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					Willem Fourie                                                        SAP Analyst Programmer

35-2870 Baycrest drive Ottawa ON K1V 0H1613 612 1610


         SAP certified FICO(ECC6,4.70); ABAP(NW04,2000,4,3); Basis(6.10,3.0); BW(3,2000)

         Education       Dip.Eng.(Industrial); B.Comm.(InfoSys, Economics); CMA (IMA)

         Other           CISA(ISACA); PMP(PMI); CPIM(APICS); DBO(Oracle); ISP(CIPS/FIQ);
                         CNE(Novell); ACE(UNIX); Excel, Access, MSSQL(Microsoft); SM(IMM);
                         Mensa; Secret clearance


         SAP             11 years on 24 sites.
         IT / IS         22 years (incl. SAP)
         Logistics       5 years


         ABAP Workflow, BAPI’s, RFC’s, iDocs/ALE, ALV, List processing, Objects, iViews,
              BDC’s, DynPro, Interfacing, Integration, SAPScript, Smartforms, Enhancements,
              Exits, BAdi’s, Notes, LSMW, DDic, Dialog programming

         Web     ITS/IAC (Purchase requisitions, PO’s)
                 RFC/BAPI’s, LAMP (Change management system)
                 BSP (Support centre, BI)
                 WDA, SOA, ESA, Web services

                Notes, exits, repairs, enhancements
                CTS, TMS, transport requests, change management
                Security, PFCG, authorisations, profiles, CUA, AIS
                Printing, SAPScript, Smartforms
                Jobs, scheduling, events, process chains
                Interfacing, Integration, EDI, ALE, RFC
                Servers, databases, networking

         BW      Enhancements to and custom extractors
                 Process chains / load utils / interfacing
                 Routines for update and transfer rules
                 Custom Infoproviders
                 Reconciliation utilities
                 Enhancement / Exits
                 Bex, reporting and distribution

              Employment History
12/2007 – 06/2008   Telus Communication   ABAP (WDA, SD, SRM, Interfaces, Workflow)
10/2007 – 11/2007   Candian Int Dev Agen  ABAP (Hotpacks, WDA, BSP)
08/2007 – 09/2007   Citizenship & Immigra ABAP (FI, FM, ZUFIS Interfaces)
07/2007 – 08/2007   Parks Canada Heritag  ABAP (FI, FM, HR - ALV, Dialog, SmartForms)
09/2006 – 06/2007   Revenue Canada        ABAP (FI, CO, HR, PM)
03/2006 – 08/2006                         C/Perl (Online derivatives trading system)
04/2004 – 02/2006   Aramco                BW ABAP (HR, CO, HCM, HSCM)
03/2004 – 03/2004   Fenclo                ABAP (CO, PP)
11/2003 – 02/2004   ViaSupport            BSP
02/2003 – 10/2003   Sony                  BW ABAP (CO, SM, APO)
06/2002 – 01/2003   ERPWorkshop           PHP/DHTML (Change Management)
01/2002 – 05/2002                         Derivatives trading
10/2001 – 12/2001   Canada Post           BW ABAP
02/2001 – 09/2001   CN Rail               BW Basis ABAP
01/2001 – 01/2001   Revenue Canada        ABAP
10/2000 – 12/2000   N S Health Region     Tech lead (Basis and ABAP)
08/2000 – 09/2000   Siemens               ABAP
06/2000 – 07/2000   Sobeys                Security
09/1999 – 04/2000   Revenue Canada        Security ABAP
02/1997 – 08/1999   RSI realtime          Consultant (please note following projects)
05/1999 – 08/1999   ATi Technologies      ABAP ITS
01/1999 – 04/1999   COMDEV                Security ABAP
08/1998 – 12/1999   Gustin Kramer         Basis ABAP
03/1998 – 07/1998   ATi Technoloies       Basis Security
10/1997 – 02/1998   Clearnet              ABAP
08/1997 – 09/1997   Moen                  ABAP
05/1997 – 07/1997   Clearnet              Basis Security
02/1997 – 04/1997   Formet Industries     Basis
10/1996 – 12/1996   CCMA                  Project Manager
05/1995 – 09/1996   Sanlam Properties     Systems Manager
03/1994 – 04/1995   Auto Cable Industries IT Manager
04/1992 – 02/1994   Pharma Natura         Systems Manager
01/1991 – 02/1992   Total Computer        Programmer/Analyst
07/1987 – 11/1990   SA Data Assist        Programmer/Networks
01/1985 – 07/1987   Bizcom                Programmer
10/1983 – 12/1984   Sponge Metal Indust Production Manager
08/1980 – 09/1983   YSKOR                 Production Technician
06/1979 – 07/1980   RF Levy & Co          Articled Clerk
Employment Details

