awareness and Training Programs
     •   Forensics, Monitoring, Copyright, and Analysis Tools
     •   IT Security Framework and Policies
     •   New Resources: Staffing, Training, Marketing, and Systems
 June 28, 2007                                         Office of Information Technology
           IT Priority #1: Infrastructure
         Modernization and Stability (3 of 3)
• Customer Support Services
     •   Single Point of Contact (ITIL Service Model)
     •   Problem Resolution and Tracking System
     •   Campus Zone Support
     •   Managed Desktop Support Environment (academic-friendly model)
     •   Campus-Wide “Go Mobile” (laptop program) Support Infrastructure
     •   New Resources: Staffing, Systems, and Training

•   Program Management
     • Program Management Office (PMO) to Track Projects, Progress, and
     • Process Management Coordination to Ensure Service Reliability and
     • New Resources: Staffing and Training

June 28, 2007                                          Office of Information Technology
    IT Priority #2: Service and Application
             Improvements (1 of 2)
•   Financial and HR Administrative Systems
     • Implement Solutions from BPR Study
     • Create Position Management Solution
     • Enhance Oracle e-Business Suite of Products (Based on Customer Survey
     • New Resources: Staffing (Oracle DBA, etc)
•   Data Warehousing and Reporting
     • Provide Decision Support Tools in Coordination with RCB and Institutional
     • New Resources: Staffing and Analytical Tools
•   Student Information System (SIS)
     • Acquire and Implement Fully-Integrated and Web-Based SIS
     • Conduct Campus Readiness Assessment
     • Develop State Institution Partnerships
     • New Resources: Staffing (contract), Software, Systems, Integration Partner,
        Facilities, and Training

June 28, 2007                                            Office of Information Technology
        IT Priority #2: Service and Application
                 Improvements (2 of 2)
•     Departmental Solutions
       •   Support College and Departmental Applications Needs (ex: Faculty CV System, Student
           Course Evaluation, etc)
       •    New Resources: Staffing, Software, and Systems
•     Academic and Instructional Technologies
       •   Upgrade and Enhance Blackboard Releases
       •   Facilitate Faculty Evaluation and Selection of Additional Instructional Services (e-Portfolio,
           Assessment, etc)
       •   Support Asynchronous and Synchronous Classroom Tools
       •   Reallocate Current Resources to Instructional Design and Technology Support
       •   Provide Web Services for Campus
       •   Provide Lab Consolidation Services
       •   New Resources: Hardware, Software, and Staffing
•     Collaboration Tools
       •   Survey Faculty, Staff, and Students on Collaboration and Communication Capability Needs
             •    Email, calendaring, shared storage (mapped drives), IM, etc
       •   Procure and Implement Selected Solutions
       •   New Resources: Hardware, Software, Staffing, and Training

    June 28, 2007                                                             Office of Information Technology
    Student Information System Update
•   Board Approved $4M Start-up Phase Last FY
      •   Software Selection Committee Evaluation Complete (June 2007)
           •   PeopleSoft Software Recommendation

•   IT Infrastructure NOT Ready to Begin Implementation

•   Recommended Next Phase – Readiness Assessment
      •   Determine Project Team Staffing Requirements (Technical and Functional)
      •   Appoint Project Management Team
      •   Develop Detailed Project Costing
      •   Ensure IT Improvement Plan Requirements Underway
      •   Determine Sources and Availability of Funding for Entire Project

•   Pursue and Develop Possible State Alliances
      •   Four State Universities Using Same SIS Solution
           •   All at Approximately Same Step in Implementation Process

•   Provide Detailed Proposal for Board of Trustees in Fall 2007

June 28, 2007                                                         Office of Information Technology
     Proposed IT Improvement Funding Strategy

• Based on the Gartner Report and OU assessment, Central IT needs $7-$10M in
   additional funding to provide stable, reliable, and secure IT services
• Board of Trustees require rapid improvements
• President and Campus demand better IT service and enhanced information security

