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             Blessed Kuriakose Elias Chavara
                          Our Inspiration

“Let there be no day in your life in which you did no good to others”
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 Message from Patron...

       I am very happy to learn that CEVA is celebrating Silver jubilee and bringing
out its 25th Annual Report of all its activities. On this memorable occasion, I am
pleased to place on record, my sincere appreciation and gratitude for all the
wonderful activities of CEVA for the sake of the poor and the marginalised. I
also take this opportunity to wish CEVA the very best in all its activities for the
empowerment of the poor.
        CEVA has a dedicated and loyal body of Directors, Officers
and other workers which enable CEVA to spearhead and coordinate various
services in a professional and disciplined manner for the development of the
downtrodden and marginalized people all over India. A glance through the annual
report will reveal the level of their achievement and the amount of appreciation
they receive from their beneficiaries. By implementing 30 major projects and 5
minor projects in 11 states of India CEVA has done a commendable job during
the financial year 2011-2012.
        The committed leadership of CEVA in coordinating various activities and
the combined effort to “evolve and promote a family-centered approach in the
development of the poor” deserve special attention and praise. As the Patron of
CEVA, my sincere hope is that you will be able to materialize your vision in
developing “a society which provides enabling environment in which integral            5
development of the poor takes place.” May the dedicated services of all the
members of CEVA family bring hope as well as true development in the lives of
the poor people.
        I wish CEVA great success in all its activities especially in this silver
jubilee year. May God bless CEVA abundantly in all its endeavours through the
intercession of Blessed Cyriac Elias Chavara, the great source of inspiration
behind CEVA.
                                   With prayers,
                                 Yours in our Lord,

                                       Rev.Fr. Jose Panthaplamthottiyil CMI
                                                 Prior General & Patron, CEVA
                       Message from Moderator…

           The year 2011-2012 is a milestone in the narration of Cyriac Elias
    Voluntary Associations’ commendable social services for the reason that it
    commemorates the Silver jubilee. The annual report of 2011-2012 of CEVA
    is unfolding the manifold activities of the reporting year with due
    acknowledgement to the Divine Providence that has directed all the
    development activities.
           CEVA has taken significant leap in the upliftment of the poor and
    marginalized people of India. I am immensely proud of what CEVA has
    achieved, and extremely excited about the bright future that we are headed
    into. We hope that in reading the following pages you will share in both. The
    accomplishments that you will read in the pages of this report are only a few
    highlights from CEVA in the past year.
           CEVA draws satisfaction from the successes by touching the individual
    lives and communities. Today CEVA has grown into an organization of
    professional excellence, especially in project coordination and monitoring.
    However we need to humbly acknowledge that the need of the hour is a
6   continuous search for improvement and innovation.
           The report mirrors the accomplishments of the reporting period and
    merits our appreciation. I extend my sincere gratitude to our donors and
    project implementing partners for their support and regular participation
    through dialogues, on issues pertaining to development. They have consistently
    contributed and partnered with CEVA for sharpening the poverty reduction
    strategies and the repositioning of CEVA. In this Silver jubilee year I
    congratulate everyone who is associated with CEVA especially the Secretary
    and staff for the marvelous work that they are doing. May CEVA continue
    its forward march with its developmental interventions.

                                               Fr. Varghese Kokkadan CMI
                                                           Moderator, CEVA
“Let there be no day in your life in
which you did no good to others”

       CEVA has been continuously striving for the past 25 years in translating
these inspirational words of Blessed Kuriakose Elias Chavara and it
       2011 – 2012 has been a year of great significance for CEVA as it
marks the completion of 25 years of committed service to humanity.
       When I joined CEVA some years back, I did not expect that someday
I would be asked to occupy the position as the President of this great
organization. I have been comfortably inducted into the role and into the
CEVA Family, reflecting the mission of CEVA to evolve and promote a
family centered approach in its development pursuit.
       The year 2011-2012 has witnessed series of need based activities
as part of jubilee year celebration strengthening the already existing
programmes and entering into new spheres of partnership to achieve our
vision of enabling environment for integral development.
       The year has been made special with the cooperation from my team
members, partners and Karl Kubel Foundation. I remember each one of
them in gratitude.
       CEVA can be proud of a distinguished legacy and look forward for
a challenging future.

                                                  Dr. Mary Venus Joseph
                                                        President - CEVA
                        Message from Regional Secretary

           “I slept and dreamt that life was joy. I awoke and saw that life was
    service. I acted and behold, service was joy.” Rabindranath Tagore.
           I consider that it is a great privilege to be part of the stream called
    ‘CEVA’ which is continuously flowing and has made new vistas in the field
    of service to the millions of people for the last 25 years. CEVA was always
    about service and the beauty is that in the process it has found joy for itself
    and for others. CEVA along with its partners, benefactors and beneficiaries
    is trying to make this world more dignified for the present and future
    generations who are somehow find themselves in the margins.
           CEVA believes that social work is different from all other kinds of
    work. It is not simply about better management, efficiency, timeline,
    monitoring, reporting, achieving the target etc. CEVA was founded on a
    spiritual vision that amplifies human relationships as a part of one family. I
    believe that it is this spiritual vision which is beyond any religious or cultural
    boundaries that inspires the nations and people to come together to share
    with each other. Then service becomes a joy. Service is a service only
8   when we are able to place ourselves as part of the process. Without personal
    integrity and involvement we can never enjoy our work.
            Along with efficiency we also must cultivate compassion, the
    ability to bring heart to our work for the people.
           I like to thank all members of CEVA team especially the staff at
    CEVA NRO and ERO for their hard work. I appreciate all our partners
    who are taking themselves to the people they serve.

                                                         Fr. Justin Akkara CMI
                                                               Regional Secretary
     Secretary’s Reflections

       I am indeed glad and honored to bring forth the 25th Annual Report of CEVA and
be part of this milestone in the history of Cyriac Elias Voluntary Association. Deriving
inspiration from Blessed Chavara, CEVA has been relentlessly serving the needy
regardless of cast, creed and religion. CEVA has been successful in creating an enabling
environment for the integral development of the poor and the marginalized in this year
as well.
       During the course of the past year we came across two important aspects that
created waves in the development scenario. Firstly, the global financial crisis led to a
substantial decrease in the flow of foreign funds to India. Secondly, we witnessed the
emergence of new players in the field of social development like Government with new
schemes, Corporates, NRIs and Faith-Based Organizations. This met with a two-edged
response which gave a notion of insecurity feeling among NGOs that it may cause the
shrinkage of NGO space. On the other side there was an urge to incorporate the new
players into the system and conjointly work up development initiatives with the available
resources within the country. It was identified that a professional approach with efficacy
and effectiveness would enrich the NGO sector with greater involvement of the masses
and encouraging volunteerism. CEVA had been successful in identifying the challenges,
meeting them, rising up to the occasion and accepting the newer while holding on to the
traditions and values that made us what we are.                                              9
       I am deeply indebted to Very Rev. Fr. Jose Panthaplamthottiyil the Prior General
of CMI and our Patron for his incessant commitment to CEVA and its management.
The Board Members of CEVA are an amazing collective of people deeply committed,
rewarding us with their time and energy to support and assist the organization. I thank
them for their time and involvement. I salute Karl Kübel Stiftung(KKS) Germany, for
their amazing feat of being on the road with us almost all the time in our journey. My
heartfelt thanks to all partners, friends and well wishers of CEVA for their involvement
and engagement with us.
       I extend my sincere gratitude to CEVA team at all three offices, for their
commitment and relentless services that made us scale up the heights by holding together
and striving for excellence in serving the needy and making our vision a reality.
       Looking forward to greater heights and newer horizons for creating an enabling
environment for the integral development of the poor.