34) Telus Communications
ECC6.0/SRM 5.5Basis 7.00/BI 7.0 and Enterprise 4.7/6.20

Description of the work:
        Development /maintenance resource
1) Development
        a. WDA, Workflow, BAPI, SALV
            Browser based master data management, using workflow to approve maintenance. SALV
            lists of master data shortlists per selection screens to choose from, and lists of
            maintenance awaiting completion and approval.

        b. WDA, IDOCs, Objects
           Interface to legacy for Sales Orders (creating Invoices) and Payments billed through
           SAP, with reporting, error maintenance and reposting. Enhancements to IDOC posting
           by custom objects and BAPI’s.

        c.   WDA
             Browser-based replacement of a VB application for order management

        d. ALV, Objects
           Extended warrantee report in ALV objects of sales orders generated on legacy system.
           Authorisations restricted by sales area.

        e. CBSS interface
           CBSS FRF interface to legacy for billing documents, line items, taxes and condition

        f.   Mass posting
             Utility for batch/mass update of sales order flags per variant

        g.   Open orders report
             Open order report showing serial numbers, with option to download csv file

        h. Invoice list creation and statement print
           Consolidated statement of cross company invoices of different currencies showing
           aging, invoice detail, consolidated taxes per type (international and Canadian) and
           payment pages on smartform layout.

2)   Maintenance
         a. WDA - Initiate services and parameters on landscape
         b. WDA - Introduce WDA to architect, analysts and developers
         c. WDA HTML CSS – Create custom themes for colour, look-and-feel

        d. BAPI’s - Search functions (remote servers) and WDA service calls (selection, posting)
        e. RFC - authorisation issues on remote servers
        f. Workflow, BTE - Enhancement (BTE) of workflow event (event type linking) for
           document header posting
        g. IDOC – create sales orders from IDOCs created from flat files

        h.   ITS – integrated ITS issues after upgrade
        i.   ICF SSL – Configure HTTPS logon, certificate challenge and switching to secure
        j.   HTML / JS – Flickering page after logon
        k.   HTML / JS – Customise templates for layouts,messages, popups and image
        l.   HTML / JS, Objects – enhance HTM_LOGON to return to last logged on language
        m. HTML / JS – context language cookie
        n. HTML / JS – remove browser navigation buttons

        o.    SRM   upgrade to 5.5 – compare pre- and post systems
        p.    SRM   XML – utility to download table contents for XI
        q.    SRM   Services configuration (custom logon, SSL, last logon language, redirect, sessions)
        r.    SRM   – failed session on return from help link
        s.    SRM   – logon failure message not appearing
        t.    SRM   - Upload, convert and post changes to user accounts
        u.    SRM   PA – utility to post user data
        v.    SRM   – fix failure to add items to carts held over from pre-upgrade
        w.    SRM   – clean up secure and non-secure items on page (warning)
        x.    SRM   Templates – fix multiple versions of case sensitive email addresses

        y.    SD – Utility to create and find customer number (KUNNR) from custom format
        z.    SD DDIC – custom defaults table with maintenance dialog
        aa.   SD RFC – use configured destination to run foreign functions for US tax calculations
        bb.   SD IDOCs – use IDOCs to post orders, billing and payments
        cc.   SD – cross border interface for foreign taxes
        dd.   SD - Fix SAPSQL_ARRAY_INSERT_DUPREC dump
        ee.   SD, Smarforms – aging statement of previous balances and current charges
        ff.   SD Currency conversion in consolidate statements and billing interface
        gg.   SD – enhance customer master maintenance (XD01/2) with company and sales area fields

        hh. Smartforms - Introduce to developers
        ii. Smartforms – develop various invoices for agile billing
        jj. Smartforms – cross company statement (inv list) with multiple ship-to’s

        kk. SIS – Utilities to recover failed loads of custom SIS tables in parallel and aggregate
        ll. SIS WDA - Display custom SIS tables in browser using ALV component