• Set target goal of $8M in additional base IT funding over five years
• Ramp-up with $5M over first three years (Phase 1)
• Establish progress measurement criteria and conduct quarterly reviews
• Conduct program evaluation after Year 1 and create/revise into “rolling” two year plan

 June 28, 2007                                                  Office of Information Technology
                 Allocation of New Funding
           3 Year Ramp-up Plan to $5M Annually
    Initiative (In Priority Order)                      Year 1         Year 2            Year 3
    1.       Critical Staffing and Training         $1,100,000     $1,900,000        $2,600,000
    2.       Computer Systems Modernization          $300,000       $500,000          $500,000
    3.       Network Infrastructure Upgrade          $300,000       $900,000         $1,000,000
    4.       Disaster Recovery and Security          $200,000       $200,000          $300,000
    5.       Faculty Computer Refresh Program                       $200,000          $200,000
    6.       Academic Technology Solutions           $100,000       $100,000          $100,000
    7.       Data Warehousing and Reporting Tools                                     $100,000
    8.       Collaboration Tools (email, etc)                       $200,000          $200,000
    TOTAL ANNUAL FUNDING                            $2,000,000     $4,000,000        $5,000,000

    Annual Baseline Increase                        $2,000,000     $2,000,000         $1,000,000

                                                    11 Positions   8 Positions        5 Positions

•     Finance and HR System Enhancements                                              $2,000,000
•     Student Information System (SIS)                                               $20,000,000

June 28, 2007                                                          Office of Information Technology
                    Twenty-Four (24) Critical IT Staff Additions
                              (Over Three Years)

       •   Director, Systems & Operations             •    Lead DBA
       •   Director, Customer Support Services        •    DBAs (2)
       •   Director, Infrastructure                   •    Network Administrator (2)
       •   Director, Information Tech Security        •    Service Administrator (2)
       •   Program Mgmt Officer                       •    Network Engineer
       •   Infrastructure & Storage Administrator     •    Security Analyst
       •   Unix Administrator (2)                     •    OS Programmer (2)
       •   Windows Administrator (Departmental        •    Data Warehouse Architect
           applications, etc)
       •   Applications Analyst                       •   Increases Infrastructure Staffing to 92 FTE
                                                             • Within 2.5 FTE of Bottom 25% of
       •   Blackboard System Administrator                      Peers (Gartner Report)
       •   Blackboard Applications Administrator             • Still 42 FTE Below Peer Average

                     24 Positions (Base + Benefits)           $2,200,000
                     Training & Development                   $124,000
                     Market Adjustments                       $316,000
                     Total Recurring Funding                  $2,640,000

June 28, 2007                                                         Office of Information Technology
  Improvement Plan Hardware/Systems (3 Years)
    •   Network Upgrade
         •    Fiber Plant Upgrade and Dual Core Installation - Years 1 and 2
         •    Central Buildings Cutover – Year 3
         •    Remaining Building Connections to New Network - Years 4-7

    •   Computer Systems Improvements
         •   Enterprise Storage – Years 1 and 2 (Distributed Storage Centralization)
         •   Server Replacement – Year 2 (Distributed Computer Systems Centralization and Security)
         •   Identity Management – Years 2 and 3
         •   Backup/Recovery (DR) and Security Enhancements – Years 1 and 2

    •   Critical Staffing (as defined earlier) – Years 1, 2, and 3

    •   Faculty Computer Refresh Program – Year 2

    •   Academic Technologies
         •   Blackboard Software Upgrade – Year 1
         •   Software and Service Enhancements (Asynchronous, Open Source) – Years 2 and 3

    •   Data Warehousing
         •    Decision Support Tools – Year 2

    •   Collaboration Tool Improvements
         •    Exchange Email/Calendar Pilot Project – Year 1
         •    Email/Calendar Production System – Year 2

June 28, 2007                                                                       Office of Information Technology
                     Proposed Accomplishments for First Year
                           (Metrics and Measurements)