                                                                  Fr. Joy Vattoly CMI
                                                                   Executive Secretary
                        Cyriac Elias Voluntary Association

                           CEVA – An Overview
         Cyriac Elias Voluntary Association (CEVA) was registered as Charitable
     Society on 27th January 1987 and started to carry out its social action for
     the sustainable development of the human kind. CEVA is a humanitarian,
     non political, non religious, non -profiteering and voluntary social service
     society. Enlightened by humanitarian values and social ethics, we work
     for the upliftment of the marginalized and the deprived, irrespective of caste,
     creed and religion.
         In CEVA’s view ,development depends on a strong society which
     includes government and communities working in cooperation. CEVA aims
     at building the capacity of civil society organizations who are either made
     of the poor themselves, or who work with poor people to include them in
                                                                                        Our presence
     the development process. CEVA is dedicated to uplifting the underprivileged
                                                                                           Andhra Pradesh
     with innovative approaches.
         CEVA also work with NGOs, INGOs and Government who share                          New Delhi
     their objectives. Today CEVA is working in 11 states of India. The work
10   of the organization in the states are carried out through three regional offices
     at Kochi (Head Quarters), Delhi and Kolkata.                                          Kerala
                                                                                           Madhya Pradesh
                              Vision and Mission                                           Orissa
                                        Vision                                             Tamil Nadu
        Our vision is an enabling environment in which integral development                Uttar Pradesh
                               of the poor takes place.                                    West Bengal
                                      Mission                                              Jammu Kashmir
        Our mission is to evolve and promote a family centered approach                    Uttaranchal
                         in the development of the poor.                                   Gujarat
                          Governance and management of CEVA
    The organization is controlled and regulated by its       number of board of directors is 15. The board meets at
Executive Committee members, Board of Directors and           least 4 times/ year. The board of Directors consists of
General Body members. The general body consists of            executive committee members such as President, Vice
105 members from varied fields with rich experience.          President, Moderator, Secretary cum Treasurer and three
They are nominated from the provinces of CMI                  members from the board of directors elected by the board
Congregation consisting of CMI Priest and lay persons.        members. Executive committee meets as and when
    The board of Directors has the responsibility for the     required.
Articles of Association, election of the Executive                The General Body Meeting held on 06th August 2011
Committee, appointment of the auditors, and approval          elected the new Board of Directors for a period of three
of the annual accounts. The Board of Directors plays a        years. The Board of Directors elected the Regional
vital role, to further ensure the organization’s compliance   Secretary, CEVA NRO & Assistant Regional Secretary,
with laws and regulations. They facilitate in taking          CEVA NEACC. During the reporting period, the Board
appropriate decisions upon programmes and budget. The         of Directors and the executive Committee met six times
Board of Directors are nominated and elected by general       to review and plan the activities of CEVA.
body members for a period of three years. The maximum

                                         CEVA Board of Directors
Mrs. Mary Venus Joseph, Ph.D – President and Dean Fr. Seby Vellanikkaran CMI, MSW- Board Member
    & Administrative Officer, Rajagiri College of Social         and Counselor of Social Department, CMI Province.
                                                              Rev. Fr. Paul Parekkattel    CMI , M.A - Board
Fr. Varghese Kokkadan CMI, MSW – Moderator and                   Member and Counselor of Social Department, CMI
    Counselor Dept of Social apostolate, CMI                     Province
                                                              Sr. Subha Maria CMC – M Sc, M.Ed, Board Member
Fr. Antony Menachery CMI , Vice President and                     and Counselor of social department of CMC
   Superior of St. Joseph’s CMI Monastery                         Congregation
Fr. Joy Vattoly CMI, MSW- Secretary cum Treasurer.            Fr. Jose Koolipurackal CMI , MSW - Board Member            11
                                                                  and Director Samagra Vikas.
Mr. G. Antony Ph.D, - Board Member and Director of
                                                              Mrs. Rose Thomas, B.Sc - Board Member and former
   Holy Grace Academy of Management Studies
                                                                  president of YWCA, Ernakulam
Mr. Ignatius P.J, MSW,MBA – Board Member and
                                                              Sr. Linet SD – MSW, Board Member and Counselor
   PRO of Rajagiri College of Engineering & Technology,
                                                                 of SD Congregation
                                                              Mr. D.B.Binu, B.A.L.L.B - Board Member and State
Fr. Jose Payyappilly CMI, MSW- Board Member and
                                                                 General Secretary of Human Rights Defense Forum
   Director of KESS, Thrissur
Fr. Jose Thachil CMI – Board Member and Superior,
   Prior General’s House
                   Coordination Department of CEVA
     OUR ACTIVITIES UNDER                                        Cooperation and Development (BMZ), Germany Italian
     COORDINATION:                                               Bishops Conference, Indien Hilfe Germany, and KIDS
                                                                 Foundation, Germany
     Major roles as coordinating partner for the international
     development organizations include:                          Karl Kuebel Stiftung Supported Development
           Identification of capable and committed local         Projects - 2011 April – March 2012
           partner NGOs in taking up projects                       At present we are facilitating a total number of 26
                                                                 NGOs in the 11 States to work with the poor and the
           Pre-funding appraisal of project proposals
                                                                 marginalized through 35 development projects. CEVA
           Assistance in participatory project planning,         has an effective and cordial partnership with its partner
           implementation, monitoring, and management of         organizations, with whom we are facilitating. We have
           crisis.                                               very few partner NGOs who are professionals in
           Formulating regional strategies for development       development activities and who implement different
12         intervention, incorporating the thematic priorities
           of funding partner and that of the nation.
                                                                 projects in partnership with other donors. During the
                                                                 reporting period CEVA, Cochin office coordinated 21
           Capacity building of project partners on project      major projects and 5 minor projects which were being
           formation, monitoring and organizational              implemented in the 3 states of India. Out of which 3
           development.                                          projects were completed in the reporting period. We are
           Facilitating the NGO’s in India to take up            glad to report that 4 projects were sanctioned during the
           appropriate development activities in their area.     year 2011-12.
                                                                    CEVA NRO office coordinated 6 major projects and
           Receiving regular progress reports from the
                                                                 2 minor projects in 5 states of Northern India during the
           partners and giving the response to the reports.
                                                                 reporting period. Among them 2 major and 2 minor
           Evaluating the project activities of the partners.    projects were completed and 4 projects were sanctioned
                                                                 during the year 2011-12. Under CEVA ERO office 5
       Our services extended to projects co financed by          major projects in 3 states of Eastern India were
     Karl Kübel Stiftung for Child and Family, Germany,          coordinated. 3 new projects were sanctioned.
     European Union, Federal Ministry for Economic
            Projects Coordinated and completed in 2011 April – March 2012
    Project Title                                                  Implementing Agency     State
1   Strengthening of the Children’s and Women’s socio-
    economical and health condition in Kadanur                     Prachodana              Karnataka
2   Integrated Development Project for Women Empowerment
    Dakshina Kannada                                               Maithri Trust           Karnataka
3   Women Development Project Veerapandi Panchayat,
    Coimbatore                                                     KKID                    Tamil Nadu
4   Sustainable Development through Women Empowerment,
    Karamadai                                                      GESHEC                  Tamil Nadu
5   Programme for Care & Support to the HIV/AIDS affected
    persons & their families in the District of Thrissur, Kerala   KESS                    Kerala
6   Prevention and Eradication of Child Labour in                  JANA KALYANA
    Parvathipuram, Vizianagaram Dist                               SAMAKHYA                Andhra Pradesh
7   Watershed Management in Maharashtra.                           WOTR                    Maharashtra
8   A Unique initiative for Developing Green Villages              CEROWC                  Madhya Pradesh
9   Integrated Rural Development Project - Deepdi                  CEROWC                  Madhya Pradesh

