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									               COLIN ROTHBART – PD / SD
          Mobile: 07958 601415 colin@rothbart.co.uk - SHOWREELS at www.rothbart.co.uk

     A creative & versatile Producer / Director / NCTBJ accredited journalist
     Experienced in observational documentary, music, reality tv & factual entertainment.
     Specialised in securing access into difficult areas, working under pressure and forming
        bonds with contributors and celebrities. Current USA I-visa, good French & Spanish
     I am a strong team leader and player (have managed teams of up to 25 people and budgets
        up to £850k) and bring energy, ideas and passion to every project I work on.
     Direct crews & self shoot on Canon (HD) XF305, EX1, EX3, Z1, Z7, DVX, PD170 & DSR 570

PD on Splash! – Two Four Productions or ITV1
5x60 reality format where celebs learn to dive under the tutelage of Olympic medallist Tom Daley

PD on Mary Queen of the High Street – Optomen for Channel 4
4x60 documentary series following Mary Portas attempt to transform four ‘Portas Pilot’ towns with the PM.

Series Director on City Secrets – Two Four Productions for Sky Atlantic
8x60 guide to the hidden side of the UK & Ireland’s best known cities. Hosted by Alan Cumming

PD on The Apprentice – Talkback Thames for BBC1
1x60 prime time format where Lord Alan Sugar hires and fires potential business partners

PD on My Super Sweet World Class – Maverick for MTV International
1x30 entertainment/reality format where two Sydney playboys try and put on the ultimate party

PD on Great British Railway Journeys – Talkback Thames for BBC2 & BBC1
Michael Portillo visit’s the UK’s most iconic locations, using Bradshaw’s 19th century bible as his guide

PD on The Royal Wedding Show – ITV Productions for TLC USA
Directed promos with Amanda Byram and key talent, shot VTs and actuality on the big day

PD on The Sex Education Show – Endemol for Channel 4
Features director on this award winning prime time show, giving ground-breaking lessons to British schools

PD on Paradise Lost – Studio Lambert for ITV1
1x60 documentary about Brits in Florida, whose quest for the American Dream turned sour.

PD on Extreme Fishing III - IWC Media For Five
2x60 travelogue with Robson Green in the Maldives, Sri Lanka & India

PD on Celebrity Wife Swap – RDF Media for Channel 4
1x60: Rhona Cameron and Stan Boadman swap lives and wives in this popular format

PD on Sun, Sex & Suspicious Parents – RDF Media for BBC3
1x60: Parents spy on their teens’ first unaccompanied holiday abroad and then confront them

PD on Make Me A Christian – Wildcard Productions for Channel 4
3x60 formatted prime time documentary making unlikely characters live as Christians

PD on The World’s Strictest Parents – Twenty Twenty for BBC3 & BBC1
2x60 RTS Award nominated, formatted show where unruly teens experience tough love abroad.
PD on Wife Swap, RDF Media – Channel 4
I directed and cut two high rating episodes including the UK’s first ever gay swap.

Field Producer on I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here, Granada – ITV1
Directed multi-camera shoot (5 PSC crews) on Walk In day and filmed celebrity reality

PD on Plain Jane – Gogglebox Productions for MTV International
2x60 presenter-led makeover format where a dowdy girl aims to get the man of her dreams

PD on Dating the Enemy and Florida Belles pilot, Granada – ITV1
Relationship show where couples date their nemeses to learn more about their lives

PD on Generation Xcess, September Films – ITV2
4x60 controversial series about the excesses of today’s British twenty somethings.

PD on The One Show, BBC Documentaries & Contemporary Factual – BBC1

PD on The Great British Body with Trinny and Susannah – Granada for ITV1
3x60 stripped prime-time event programming, involving roadshows, experts and stunts

PD on The Best and Worst Places to Live in the UK, IWC Media - Channel 4
1x60 prime time factual entertainment show presented by Phil Spencer & Sofie Allsopp

PD on Airport, BBC Documentaries & Contemporary Factual – BBC1
15x60 prime time series about Heathrow, filming police, paparazzi and animal quarantine.

PD on Britain’s Next Top Model, Thumbs Up Productions – Living TV
In charge of multi-camera digibeta shoots on this popular US and UK reality format

PD on Holiday, BBC Documentaries & Contemporary Factual – BBC1
Edited, wrote scripts and directed crews with presenters in numerous foreign locations.