    •   Network Infrastructure Upgrade
         •    Complete New Network Design and Detailed Budget Plan
         •    Begin Core Hardware Procurement Effort

    •   Computer Systems Improvements
         •   Design, Procure, and Implement Enterprise Storage Architecture
         •   Design Enterprise Server Architecture

    •   IT Security Improvements
          •    Develop Security Framework Plan and Create Data Classification Policy
          •    Conduct Identity Management Assessment
          •    Implement Disaster Recovery Service for SIS

    •   Critical Staffing
         •      Recruit and Hire First Round of Critical Staff Positions
         •      Ensure Performance Reviews are Conducted for all OIT Employees

    •   Academic Technologies
         •   Complete Upgrade to Current Version of Blackboard
         •   Provide Faculty Assessment Opportunity of New Blackboard Modules

    •   Collaboration Tool Improvements
         •    Conduct Exchange Email/Calendar Pilot Project with OU-COM

June 28, 2007                                                                          Office of Information Technology
    IT Infrastructure Life-Cycle Refresh Plan

•    Establish TCO (Life-Cycle) Models for Core Infrastructure Services:
      •   Networks and Telephone Systems
      •   Computer Systems
      •   Enterprise Applications
      •   Desktop and Lab Computers

•    Computer Systems:
      •   Components: Storage, Servers, IdM, Backup, DR, Email, Middleware, etc
      •   Value: $5M
      •   Replacement Cycle: 5 Years (Typ)
      •   Replacement Annual Fund Base - $1M ($500k in existing budget)

•    Network Infrastructure:
      •   Components: Routers, Switches, Network Security, etc
      •   Value: $10M
      •   Replacement Cycle: 6 Years
      •   Ramp up to $1.6M Annually ($600k available)

June 28, 2007
April 4, 2013                                                        Office of Information Technology
                           Progress on Original 20 Point Plan

Technology                                                                        FY07      FY08          FY09
1. Implementing a perimeter firewall
2. Monitoring network activity to identify attempted intrusions.
3. Conducting an IT risk assessment
4. Classifying data by the level of security required
5. Completing the installation of Active Directory (Authentication System)
6. Developing an enterprise-wide security architecture

Strategy and Process

7. Developing policies and procedures for enterprise-wide IT
8. Implementing practices designed to prevent security problems, including
    network segmentation, virus and spyware detection.
9. Reducing the use of Social Security numbers and encrypting those that
    are required
10. Implementing processes to monitor security and assure compliance
11. Developing a strategic plan for Information Technology
12. Assuring "business continuity" for network and systems operations
13. Creating a security administration framework
14. Inventorying IT applications and information assets across the University

Organization and Governance
15. Restructuring the central IT organization in order to establish clear roles
16. Hiring additional security staff
17. Conduct an IT skills assessment to identify IT training and development
18. Establishing a project management team within the central IT office
19. Improving communications with stakeholders
20. Restructure the IT Leadership Council

   June 28, 2007                                                                  Office of Information Technology
     Central-Distributed IT Alliance
• Focus on Four Areas of Joint Support:
      •   Server Administration
      •   Application Management
      •   Desktop Support
      •   Computer Lab Management
• Verify Approach Through Pilot Projects
      • Finance and Administration
      • College of Arts and Sciences
      • College of Engineering
• Use Central IT Stabilization Approach

June 28, 2007                          Office of Information Technology
• Continued Focus on Stability and Security

• Established Scalable Organization (OIT)

• $8M Annually Needed to Stabilize IT Operations
      •   $5M Annually Over Three Years Provides Rapid Improvement Ramp-Up
      •   Detailed First Year Plan Includes Metrics to Monitor Performance

• New Governance Model In Place (ITAC)

• Central-Distributed IT Alliance Underway

• SIS Selection Completed
      •   Infrastructure Stabilization First
      •   Readiness Assessment Underway
June 28, 2007                                        Office of Information Technology

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