             Newly sanctioned major projects from April 2011 – March 2012
    Project Title                                                  Implementing Agency     State
1 Empowerment of Indigenous communities in Northern
  Andhra Pradesh                                                   Jana Kalyana Samakhya   Andhra Pradesh
2 Sustainable Climate Change Mitigation Measures through
  Natural Resource Management and Agriculture Development          CEROWC                  Madhya Pradesh
3 Making Child Right a Reality : An Integrated Development
  Initiative for Child Protection
4 Integrated Social and Economical Development in Naupada
                                                                   Prayatn Sanstha         Rajasthan
  District, India                                                  Lokadrusti              Orissa
5 Enhancing Livelihoods through Sustainable Agriculture
  Development in Latehar, Jharkhand India                          VEDIC Society           Jharkhand
6 People’s Empowerment towards Restoring Mangrove
  Vegetation and Resource Conservation                             Tagore Society          West Bengal
7 Strengthening the Right to Health and protection from
  discrimination of HIV-Infected and their families in Palakkad
  District of Kerala, India                                        KESS                    Kerala
8 Women Development Project – Phase II Veerapandi,
  Panchayat, Coimbatore                                            KKID                    Tamil Nadu
9 Community Development and Empowerment in
  Periyanaickenpalayam Block, Coimbatore District                  GESHEC                  Tamil Nadu
10 Venpurusham Dalit Village Reconstruction Project                Udayam Health           Tamil Nadu
     Ongoing major development projects in 2011 April – March 2012

         Project Title                                                  Implementing Agency     State
     1   Empowerment of Indigenous communities in Northern
         Andhra Pradesh                                                 Jana Kalyana Samakhya   Andhra Pradesh
     2   Prevention and Eradication of Child Labour in Parvathipuram,
         Vizianagaram District, Andhra Pradesh                          Jana Kalyana Samakhya   Andhra Pradesh
     3   Integrated Social and Economical development in Naupada
         District, India                                                Lokadrusti              Orissa
     4   Fighting Poverty through Natural Resource Management and
         Sustainable agriculture, Kanpur                                Shramik Bharti          Uttar Pradesh
     5   Making Child Right a Reality ( An integrated Development
         Initiatives for Child Protection)                              Prayatn                 Rajasthan
     6   Watershed Management in Maharashtra                            WOTR                    Maharashtra
     7   A Unique Initiative for Developing Green Villages              CEROWC                  Madhya Pradesh
     8   Enhancing Livelihoods through Sustainable Agriculture
         Development in Latehar, Jharkhand India                        VEDIC Society           Jharkhand
     9   People’s empowerment towards Restoring Mangrove                Tagore Society for
         Vegetation and Resource Conservation                           Rural Development       West Bengal
     10 Sustainable Resource Conservation and Nutrition Security for
        Rural Households in India                                       KJKS                    West Bengal
     11 Sustainable Resource Conservation and Nutrition Security for
        Rural Households in India                                       Catholic Charities      Jhardhand
     12 Sustainable Resource Conservation and Nutrition Security for
        Rural Households in India                                       DRCSC                   West Bengal
     13 Sustainable Climate Change Mitigation Measures through
        Natural Resource Management and Agriculture Development         CEROWC                  Madhya Pradesh
14   14 Integrated Rural Development Project - Deepdi                   CEROWC                  Madhya Pradesh
     15 Empowerment of Tribal Communities in Joida /India (E.T.C)       KRWCDS                  Karnataka
     16 Empowerment & Participation of women and children in
        South India ( BMZ Programme)                                    Prajna                  Karnataka
     17 Sustainable Resource Conservation and Nutrition Security for
        Rural Households in India                                       Vikasana                Karnataka
     18 Strengthening of the Children’s and Women’s socio-economical
        and health condition in Kadanur                                 Prachodana              Karnataka
     19 Integrated Development Project for Women Empowerment
        Dakshina Kannada, Karnataka                                     Maithri Trust           Karnataka
     20 Strengthening the Right to Health and protection from
        discrimination of HIV-Infected and their families in Palakkad
        District of Kerala, India                                       KESS                    Kerala
21 Programme for Care & Support to the HIV/AIDS affected
   persons & their families in the District of Thrissur, Kerala           KESS              Kerala
22 Sustainable Resource Conservation and Nutrition Security for
   Rural Households in India                                              VOSARD            Kerala
23 Relief & Reconstruction Programme, Helen Colony (RRPHC)                Shantidhan        Tamil Nadu
24 Strahemann – Peace Support Centre for Children Affected by
   Tsunami                                                                Peace Trust       Tamil Nadu
25 Sustainable Development through Women Empowerment,
   Karamadai                                                              GESHEC            Tamil Nadu
26 Valparai Hill area Women Development Project                           GESHEC            Tamil Nadu
27 Integration community Development in Seruthur            ( ICDS)       Peace Trust       Tamil Nadu
28 Socio-economic Empowerment for Marginalized Farmer and
   Landless Families Through Integrated Watershed Development,
   Dindigul                                                               Peace Trust       Tamil Nadu
29 School Education instead of Child Labour in Cuddalur                   REAL              Tamil Nadu
30 Empowerment & Participation of women and children in South
   India ( BMZ Programme)                                                 CSED              Tamil Nadu
31 Care & Support for HIV / AIDS affected families and HIV
   Prevention in Pollachi                                                 NMCT              Tamil Nadu
32 Women Development Project Veerapandi, Panchayat,
   Coimbatore                                                             KKID              Tamil Nadu
33 Women Development Project – Phase II Veerapandi,
   Panchayat, Coimbatore                                                  KKID              Tamil Nadu
34 Community Development and Empowerment in
   Periyanaickenpalayam Block,Coimbatore Dt.                              GESHEC            Tamil Nadu
35 Venpurusham Dalit Village Reconstruction Project                       Udayam Health     Tamil Nadu