PD on Palm People – Roast Beef Productions for Channel 4
Topical pilot about British people living on a knife-edge in Dubai.

PD on Holidays at Home, BBC Documentaries & Contemporary Factual – BBC1
6x30 Nicki Chapman fronted prime time obs doc with problem families holidaying in the UK.

PD on Moving Up, BBC New York – Discovery Network / TLC
15x60 presenter-led reality format – think ‘Wife Swap’ meets ‘Changing Rooms’. Nominated for an Emmy

PD on Ten Ways to Get on the Property Ladder, Talkback – Five
One hour VT-based entertainment/lifestyle programme, presented by Kirsty Young.

Producer/Director on Get a New Life Extra, Brighter Pictures / Endemol – BBC2
4x60 obs doc about successful British ex-pats in New Zealand

PD on Passport to the Sun, Lion Television, London – BBC1
20x30 & 10x60 observational documentary on British ex-pat life in Ibiza and Mallorca.

Producer on Unreported World – Clubbing on the Frontline - Channel 4
A documentary on young people in Israel at the time the Hamas / Sharon ceasefire ended.

Series Director on Britain's Most Embarrassing Parents, Bullseye TV – Trouble
10x30 entertainment format involving elaborate confrontations, forfeits and secret filming.

Producer / Director on ‘Chelsea Tales’– Tiger Aspect, London – BBC2
Day Producer on Richard & Judy, Cactus TV, London – Channel 4

Director on The Real Sex and the City, September Films, London – Sky One

Series Director on Car Sharks, Maverick Television, Birmingham - Bravo

Producer / Director on Costa del Dosh - 15x30 obs doc about the Costa del Sol.

Producer / Director on The A-Z of Bad Boys – series on the criminal underworld

Producer of Sin Cities - 15x30 sex & lifestyle guide – from Barcelona to Moscow

Producer / Director of Trainspotters - Devised this 130x60 live studio clubbing show

Researcher on The Big Breakfast, Planet 24, London - Channel 4
Researcher on Fortean TV, Rapido TV, London - Channel 4

Currently shooting and directing ‘Ring Them Bells’ – a 90 minute film about London’s alternative cabaret scene
Delegate on TV25 ‘Forum for Fast Trackers’ at Edinburgh International TV Festival
Reporter for BBC GMR & Kiss 102, Manchester
Reporter, Translator and voice-over artist at Euronews, Lyons, France
Meeter-Greeter for Good Morning Britain, TV-am, London - ITV
One of six students in The Living Soap documentary for BBC2


Fully qualified NCTBJ-accredited Broadcast Journalist (Radio & TV)

Postgraduate Diploma in Broadcast Journalism (2:1) – UCL, Preston, Lancs
BA (Hons) in Politics & Modern History with German(2:1) – Manchester University
A Level: History (A); French & Literature (A); English Literature (B); S Level: Advanced History (Distinction) –
Haberdashers’ Aske’s School, Elstree, Herts
11 GCSEs – 7 As, 3 Bs, 1 C

 One of ten candidates chosen for the Channel 4 / Skillset Series Producer Scheme - 2009
 Consultant Producer for DLT Entertainment – advising on suitability of US formats, developing and filming pilots
 Advanced Sony Z1, PD 170, VX2000, DSR 570 and Panasonic DVX camera skills: have own full PD150 kit.
 BBC, ITN and Anglia Health & Safety courses – St John’s Ambulance Qualified First Aider
 VET Avid DV Express / Media Composer editing course
 Director on a variety of corporate videos – from small businesses to Goldman Sachs
 Clean driving licence since 1990

   REFEREES: Fiona Caldwell (Talkback) – 07971 816069, Alannah Richardson – 07766 818645 (RDF), Angela
    Norris – 07977 420192 (RDF), Peter Moore – 07717 496939 (Talkback/Studio Lambert); Helen Nightingale –
    07775 512717 (IWC / Brighter Pictures); Oliver Wright – 07980 903843 (Endemol); Alicia Kerr – 07776 188675
    (Endemol); John Lonsdale (IWC) – 07976 621242, Carolyn Payne – 07961 178562 (Twenty Twenty / RDF / ITV);
    Mike Lerner (Roast Beef) – 07770 788544, Narinder Minhas (Wildcard) – 07725 123260, Jo Haddock – 07771
    851431 (RDF); Sarah Walmsley – 07768 667317 (IWC)
                            REFERENCES FOR COLIN ROTHBART

‘He is astonishingly industrious and yet incredibly laid back. As a consequence Colin is someone
who delivers to expectation as well as being an excellent and benign collaborator. For those
reasons I wouldn’t hesitate to work with him again.’