33) Canadian International Development Agency

Description of the work:
        Development /maintenance resource
      o Addressing issues arising major hotpack installation.
      o Service requests and maintenance.
      o Introduction to and advice on web (BSP and WDA) programming.
When the work was carried out:
        Oct 2007 to Nov 2007
Client contact:
        Hélène Paquin - Hélène
        Please find an assessment attached

32) Citizenship and Immigration Canada
SAP 470

   1.   Interdepartmental interfacing (ZUFIS Files)
   2.   Posting accounting documents
   3.   Funds reservation and consumption
   4.   ALV Objects report on posting, suspense and listing for verification

31) Parks Canada Heritage
SAP 470

Worked on 22 transport requests and 179 objects during this contract period.

    1. Complete parks fees maintenance dialog system interfacing the
             a. Internet and
             b. Gazette (Smartforms)
    2. Derivation rules - Cost centres, profit centres and commitment items
    3. Salary details and summary reports, Salary forecast report with/out PRI
    4. Multiple PAYE and actuals / FM / vendors / consumption ALV objects reports
    5. Athlete payments report and interface
    6. Utilities for table maintenance, archiving, year-end, removal/replace in descriptions…
    7. Upload / Download to Access

Please see

30) Canada Revenue Agency

Worked on 84 transport requests and 579 objects during this contract period.

    1.    Posting from flat files using BDC’s
    2.    Posting from flat files using BAPI’s
    3.    Combination Plant Maintenance and Material Movement transactions using BAPI’s
    4.    Created custom BAPI’s to be called from Java (Travel, ESS, Timesheets)
    5.    Enhanced delivered extraction RFC’s for Ariba
    6.    Interfaces (ZUFIS files)
    7.    Enhancements to iDoc segments and exits
    8.    Custom time generation programs
    9.    Vacant position report using list processing and ALV objects
    10.   Text and translations on various programs
    11.   Multiple maintenance, enhancements, exits, customer functions and notes (on cost
          elements, activity types, custom code, internal orders, cost centres)
    12.   Statistical estimates reports using DynPro, list processing and objects.
    13.   Custom activity type/price planning
    14.   Exporting files for Operating and Capital Expenditures
    15.   Custom extract functions (full and delta) for an external data mart
    16.   Maintenance to in-house programs
    17.   Custom Payroll Planning (replacing PP2B)
    18.   Personnel Costing Budget / Actual / Projection reports
    19.   Pay period and extra duty (section 34) reporting
    20.   Personnel planning BAdi (ZCL_IM_PERSPLANNINGINFTY)
    21.   Travel expenses
    22.   Dialog programming – custom application for CBSA
    23.   Plant Maintenance and Material Movements for arming border guards
    24.   Security review and role maintenance
    25.   Created and tested new roles for CBSA (PM, MM & HR)
    26.   Authorisation groups for programs and tables
    27.   Reporting and maintenance of past and overdue timesheets
    28.   New methods for workflow (find managers and signing authority by cost centre)
    29.   Leave to cash (cash out leave owing)
    30.   WDA rewrite of ITS html’s

29) Aramco
SAP47, BW35

    1.    Created generic extractors
    2.    Extract functions and views
    3.    Append to extract structures
    4.    SAPI function enhancements (RSAP0001)
    5.    Routines for update and transfer rules
    6.    Flat file transfer structures
    7.    Custom InfoProviders
    8.    Transformation programs (preparing data in Datastore)
    9.    BAPI’s / RFC’s for Java and Crystal
    10.   BSP / iViews reports for dashboards and URL’s
    11.   Job scheduling with events
    12.   Create and maintain InfoPackages
    13.   Maintaining Process Chains
    14.   Utilities to create and maintain process chains from a selection screen.
    15.   ABAP processes/variants (in process chains)
    16.   Utilities for managing large numbers of InfoPackages
    17.   Table maintenance and adjustments
    18.   Indexes and aggregates
    19.   Virtual Cubes and RRI reporting from R/3
    20.   Reconciliation utilities to check data and requests/infopacks
    21.   In/dependant BEx variables enhancements (RSR00001/ZXRSRU01)
    22.   Calculated (virtual) Key Figures (RSR0002)
    23.   BAdI’s (RSU5_SAPI_BADI)