Ongoing small development projects 2011 April – March 2012
     Project Title                                                    Implementing Agency   State
1    Child Sponsorship Programme                                      VIKASANA              Karnataka
2    School Partnership for Global Learning                           VIKASANA              Karnataka
3    Bridge School, Bhoothahanalli                                    VIKASANA              Karnataka
4    Bridge School Galihally                                          VIKASANA              Karnataka
5    Bridge School, Hassan                                            PRACHODANA            Karnataka
6    Abhaya Home for Children                                         NMCT                  Tamil Nadu
                       Creating An Enabling Environment
                   for Women and Child Development
   Empowerment and Participation of Women and                    Strahlemann Peace Support Centre Project,
   Children in South India (EPWC), Implemented by                Implemented by Peace Trust, Tamil Nadu
   CSED, Tamil Nadu
                                                                 The project is implemented to the need of the Tsunami
   The overall objective of the project is to empower            affected children in Seruthur and Velankanni villages of
   marginalized and deprived groups by promoting gender          Nagapattinam district. The Strahlemann Peace Support
   equity, increasing health awareness and securing the rights   Centre provides excellent facilities for shelter, education,
   of women and children with focus on the girl child through    overall development, and protection of deserving children
   effective participation of the target communities of          directly affected by Tsunami.
   Arunthathiyar Community (Dalits) of Avinashi Block in
   Tirupur District in the Western Region of Tamil Nadu.

                                                                 School Education instead of Child Labour in
                                                                 Cuddalore - Implemented by Real, Tamil Nadu
   Empowerment & Participation of women and
   children in South India (EPWC) Implemented by                 The project aims to build a Child Friendly Community
   Prajana Counseling Centre, Karnataka                          where the vulnerable children and their families ensured
                                                                 with sustainable growth and development opportunities
                                                                 with children’s right perspective to curb extreme poverty
16 The project addresses the needs and concerns of thesemi-
   migrant and marginalized communities residing in              in Cuddalore district of Tamil Nadu in India.
   urban and rural areas of Mangalore Taluk by promoting
   gender equity, raising awareness on health issues and
   securing rights of women and children through community
Making child right a reality: An integrated                    Child Development - Minor Projects
development initiative for child protection-
                                                             Child Sponsorship Programme/ School Partnership
Implemented by Prayatn, Rajasthan
                                                             for Global Learning / Bridge School, Bhoothahanalli
                                                             / Galihally/ Chattanahalli - Implemented by Vikasana,
The project envisage to eradicate the child labour in 15
villages of Dholpur block in Dholpur district of Rajasthan,
with development of community based systems and
                                                             The overall objective of the projects is to mainstream the
mechanisms for protection of children and their rights and
                                                             dropout and non school going children of Bhoothahanalli ,
to increase the quality of education in government schools
                                                             Galihally and Chattanahalli through bridge schools.
in order to ensure age appropriate learning of the children.

Prevention and Eradication of Child Labour in
Parvathipuram, Vizianagaram Dis - Implemented by
JKS , Andhra Pradesh                                          Bridge School, Hassan - Implemented by
                                                              Prachodana, Karnataka
The overall objective of the project is prevention and        The main objective of the project is to mainstream the
eradication of child labour in 17 villages of Parvathipuram   dropout and non school going children of Hallimysore
Block of Vizianagaram Dist of Andhra Pradesh.                 through bridge school.


                                                              Abhaya Home for Children - Implemented by
                                                              NMCT, Tamil Nadu
                                                              Abhaya Student’s Shelter provides continuum of care to
                                                              enrich the quality of life of the HIV/AIDS affected and
                                                              vulnerable children in Coimbatore district.
                              Creating An Enabling Environment
                            for Community Development
     Strengthening of the children’s and women’s socio-             Women Development Project Veerapandi Panchayat
     economical and health condition in Kadanur – Imple-            - Implemented by KKID Tamil Nadu
     mented by Prachodana , Karnataka
                                                                    The project objective is contribute to the poverty reduc-
     The objective of the project is to improve the socioeco-       tion by supporting and economically deprived population
     nomic and health situation of children, women and youth        groups in the realization of their basic needs, the improve-
     in 11 villages of Kadanur Grama Panchayat of Hassan            ment of their living conditions and promotion of their de-
     district of Karnataka state, resulting in the eradication of   velopmental activities. The target region comprises the
     child labour.                                                  five villages Chembukkarai, Dhoomanur, Panapalli, Periya
                                                                    Jambukandi and Attukkal in the District Coimbatore.

     Integrated Women Empowerment project- Imple-
     mented by Maithri Karnataka                                    Women Development Project – Phase II Veerapandi,
     The project objective is to contribute to poverty reduction    Panchayat, - Implemented by KKID Tamil Nadu
     through empowering the most vulnerable population groups       The overall goal of the project is to contribute to the pov-
18   in Karnataka State in better realizing their social, eco-
     nomic and political rights.
                                                                    erty reduction by supporting socially and economically
                                                                    deprived population groups in the realisation of their basic
                                                                    needs, the improvement of their living conditions and pro-
motion of their developmental capacities of five villages
viz Thekkalur, Vadakkalur, Kandivali, Kondanur and
Kuttupulikkadu in 24 Veerapandi Panchayat in Coimbatore
North Taluk of Coimbatore District, Tamil Nadu 253 fami-
lies in 5 villages
Integrated community Development in Seruthur -
Implemented by Peace Trust, Tamil Nadu
The project objective is to increase the development op-
portunities of deprived fishing people, victims of the Tsu-
nami in Seruthur village, Nagapattinam District, Tamil Nadu

                                                              Community Development and Empowerment in
                                                              Periyanaickenpalayam Block - Implemented by
                                                              GESHEC Tamil Nadu
                                                              The main target of the project is to contribute to the MDG
                                                              1 Eradicate extreme poverty and hunger through the fa-
Valparai Hill area Women Development Project-                 cilitation of a sustainable socio-economic development
Implemented by Karunya Social Centre, Tamil Nadu              process in the target villages and their surroundings. The
Project is implemented to improve the living conditions of    promotion and participation of disadvantaged women is in
the 1500 most vulnerable and poor families and in particu-    the center on all levels of the implementation of the project
lar women and children in 14 villages covering 46 smaller     (MDG 3). Target group are 2000 families in 20 villages in
hamlets in the mountain Regions of Valparai Hills,            Naickenpalayam            &       Gudalur     Panchayats,
Coimbatore District in Tamil Nadu.                            Periyanaickenpalayam Block, Coimbatore District, Tamil
                                                              Nadu, India. These families are all BPL and are affected
                                                              by discrimination, exclusion and lack of access to basic
                                                              means of security of livelihoods and participation. All fami-
                                                              lies are either Dalits, Adivasi (Irula) or belong to other
                                                              backward casts.