Peter Moore – Talkback / Studio Lambert – 07717 496939

‘Colin had 5 days to set up a foreign shoot with high testosterone, maverick teenage boys on the
holiday resort of Ayia Napa. It was an intense, high octane 7 day shoot, overseeing 3 teams
working 24/7. Colin was enthusiastic, organised and conscientious at all times. Straight in the edit
after the shoot he crafted a deft, funny and wonderful film. His sense of humour is wicked and his
storytelling is clear and inventive. He delivered a lively, entertaining film in the time allotted with
no over-runs, was a pleasure to work with and his script never failed to make me laugh with joy...’

Alannah Richardson – RDF Media – 07766 818645

Colin is great to work with; he’s enthusiastic, creative and extremely hardworking. He’s great in the
edit, fast and editorially strong with good writing skills. I would be very happy to have Colin on any
of my teams in the future.

Helen Nightingale – IWC Media – 07775 512717

Colin was a creative and efficient shooting PD on Great British Railway Journeys and brought with
him a great ability to get on with anyone and everyone. He was a joy to have around and I never
heard one complaint about the tough schedule.

Fiona Caldwell – Talkback Thames - 07971816069

“Witty, imaginative and cool under pressure, Colin is a delight to work with on a edgy, high profile
factual entertainment series. Not only does he develop extraordinary relationships with the most
truculent contributors, yielding hours of great footage, but he is also outstanding in the cutting
room, his scripts fizz with energy and his sequences are some of the funniest you will see on
British television."

Narinder Minhas – Wildcard Productions – 07725 123260
"I was impressed with Colin's dedication to his storylines, and his contributors, and with the very
strong relationship he built up (very quickly) with all his contributors, sometimes under very
stressful situations.

He dealt with difficult situations calmly and professionally, and his team always respected him and
worked very hard for him on location. Colin also has a great sense of humour and fun, and uses it
to good effect to get his contributors to relax and open up where necessary. Colin was also very
good at feeding back daily to base with all the storylines that were running on his side of the swap.
I always had a clear view of the footage he was getting. He was very organised and creative when
covering our pre-planned storylines, but he also reacted quickly, cleverly and sensitively when
new, unplanned-for situations arose.

In the edit Colin was on top of the footage very quickly, and good at pulling together all the main
storylines. He's also creative and clever with music and commentary."

Jo Haddock - 07771 851431 – RDF Wife Swap

"Colin Rothbart is a fantastic producer director; a self-shooter and self-motivator par excellence
who is capable of creating small screen magic with his broad range of skills and total
professionalism. He has an eye for a story. He understands character, plot and structure. So, if
you need it done, call Colin."

Martin Herring – 020 7240 2885 – Roast Beef Productions

DATING THE ENEMY: "Another great culture clash led by another great male loser - where do
you find them? I loved his lunging pecks throughout and his great club re-entrance where she tried
to hide her look of horror. I liked her and her cheery attempts to make something of the weekend
work. Their changes in attitude to lifestyles and each other were also believable. It was a good
watch. Good characters and nicely told. Well done, a strong piece of work. Congrats to Colin,
Carolyn and all of the team. Best wishes, jim.."

James Allen | Director of Factual & Entertainment | Factual | ITV plc | Jim.Allen@itv.com

‘Colin Rothbart is an extremely hard working and dedicated producer / director who is prepared to
go the extra mile to ensure any project is a success. He worked long hours almost every
weekend over a three months filming Generation Xcess for ITV.

He has a strong visual sense and ensured that money was spent on screen. His films were
stylish, creative and won praise from the Commissioning Editor. Colin is also a good
journalist and gets on extremely well with contributors. He is able to win their trust and it is
amazing what they are prepared to reveal to him on camera. He combines a good story with a
sense of mischief and fun. Colin is extremely accomplished technically as both a self shooter and
soundman. He is able to work on tight budgets. I have no hesitation in recommending Colin to any
production company.

