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					       Sample #1                               BRUTUS BUCKEYE
            * 110A Buckeye nation * Columbus, OH 43210 * 614-123-0000

                                To obtain a sales representative position within General Mills

The Ohio State University                                                                               Columbus, OH
B.S.B.A. Marketing                                                                                    Expected June 200X
Minor: Spanish

                                    CUSTOMER SERVICE WORK EXPERIENCE
National City Bank                                                                                     Columbus, OH
Customer Service Representative                                                            January 200X - January 200X

       Assisted customers in their transactions that involved cashing checks and receiving deposits.
       Managed $1000 on a daily basis balancing drawer at the end of the day.
       Trained and supervised 3 new employees on company’s mission and procedures.
       Performed multiple tasks such as retailing, filing signature cards, mailing, and other office duties in a very
        efficient manner.

East of Chicago Pizza Company                                                                             Columbus, OH
Customer Service Representative                                                                   April 200X- June 200X

       Sold Italian dishes to diverse customers on a daily basis increasing sales in 2% annually.
       Advertised, marketed, and recommended menus to ensure customer satisfaction.
       Communicated product knowledge to customers facilitating decision making.
       Created a welcoming environment to customers providing a pleasure dining experience.
       Trained and supervised 5 new employees on gourmet mission and goals to enhance customer satisfaction.
       Assisted manager in daily operation dealing with customer complaints creating alternatives solutions and
        problem solving their needs.

                                    HIGHER EDUCATION WORK EXPERIENCE
The Ohio State University                                                                                 Columbus, OH
Administrative Assistant, Residence Halls                                                           January 200X - Present

       Introduce Residence Hall services to students communicating information and clarifying questions.
       Make appropriate referrals to residence hall advisors and OSU services when needed.
       Create files for various administrative duties in an organized manner.
       Enter data to computer securing confidential information.
       Perform multiple office tasks such as answering telephone calls, checking- in students, faxing, copying,
        typing, and mailing.

                                                   ADDITIONAL SKILLS

       Computer skills, proficient in Microsoft Office
       Leadership skills, Serve as a mentor for First Year student within the Office of Minority Affairs at OSU
       Foreign language skills, Proficiency in Spanish , both oral and written

                                     HONORS AND COMMUNITY SERVICE

   Habitat for Humanity, Summer 200X
   Tau Beta Pi - Honor Society, inducted 200X
   Volunteered at the Red Cross Blood Campaign Program, 200X

  References available upon request
Sample #2
Brutus Buckeye                              Campus Address:                          Permanent Address:
                                            1234 High Street # 8                     1234 Woodland Drive
                                            Columbus, OH 43201                       Cleveland, OH 4412                     (614) 688- 0000                          (216) 255-0000

OBJECTIVE           Internship position within a landscape horticulture firm

                    Bachelor of Science, Expected December 200X
                    Major: Landscape Horticulture

INTERNSHIP          MYERSCOUGH COLLEGE, Lancashire, England
ABROAD              Summer 200X
                    Studied landscape systems in England

HONORS              Dean’s List (200X)
                    Golden Key International Honor Society, 200X-Present
INTERNSHIP          Myerscough College, Lancashire, England
EXPERIENCE          Student Intern, Summer 200X
                         Studied the history and development of constructed landscapes in England
                         Examined the industries associated with the constructed landscapes and the processes
                            involved in their creation.
                         Assessed landscape systems and assisted with the design of gardens and commercial
                         Installed and maintained ornamental plants and turf for golf courses in Preston.
                         Visited appropriate sites representing the broad landscape system of England.
                         Explored cultural sites and visited typical neighbors to gain insight about English life.
                         Obtained multicultural communication skills while working with English design team.

WORK              Hendry Associates Joint Studio, Fall 200X
EXPERIENCE         Interior Designer
                         Collaborated with other teams to create unified company image for Grant Furniture.
                         Participated in weekly critiques through the use of distance communication software.
                         Traveled to Chicago to participate in design charrette with Hendry Associates.
                         Wrote specification booklets to learn about various standards and code requirements
                            of products.
                         Assembled product sample boards to be used to sell design concepts to clients.
                         Designed and launched new website to be used as marketing tool.
                         Prepared drawings for client presentations in order to obtain project approval.

COMPUTER            IBM, Mac, Microsoft Office, SPSS, AutoCAD 2002, Form-Z, Dream weaver, Photoshop

STUDENT          Office of International Affairs, Assisted with Study Abroad Fair and Information Sessions (200X)
ACTIVITIES       The Ohio State University Landscape Horticulture Design Group, 200X-Present
                 Phi Beta Phi Sorority, 200X-Present

References available upon request
190 West Seventeenth Avenue                                                                        
Columbus, Ohio 43210                                                                                             (614) 292-7055

OBJECTIVE:              A laboratory assistant internship with Novartis utilizing my microbiology skills and experience

EDUCATION:              The Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio
                        Bachelor of Science in Microbiology; General Business Minor. June 200X. GPA: 3.7

RELEVANT                     Organic Chemistry Series with/labs              General Physics Series w/labs
COURSES:                                                                      General Chemistry Series w/labs
                             Calculus and Analytic Geometry III              Biology: Energy Transfer & Development
                             General Microbiology w/lab                       w/lab
                             Introduction to Financial Accounting            Introductory Micro and Macro Economics

RELEVANT SKILLS:             Aseptic technique                               Serial Dilution
                             Media Preparation/Uses                          Extraction
                             Microscopy                                      Gas Chromatography
                             Plasmid Preparation                             Infrared Spectroscopy
                             Staining                                        Titration
                             Gel Electrophoresis                             QC/QA Regulatory

RELEVANT                The Ohio State University, Department of Microbiology, Columbus, Ohio
EXPERIENCE:             Laboratory Assistant (September 200X - present)
                           Provided overall organization of workstation equipment to meet experiment requirements
                           Utilized various laboratory equipment, including spectrometer and microscope
                           Coordinated the duplication of materials and instructions for student participants
                           Maintained laboratory to meet university required levels of standards and protocol

                        Saint Anne’s Hospital, Columbus, Ohio
                         Volunteer (March 200X - September 200X)
                            Directed patients to various testing and outpatient surgery locations and completed discharge
                            Transported specimens maintaining research protocol and hospital standards
                            Prepared cultured samples in the microbiology laboratory and observed diagnosis techniques

WORK                    The Ohio State University Office for Special Services, Columbus, Ohio
EXPERIENCE:              Frontline ( September 200X - March 200X)
                            Scheduled, received, and proctored student examinations which required special accommodations
                            Interacted with students and faculty, ensuring course completion under specialized conditions

                        The Mud Hens Banquet Room, Toledo, Ohio
                        Wait staff (June - August 200X)
                           Prepared banquet facilities and table arrangements for 50-400 guests
                           Served meals and responded to guest requests in a professional manner

                        Max & Erma’s Restaurant, Fremont, Ohio
                        Server’s Assistant (June - August 200X)
                            Monitored food orders for presentation to customers, meeting all special requests
                            Prepared kitchen food sites for completion of menu orders

OTHER SKILLS:           Languages:            Basic Spanish
                        Computers:            Microsoft Word, Excel, Access, SPSS, HTML

HONORS:                      University Honors Program and Dean’s List
                             Alpha Lambda Delta Honorary

ACTIVITIES:                  The Ohio State University Band Drum-major (2004 - present)
                             Taught English (ESL) to children at a migrant employment site (June - August 2004)
                             Provided activity coordination for a local pre-school summer/daycare program (July 2003)

REFERENCES:             Available upon request

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