Sustainable Development through women empow-
erment Karamadai- Implemented by GESHEC Tamil
                                                              Integrated Rural Development Project, Deepdi-
The project aims to improve the living conditions of the      Implemented by CEROWC, Madhya Pradesh
2700 most vulnerable and poor families, and in particular
                                                              The project intends to support the sustainable improve-
women in 30 villages in the region of Karamadai,
                                                              ment of the economic and social living condition of the 18
Coimbatore district Tamil Nadu.
                        Creating An Enabling Environment
                   for HIV / AIDS Affected and Infected

                           Care & Support for HIV / AIDS affected families and HIV Preven-
                           tion in Pollachi - Implemented by NMCT, Tamil Nadu

                           750 HIV/AIDS-affected families lead a self-determined dignified life to
                           the extent possible. The project is implemented in four Blocks - Pollachi
                           South, Pollachi North, Kinathukadavu & Anamalai – Coimbatore Dis-
                           trict in Tamil Nadu State of South India.

     Strengthening the Right to Health and protection              Care and Support Programme for the HIV/AIDS in-
     from discrimination of HIV-Infected and their fami-           fected persons and their families in Thrissur - Imple-
     lies in Palakkad District of Kerala- Implemented              mented by KESS, Kerala
     by KESS, Kerala
                                                                   The project provides care and support to the HIV/AIDS
20   The quality of life of at least 1.500 PLHIV and their fami-   affected Persons and Their families in the District of
     lies is improved sustainably and will be maintained in the    Thrissur
     future by activities at the community level.
                        Creating An Enabling Environment
                         for Tribal Communities

                                                        Integrated Social and Economical development
                                                        in Naupada District- Implemented by Lokadrusti
                                                        To empower about 1,200 low cast and tribal families
                                                        in 10 villages in the district Nuapada, Orissa state to
                                                        improve their living conditions sustainably.

Empowerment of Tribal Communities in Joida
- Implemented by KRWCDS Karnataka
The project aims to improve the living conditions
of the rural tribal families at 39 villages & hamlets
of Joida Taluk in a structural & sustainable way
through community development, sustainable
resource management and adequate basic health


                                                        Empowerment of Indigenous communities in
                                                        Parvathipuram Northern Andhra Pradesh-
                                                        Implemented by JKS, Andhra Pradesh
                                                        To empower tribal communities in northern A.P
                                                        to secure their livelihood and to protect and
                                                        manage natural resources soil, water and forest
                                                        in a sustainable way.
                                 Creating An Enabling Environment
                                      for Food Security
     Sustainable resource conservation and Nutrition                  in Tonto Block in West Singhbhum District, Jharkhnad will
     security for rural households - Implemented by                   be improved covering 1,203 households .
     DRCSC, West Bengal
                                                                      Sustainable resource conservation and nutrition
     The project aims at organizing the poor tribals who are          security - Implemented by KJKS, West Bengal
     landless or own small & marginal lands and reside in any
                                                                      The project aims at ensuring nutritious food security to
     one of the 15 villages within the operational area under
                                                                      500 families in 7 villages and natural resource
     Kashipur Block of Purulia district of West Bengal to
                                                                      conservation.The project contributing towards the
     ensure their food & livelihood security through sustainable
                                                                      reduction of poverty through integrated rural development
     natural resource conservation.
                                                                      activities and improved natural resource conservation.

     Sustainable Resource Conservation and Nutrition
     Security for Rural Households - Implemented by
                                                                      Sustainable conservation of natural resources and
     Catholic Charities, Jharkhand
                                                                      enhancement of food and nutritional security -
     The project is contributing towards the reduction of poverty     Implemented by Vikasana, Karnataka
22   with a concentration on food security, Natural Resource
     Management, and sustainable agriculture. Rural livelihood
                                                                      Sustainable conservation of natural resources and
                                                                      enhancement of food and nutritional security among the
     base and food security situation of 26 villages of 26 villages
                                                                      underprivileged and backward communities in 30 villages
                                                                      of Kadur taluk of Chikmaglur district. The project aims to
eradicate extreme poverty among rural households by initiating agriculture development as
well as income generation activities.
Sustainable Conservation of Resources and Nutrition Security of Rural Households
-Implemented by VOSARD Kerala
The project aims at improvement in food and nutrition security status of the rural communities
of selected six wards of Vandanmedu Panchayats of Idukki District in Kerala.

Enhancing Livelihoods through Sustainable Agriculture Development in Latehar-
Implemented by Vedic Society Jharkhand
The project focus on three areas:Strengthening self help capacities of the target groups and
their institutions (resilience)Improved natural resource management and watershed
development (productivity)Improved linkages to local markets, services and government
schemes (connectivity). Direct target group are around 820 indigenous farmer families (about
4.000 people) from 11 villages in Latehar district in India.

                          Creating An Enabling Environment
                     for Natural Resource Management
     Watershed Management in Maharashtra- Imple-                     Fighting Poverty through Natural Resource Man-
     mented by WOTR, Maharashtra                                     agement and Sustainable agriculture, Kanpur-Imple-
                                                                     mented by Shramik Bharti Uttar Pradesh
     The project is to improve the quality of life of the target
     group by a sustainable management of resources and by           To improve the socioeconomic conditions of the poor
     the development of long-term preventive existential mea-        farmer’s families, through integrated resource protection
     sures through improved agriculture and similar activities       measures, as well as the introduction of an ecological-
     as well as through non-agriculture initiatives                  oriented agriculture in 30 villages in the district of Kanpur,
                                                                     Uttar Pradesh

                                                                     Mangrove Conservation and Livelihood Support Project
                                                                     - Implemented by Tagore Society, West Bengal
                                                                     The overall objective of the project is to contribute to a
                                                                     sustainable improvement of the socioeconomic living con-
                                                                     ditions of 15 target communities. Great importance will
                                                                     be attached on the commitment and special needs of
                                                                     women in all project components.

     Sustainable Climate Change Mitigation Measures
     through Natural Resource Management and Agri-
     culture Development- Implemented by CEROWC,
     Madhya Pradesh
     Securing sustainable livelihoods and improved quality of
     life, especially the children and women, in terms health,
     poverty reduction and cleaner environment for 15 villages
     in Kolar area in the border of Bhopal and Sehore districts
     of Madhya Pradesh, India
     A Unique initiative for Developing Green Villages -             Socio Economic Empowerment for Marginalized
24   Implemented by CEROWC, Madhya Pradesh                           farmers and landless families through Integrated Wa-
                                                                     tershed Development- Implemented by Peace Trust,
     The overall objective of the project is to support sustain-
     able improvement of the economical and social living con-       Tamil Nadu
     dition of four villages in Raisen district of Madhya Pradesh.   The overall objective of the project is to improve socio
                                                                     economic living conditions of poor families residing within
                                                                     twenty neighboring villages of Puliamarathukottai water-
                                                                     shed area in Dindigul District of Tamil Nadu in a sustain-
                                                                     able manner.
                          Creating An Enabling Environment
                         for Relief & Reconstruction

                                                       Venpurusham Dalit Village Reconstruction
                                                       Project- Implemented by Udayam Health
                                                       Centre Tamil Nadu

                                                       To enable marginalized people to access low cost
                                                       housing with the required basic minimum facilities
                                                       through the participation of community based
                                                       organization and enable CBOs to become the
                                                       accountability structures for implementing and
                                                       monitoring of quality houses in Venpurusham
                                                       villages of Mhabalipuram Town Panchayat.