28) Fenclo

Production performance and controlling reports on behalf of SAP

Other jobs for SAP include:
Proctor and Gamble - assistance with info sources (1 day)
City Council of Toronto - Cost Centre authorizations (3 days)
Telus – please see above (6 months)

27) Via Support

Web-based help-desk and ticket tracking system using ABAP/BSP
Please see

26) Sony
SAP 46C, BW 30B

    1. Built complete custom Service Management module from custom extraction to custom
    2. Infopackages and process chains
    3. Jobs, scheduling, loads, failures, reconstruction
    4. Transfer and update rules
    5. Legacy flat file loads (history and masters)
    6. Infoproviders for APO’s live cache
    7. APO reporting (inventory distribution through to retail stores)
   8.    Pushing reports to Tokyo via FTP
   9.    BEx reports (queries and web designer)
   10.   Exits, enhancements, variables
   11.   Security by InfoProvider
   12.   Authorisations with variables

25) ERP Workshop
SAP BAPI’s/RFC’s, LAMP (Linux Apache mySql PHP/Perl), DHTML

Developed is a user friendly browser-based application designed to document, track and
manage the workflow of R/3 change requirements from a simple request for a new report to
complex multi-transport Releases and Upgrades.

        Simplified SAP R/3 Change and Documentation Management
        Transparent Transport Tools
        Improved Workflow and Communication Processes
        Real Time Analysis and Reporting Tools

Please see

24) CN Rail

   1. Designed and blueprinted the BW landscape and interfaces to the existing networks,
      facilities and R/3 (OLTP) landscape.
   2. Enhanced (ABAP) delivered extractor (EC) and developed a custom one (SPL).
   3. Job scheduling and BW administration.
   4. Statistics and performance.
   5. Authorisations, custom objects and exits.
   6. Built complete custom Service Management module from custom extraction to custom

23) Revenue Canada

   1. Assisted both ABAP teams (HR and other) with clearing a development backlog before a
      release date with hands-on programming. Coached some of the ABAP team.
   2. Assisted internal auditors and the authorisation team.

22) North Shore Health Region
SAP 46B, AIX, DB2,

   1. Supervised:
         a. Installation of landscape, OSS, support packs, etc.
         b. SAPScripting
         c. Authorisations
         d. Printers, SAPGUI, etc.
         e. Data conversions

   2. Hands on:
         a. Interfaces (legacy systems and browser for purchase req's)
            b.   Tech support to HR team
            c.   EDI
            d.   Special ledger
            e.   Reports

21) Siemens Westinghouse

   1. EDI (Orders, Invoicing and intercompany clearance. Custom extensions and processing)
   2. General ABAP on an upgrade project.

20) Sobeys
AIX, SP2/6000, SAP 40B (logistics), 46B (HR)

   1.   ABAP utilities and reports,
   2.   Security and Authorisations,
   3.   Training,
   4.   Checklists

19) Revenue Canada
NT, Compaq, 10000 users, R/3 40B

   1.   ABAP,
   2.   Basis,
   3.   Security and Authorisations,
   4.   DRP,
   5.   Coaching,
   6.   User account management utilties,
   7.   Security checklists,
   8.   System audit.

18) RSI/realtime
Compaq, HP, MSSQL, Informix, SAP

System administrator :
       Installs/upgrades, Sizing, Correction and Transport, Client Copies, Client
       Exports/Imports, Spooler, Printing, Authorisations, CCMS, Operational Modes, OSS,
       Central Instances, Db Servers, App Servers, RDBMS's, Problem Resolution, Training,
       Technical Project Lead…

17) ATi Technologies II
NT, HP, Oracle, SAP 40B

Developed IAC/ITS web-based application for purchase orders and requisitions world-wide. (ABAP,
HTML, JavaScript)

HP UX, Oracle, SAP 40B
    1.   Authorisations,
    2.   ABAP4
    3.   mentoring,
    4.   BDC's

15) Gustin Kramer

    1.   Basis mentor,
    2.   Layout sets,
    3.   Reports,
    4.   Corrections, notes, hotpacks
    5.   Custom dev,
    6.   EDI.