Dean Palmer - Head of Features & Documentary - September Films’ – 07986 552493

“Colin directed the Best Worst Places to live in the UK: 2006 for Channel 4 and did a great job.
His programme was stylish and fun yet editorially strong and hard hitting.

In the edit Colin knows exactly what he wants; he is very creative, writes well and has excellent
editorial skills.’

Sarah Walmsley - Head of Features - IWC Media – 07768 667317

‘Colin consistently produced some of the best films in both series, working excellently with the
presenters and contributors alike. An imaginative film maker, Colin’s chief talents lie with his
ability to capture the warmth and humanity (and sometimes quite the reverse) of those involved in
his films.’

Richard Sinclair – BBC Documentaries & Contemporary Features - 07710 057177

‘I had the pleasure of working with Colin last year on ‘Britain’s Next Top Model’, when he directed
several individual episodes. He has a great sense of visual style and works exceptionally well with
on-screen talent, not least thirteen often recalcitrant wannabee models! On location he is expert
at discerning ongoing and future storylines, and carries this through to the edit suite. His editing
style is contemporary without being intrusive. He made a significant contribution to the series.’

Ian Hamilton - Series Director, ‘Britain’s Next Top Model 2006’ – 07831 639870

‘Loved the show – made me laugh and cry! It looks great and has the right feel about it and you
genuinely care about the family. Thank you. You made my bit very painless’

Nicki Chapman – 19 Entertainment – 020 7863 1919’

‘Colin worked for me on "Airport". He was self-shooting on a Z1. He quickly established good
relationships with all our contributors. He worked long, irregular hours without complaint and was
very reliable. His actuality shooting was good and several of his stories were used in the broadcast

Michael Tuft Series Producer BBC Documentaries 020 8743 8000’

‘Of the series of shows I would say that Colin made the best two. He had a great relationship with
the contributors and was able to draw true emotion from them as well as asking the difficult
questions. His shows were also infused with a real sense of humour and were immensely
watchable. Colin managed these relationships well as well as those in the office. He was a team
player and a joy to work with. I wouldn't hesitate in employing him again’
Abigail Harvey - Executive Vice President BBC Production USA – 00 1 212 974 9050

‘What impressed me about Colin is his ability to produce an entertaining story both in the field and
in the edit. He was very good at working with contributors and getting excellent material out of
them. He has an excellent grasp of what makes a good story and what you need to shoot in order
to tell that story. His material is always imaginatively directed and fun. His script writing skills are
excellent and he can write a very amusing and entertaining script. He is also very good at
shooting on DV.’

Carolyn Payne – BBC / RDF / Twenty Twenty / ITV - 07961 178562

‘Colin Rothbart was the producer for the Talkback Thames production Ten Ways Onto the
Property Ladder for Channel Five, I was the executive producer. It was a single 60 minute film
which involved commissioning a survey and finding contributors nationwide to illustrate ten
imaginative ways of getting onto the property ladder. Colin used great initiative to find these
people and direct their stories working to a tight deadline. The commissioner was Ben Frow, and
the film was presented by Kirsty Young.’

Jerry Foulkes – Talkback - 07990 974922

‘Colin Rothbart was hired by me to work as a DV director and location producer for the BBC series
Get A New Life – New Zealand. Colin did an excellent job on a very difficult assignment. He was
required to land in New Zealand and with in 12 weeks produce a dozen stories of expats’ and their
lives abroad. Colin was hard working and creative. He worked well with his team and the
contributors. It was a relentless schedule that required on the move planning and organization.
Colin did a fantastic job pulling it all together and getting the rushes back to London on time. His
stories were creative, fun and interesting and resulted in a very successful episode in the series. I
highly recommend him as a director and producer’ –

Jacquie Spector – Brighter Pictures / Endemol – 001 617 755 8148

‘Colin is a very good producer/director who is great on location. He has excellent people skills and
is therefore a very handy person to have around. I am keen to employ him again’

Paul Sommers – Tiger Aspect – 020 7544 1600

‘Colin is a great entertainment director. He really knows how to find fun in any subject matter. He
delivered a great programme for me in extremely difficult circumstances. He is very sharp in the

Niall Fraser – Maverick TV – 0121 771 1812’

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