Relief& Reconstruction Programme, Helen
Colony & Enayam - Implemented by
Shathidan, Tamil Nadu

The project is a Tsunami rehabilitation project
implemented by Shanthidhan an NGO based at
Nagarcoil of Tamil Nadu state. The Tsunami
affected people in the Helen colony and Enayam
were supported by providing them with fishing
equipments such as boats, Catamarans and fishing
nets. They are organized into SHGs. Children of
both villages are provided night tuition classes. It
helped the student to improve the standard of
                     News from Coordination Department.
     Field Visits                                                  KRWCDS, Karwar.
                                                                   Mr. Martin Wolff visited CEVA office Cochin on his way
     Field visits have been proved to be the most important
                                                                   to visit PDS Peermade, Vosard – Kumily and PEACE
     tool for project monitoring. CEVA Kochi, NRO & ERO
                                                                   TRUST, Dindigul.
     staffs have been making visits to every major project at
     least twice in a year. In a routine visit, sample target      Visit of ICAP and Strahlemann representatives to
     villages are visited, programme & financial records are       Peace Trust’s Project
     checked and observations & suggestions are shared with        Mr. Paul Guire, Managing Director ICAP, Ms. Christine
     the project team at the end of the visit. These visits help   Wahlig, Assistance to the Managing Director Strahlemann,
     to rectify any drawbacks and improve performance of           Mr. Michael Bridger, Division Manager Strahlemann and
     the projects. Necessary guidance and suggestions were         his wife Gisela Bridger, and Mr. Ralf Tepel, Executive
     given to partner agencies during these field visits for       Director of KKS visited the project of Strahlemann Peace
     effective planning, implementation and monitoring of the      Support Centre and Integrated Community Development
     ongoing programmes. During the reporting period CEVA          project at Seruthur implemented by Peace Trust on 27th
     Kochi, NRO & ERO staffs have undertaken 70 visits.            to 29th of May 2011. Ms. Mary Liya, project officer of
     Visit by KKS representatives to projects                      CEVA coordinated and accompanied the visit.
     Ms. Cynthia Dittmar visited NRO on 29th August 2011
     during her itinerary to North India.
     Ms. Helga Wilkendorf visited ERO on 16th September 2011
     during her visit to Eastern India and to projects
     implemented by Catholic Charities, Vedic Society, KJKS
     and DRCSC..
     Ms.Cynthia Dittmar visited Prachodana Hassan,
     VIKASANA Tarikere, GESHEC Karamadai, NMCT
     Pollachi & KESS Palakkad during the reporting period.
     Mr. Thomas Westermann visited the projects implemented
     by NMCT Coimbatore in November 2011.Dr.Sigrid
                                                                   BMZ External Evaluation.
     Maurer visited CSED Tirupur, KKID Mankarai, Maithri
     Trust Mangalore and Prajana Mangalore in November             BMZ one the co financing agencies of KKS, Germany
     2011.CEVA representatives made all the arrangements           selected one tsunami rehabilitation project and one child
26   for the visit of KKS representatives to the projects and
     accompanied them during their visits. Ms. Helga
                                                                   labour eradication project for external evaluation. Mr.
                                                                   Lennart Raetzell , a Senior Consultant from Germany
     Wilkendorf visited Vosard Kumily, PDS Peermade and            visited Devaneri Tsunami affected village and Cuddalore
                                                                   area. We have made the necessary arrangements for this
evaluation and CEVA representative Mr. .Suhas.B            Visit of Mr.Pattabhiraman,EU Delegation Office
accompanied the consultant during his visit to projects.   Delhi
Visit of German Delegates                                  Mr. Pattabhiraman, EU Delegation office Delhi visited
A group of German Delegates - Mrs. Brigitte Görg-          SEEIWD Project implemented by Peace Trust Dindigul
Kramß,Mr. Helmut Hauck,Mrs. Sabine Wedemeyer,Mrs.          on 1 st and 2 nd December 2011. We have made the
Dr. Doris von Werner,Mrs. Angelika Graser along with       necessary arrangements for this visit and CEVA
Mr. Ralf Tepel Executive Director of KKS visited project   representative Mr. Mathew P. Thomas accompanied him
areas to experience the impact of project cooperation      during his visit to the project.
between KKS and the following Indian partners -
and NMCT from 26th February till 04th March 2012.