14) ATi Technologies
NT, HP, Oracle, SAP 40B

    1.   Responsible for basis installation and configuration.
    2.   Trained staff on R/3 technology, transports, sysadm and authorisation.
    3.   Involved in EDI to turnaround inter company idoc's and new idoc types.
    4.   Various ABAP utilities and reports for basis, user account and security management.

13) Clearnet Communications II
HP UX, Oracle, 31H, 40B

    1. Customer Order Processing replacement project - interfaces to non-R/3 systems (Couriers,
       Client Equipment, Customer Care)
    2. Custom development and
    3. mentoring of ABAP’ers.

12) Moen
Sun, Oracle, 31G

    1. EDI, IDOC extensions,
    2. SD support and reports

11) Clearnet Communications
HP UX, Oracle, 31H, 40B

    1. Responsible for basis (100 client, three system landscape)
    2. Trained on R/3 technology, transports, sysadm and authorisation.

10) Formet Industries
HP, NT, Informix, SAP - 250 user, EDI

Basis responsibility. Interfaces to e:commerce and production equipment. Installs/upgrades, Sizing,
Transport, Copies/Exports, Spooler, Printing, SAPGUI/Session Manager, Authorisations/Profile
Generator, CCMS, Op Modes, OSS, Central Instances, Db Servers, App Servers, RDBMS's,
Problem Resolution, Training, Corrections, Interfaces, IDOC's and ASAP Technical Project Lead.

NT, UNIX, SQL, Oracle, Compaq, Sun, Cisco, Cabletron, TCP/IP, Frame Relay

   1. Establish new platform (new organisation) in H/O, 9 offices and 400 clients country wide
   2. Manage staff at each province/office

8) Sanlam Properties
NT, SQL, Oracle, Compaq, IBM, SAP

   1.   Establish new department (no previous IT dept)
   2.   Install platform in 22 offices and 350 clients
   3.   Recruit and train staff.
   4.   Develop and implement property management (custom) and financial software (SAP).
   5.   Train clients.

7) Auto Cable Industries
UNIX, Netware, Progress, MFG/Pro

   1.   Managed the IT department at three plants and a HO.
   2.   Developed corporate IT policy.
   3.   Integrated disparate systems and information.
   4.   Introduced MFG/Pro.
   5.   Reduced stock levels and production responsiveness.
   6.   Developed product change control module showing obsolete stock, estimate delivery
        dates and cost of change.

6) Pharma Natura
Impact on Unix, MCBA on VAX/VMS, Netware, WAN

   1.   Managed platform in a production plant, 8 depots and two retail pharmacy chains.
   2.   Integrated the VAX and Netware presenting business information on desktop
   3.   Involved in maintenance of MCBA and add-on programs
   4.   Computerised and established network connections to depots
   5.   Integrated retail chains

5) Total Computer Services
UNIX, Netware, Cobol, Flexgen4

   1. Maintenance programming of FlexAccount package.
   2. Custom development of an agricultural distribution system
   3. Management software for a time share client.

4) SA Data Assistance
Netware, Wintel, xBase, Ethernet, Pascal
   1. Network installations and
   2. Custom development

3) Bizcom Business Computers

   1. Custom development, implementation and training.
   2. Applications included accounting (genled, drs, credit control, crs, purchasing),
      warehousing, workshop management, inventory.
   3. Hotel management and time share applications.

2) Sponge Metal Industries

   1. Managed a plant producing 85% of country's pot scourers and steel wool. RMS, steel
      wool production, scourer spinning, packaging lines, FGS and dispatch.
   2. Improved production scheduling, timely dispatching, improved inventory levels, better use
      of warehouse space, better material handling.

1) Iron and Steel Corporation

   1. Involved in redesign of material handling (belts, rail and road) in the sinter plant.
   2. Established warehouse, deliveries, handling, racks, etc. for refurbishing coke ovens.
   3. Reduced downtime of rotor ovens in swap outs for lining changes.

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