                                                           PROJECT PARTNERS’ MEET -2011
                                                           Project Partners Meet 2011 was held at KKID,
Visit of Mr. Mathias Wilkes and Ms. Indira Weiss           Coimbatore on 9th and 10th November 2011. Partners from
to Prachodana Hassan                                       all over India gathered for the Partners Meet at KKID.
                                                           Twenty two Partner Organizations and Two prospective
Mr. Mathias Wilkes, Chairman Foundation Council KKS
                                                           Partner Organizations participated in the Project partners’
Germany and Ms Indira Weiss, German Actress along
                                                           Meet 2011. Mr. Thomas Westermann Head of the
with Mr. Ralf Tepel, Executive Director KKS Germany
                                                           Department Development Cooperation, KKS, Germany
and Mr. T.K. Nathan Executive Director KKID visited
                                                           represented KKS in the Partners’ meet.
Prachodana, Hassan Karnataka from 18th to 20 th
November 2011. Mr. Suhas B, project officer of CEVA
coordinated and accompanied them during the visit.
                                                           The Project Partners meet was officially inaugurated by
                                                           lighting the lamp by Mr.Thomas Westermann, Rev. Fr.           27
                                                           Joy Vattoly, Rev. Justine Akkara, Mr. T. K. Nathan and
                                                           Mr. Lawrance.
     During the meet Mr. Thomas Westermann explained in               Mr. Jameskutty VM attended a workshop on “EU grants
     detail the Project Agreement and the new Reporting               contracts and finance procedures’ at KKID on 17th and
     Formats to the partners. He also emphasized the need to          18th August. Mr. Louis Leimgruber from EU delegation
     submit quality report and financial documents in time as         office Delhi and Mr. Shivkumar were the resource persons
     per the format of KKS Partners used this opportunity to          of the programme.
     clarify their doubts.
                                                                      Rev. Fr. Justin Akkara attended a short course on ‘climate
     Apart from that a half day in put session on New FCRA
                                                                      risk screening on 20th and 21st September at AFPRO –
     Rules and Regulations were given by Mr. Vittal Rao
                                                                      New Delhi.
     Chartered Accountant. This was an opportunity for the
     partners to clear their many doubts with regard to the new       Rev. Fr. Justin Akkara attended the summit on Micro
     FCRA Rules and Regulations. During the meet each                 Finance India at The Hotel Ashok, New Delhi on 12th and
     partner presented their project achievements, challenges         13th December 2011.
     faced and sustainability strategies adopted in their projects.
                                                                      Rev. Fr. Justin Akkara participated the Conference on
     Partners meet concluded on the second day afternoon with
                                                                      livelihoods India at Hotel the Grand, New Delhi on 14th
     the preliminary planning of the next Partners Meet -2012
                                                                      and 15th December 2011.
                                                                      Mr. Soumyendra Roy attended a meeting with the minister
     Trainings/ Workshops attended                                    of consumer protection at Kolkata on 01st December 2011.
     Rev. Fr. Joy Vattoly Secretary CEVA, Cochin and Mr.              Annual Meeting 2012
     Soumyendra Roy, Project Officer, ERO attended a
                                                                      Annual Get- together of CEVA/KKS/KKF & KKID was
     workshop on Micro-Insurance at KKID from 6th to 8th
                                                                      held at KKID on 24th & 25th February 2012. Mr. Ralf
     April 2011.
                                                                      Tepel, the executive director of KKS, represented KKS
     Mr. Suhas B from CEVA office Kochi and Mr. Soumyendra            team on 16th Annual Meeting. Dr. Mary Venus Joseph the
     Roy, from ERO, attended a workshop on Food Security              president, Fr. Joy Vattoly CMI the secretary, Fr. Varghese
     LFA Workshop at KKID Coimbatore on 23rd to 25th of               Kokkadan the moderator, Fr. Justin Akkara the regional
     June 2011.                                                       secretary of NRO along with all the coordination staff
                                                                      attended the meeting. News and views from KKS, KKID
     Rev .Fr. Joy Vattoly, Mr. Mathew P Thomas and Mr. Suhas
                                                                      and CEVA were shared during the meeting. Sub group
     B Nair from CEVA, Cochin Mr. Jameskutty VM and Mr.
                                                                      discussions of KKS/KKF/KKID and CEVA were held
     Soumyendra Roy attended an International workshop on
                                                                      and action points for the next year were finalized.
     Impact Oriented Monitoring at KKID Coimbatore on 28th
     to 30th June 2011.

  Research & Development Department of CEVA
Apart from implementing the existing projects the              development sessions, emotional support etc. The Sisters
Research and Development wing of CEVA was                      of Charity (AURA) Thrissur and Holy Family Sisters
successful in commencing as well as completing many            (IFDF) Irinjalakuda are partners in implementing the
innovative programmes during the year. Following are the       activities of Santhwanam.
projects and interventions carried out by the department.      SANTHWANA BHAVAN – Ensuring a Peaceful Life
National Child Labour Project (NCLP)                           for the HIV/AIDS Infected & Affected
CEVA NRO has been successfully implementing The                Santhwana Bhavan – Commemorating the 25th year of
National Child labour Project since 2005 with the support      CEVA, we have identified 25 deserving HIV/AIDS In-
of Ministry of labour through District Labour Department       fected & Affected families for special attention to ensure
as well as with the support of Father Angel School. With       a better life and living conditions. Through this initiative
the goal of reducing Child Labour problems in Ghaziabad        we help in construction of houses, repairs and mainte-
through alternative education three schools are running        nance.
under this project. Around 200 children enrolled during
this period and 150 students were main-streamed to schools
to continue their studies. This project has been implemented
successfully with the support of Ministry of Labour
through the District Labour Department

                                                               Holistic Development Programme
                                                               Children’s Group across Kerala - All the 14 districts of
                                                               Kerala are covered through this project. Children’s groups     29
                                                               are identified and summer camps are conducted during
                                                               holidays for these Children aimed at their Holistic
Santhwanam - An Initiative of CEVA for the HIV/
AIDS Infected and Affected Children of Kerala
The Santhwanam project has been providing consolation
to the HIV/AIDS Infected and Affected Children of
Kerala. CEVA has been successful in helping and caring
for more than 100 children directly and many more through
other like-minded organizations. Focus is mainly in
Ernakulam, Thrissur, Idukki and Palakad districts. Through
this initiative more than 100 children are supported and
brought to the mainstream of education, social life,
emotional wellbeing and professional growth. 20 Volunteers
are part of this noble venture rendering their services in
guidance and counseling, home visits, personality
     Development. To groom them, identify the “Gems” in              dignitaries from various congregations. Mr. Raghavan
     them, and mould them into socially responsible citizens.        Unni, Joint Director of Social Work Department of Kerala
     As part of this programme, Children are provided inputs         Government gave a special message on the occasion.
     and training on overall development of personality in various   The DISHAA project presentation was made by Rev.
     spheres, intellectual, social, emotional, spiritual, physical   Fr. Joy Vattoly CMI Secretary of CEVA and Dishaa Logo
     and economical.                                                 unveiled by Rev. Sr. Lucy *Xavier FCC General
                                                                     Councillor, Lighting the candle by Rev. Sr. Sancta CMC
     Child Protection Programme of CEVA                              Superior General and Child Protection Prayer was recited
     Dishaa - A joint venture of congregations for Child             by Rev. Fr. George Thanchan CMI Vicar General. Rev.
     Protection against Child Abuse. The first phase of Training     Fr. Augustine Tharapath CST, Rev. Sr. Smitha Kavungal,
     and Awareness Generation was conducted at Kochi,                Rev. Sr. Lilly MSJ, Rev. Brother Joy Kakkattil CST, Rev.
     Kottayam, Thrissur and Kozhikode. It was considered to          Sr. Lisy SABS, Rev. Sr. Tessa CST and others felicitated.
     be more of a Train-the-Trainer programme in handling            Rev. Sr. Lilly Grace CMC welcomed the gathering and
     issues related to Child Abuse and protection of children.       the vote of thanks was delivered by Rev. Sr. Linet SD
     More on the level of creating awareness among Parents,          General Councillor.
     Teachers, and Children themselves to equip them to cope
     with such Child Abuse which is the curse of the present
     day society.

                                                                     CEVA-NGO Project – Enhancing & Empowering
                                                                     Enhancing & Empowering of NGOs in Kerala being the
                                                                     goal of the CEVA-NGO project concluded successfully
30                                                                   with a grand event organized in December 2011. With the
                                                                     main objective of “Enhancing & Empowering NGOs
     DISHAA – A Joint Venture of Congregations of                    achieved, it also enabled the building of partnerships and
     Kerala for Child Protection
     Kerala is home to 372 congregations and 50,000 religious.
     The Catholic Congregations of Kerala have decided to
     direct their consorted efforts to ensure Child Protection
     and work towards curbing and eradicating Child Abuse
     in the state. It was considered our responsibility as
     individuals to focus, interfere and bring about a change in
     the present social scenario, in which each child is given a
     safe and protected environment to grow into responsible
     individuals and better citizens. Dishaa had its official was
     inauguration at CMC Generalate, Alwaye on March 8,
     2012 by Rev. Fr. George Kizhakemmury MCBS Superior
     General at a function presided over by Rev. Fr. Varghese
     Parapuram VC – Superior General in the presence of
mutually beneficial relationships among organizations. A       Gift A Cycle Project
Directory of Enhanced NGOs was brought out highlighting
the areas of intervention and focus of each organization.      Another initiative of CEVA in the reporting year was
NGOs gained expertise through various trainings                ensuring education by providing bicycles to children in
conducted monthly over a period of one year which enabled      remote areas. Often it is said that “He who opens a school
them to function systematically in an organized manner.        door closes a prison”. Our experience in working among
Training was imparted to organizations on Human                children in rural areas brought to light the fact that reasons
Resources Management, Financial Management, Fund               for dropouts and absenteeism in educational institutions
Raising, PLA Tools & Techniques, Gender & Related              was that schools were often located far away and distant.
Concepts, Documentation & Reporting, Policy Formulation,       Moreover unavailability of bus services, even if available
Right to Information Act, Domestic Violence Act, Life Skill    the unreliability of it, travel expenses being unaffordable
Training, Leadership Training, and Sustainability.             to many etc caused children to be disinterested in pursuing
                                                               their studies. With this gift of cycle we were able to
Training Programmes of CEVA                                    provide them with not only a mode of transportation or a
                                                               travel aid, but made them proud owners of a bicycle at a
The Training Department of CEVA has conducted more             very young age, which motivated and encouraged them to
than 70 trainings within the state on various topics during    do well in their studies and perform better. It also helped
the reporting year. With the expertise of the Resource         in building their confidence, strengthen their personality
Team, trainings were conducted on Project Management,          and aid in Life-Skills development like decision making
Project Proposal Writing, Project Implementations Tools,       capabilities and sense of direction. Till date we were able
PRA/PLA Tools and Techniques, Human Resources                  to gift bicycles to 60 school going boys and girls between
Management, Financial Management, Fund Raising,                10 - 15 years.
Documentation & Reporting, Policy Formulation etc. Life
Skills training, Emotional Intelligence, Communication &
Public Speaking, Leadership Training, Effective Parenting,
Stress Management and Career Guidance are other areas
of expertise. Train-the-Trainers programme on Child
Protection, Health & Hygiene, AIDS Awareness and
Substance Abuse were also conducted during the year.
Organizational Development processes for various NGOs
were conducted by CEVA during this year which was part
of helping other organizations in developing professionalism
and systematic functioning.

                                                               Social & Moral Responsibility Building Project

                                                               With the objective of “Moulding Value-based Socially
                                                               Sensitive and Motivated Individuals – who can be “smart
                                                               leaders” in the future this project had a target of 3000
                                                               students of St. Sebastian School, Kuttikad. The aim was
                                                               to working on their potential and positives, to do away
                                                               with the negatives and their weakness and bring about a
                                                               positive change in their lives. Simultaneously promote the
                                                               holistic development of children through value education,
                                                               awareness programmes and training sessions. The project
                                                               is being implemented under the guidance of CEVA with
                                                               the active involvement of the School Management team,
                                                               teachers and PTA.
                             News from R&D Department
     “Symposium on Charism of Congregations”                          Umbrella Distribution
     As part of our Silver Jubilee celebrations, CEVA organized       At the beginning of the academic year, 500 umbrellas were
     a symposium on “Reaching the Unreached – Rooting in              distributed to deserving school going children from very
     the Charism of Congregations in January 2012. It was             poor families. Various NGOs in Kerala identifed the
     aimed at bringing out the Charism of Congregations in            deserving candidates and gifted it to them which was felt
     relation to social work and how it is being operationalized.     to be highly motivational to the children and their families.
     An ardent attempt to highlight the priorities and thrust areas
     in the social work of religious congregations as reflected
     in the charism. It provided an opportunity to the participants
     to know, to appreciate and contribute towards building a
     synergic atmosphere for the creation of the Kingdom of
     God through their social work activities.

                                                                      CMI Major Superiors Gettogether
                                                                      A get-together of major superiors of CMI Congregation
                                                                      was held during the reporting year to review and reflect
                                                                      on the activities of CEVA. A presentation on CEVA - The
     CEVA Project Partners Meet                                       Past, Present and Future was made on the occasion to
     A get-together of Project Partners of CEVA were                  better understand and discuss the social work history of
     organized at CEVA Bhavan in March 2012. The main                 CEVA for the past 25 years.
     agenda of the gathering was to discuss and plan on how
     to deal with child abuse issues and eradicate it in Kerala.      Hope Abides – Evaluation at Our Home Charity
32   It gave an opportunity for the partners to think and reflect
     upon a joint action towards ensuring a safe and secure
                                                                      At the request of Hope Abides – US Based organization
     childhood to children who are the future of our country.         an Evaluation of Our Home Charity Trust at Wayanad
                                                                      was conducted by CEVA to enable the funding process.
                                                                      It was conducted in the most efficient manner and report
                                                                      of the study submitted to the organization as per their
                                                                      NGO-Networking of CEVA
                                                                      Networking among the NGOs to create a better social
                                                                      existence beneficial for the poor and downtrodden is the
                                                                      primary focus of building partnerships. CEVA has been
                                                                      enabling and promoting such partnerships over the years
                                                                      to best serve the poor and needy. Various NGOs both
                                                                      within the state and outside Kerala have been in touch
                                                                      with CEVA for activities ranging from information
                                                                      dissemination, consultancy, evaluation, organizational study
                                                                      and development process, exposure visit etc.
                          CEVA in Partnership With
                                                                  Karl Kübel Institute
           Karl Kübel Stiftung
                                                                  for Development Education
           Karl Kübel Stiftung für Kind und Familie               Karl Kübel Institute for Development
           is a secular, charitable trust with its                Education {KKID}, Coimbatore, Tamil
           headquarters in Bensheim/Germany. It                   Nadu is the training institute of KKS
           was founded by Karl Kübel, a former                    Germany. The core focus of the institute
           industrial entrepreneur.                               is to nurture and nourish human
                                                                  resources for development of individuals
                                                                  for life.

               UPS Foundation
               The UPS Foundation is the
                                                       The Scheme envisages running of special schools
               charitable arm of the United Parcel
                                                       for child labour withdrawn from work. In the
               Service. They are committe d to
                                                       special schools, these children are provided formal/
               making a lasting difference through
                                                       non-formal education along with vocational
               hands-on, community based
                                                       training, stipend , supplementary nutrition and
                                                       regular health checkups so as to prepare them to
                                                       join regular mainstream schools.

                TCI Foundation
                Kavach Project is being run with
                support from TCI Foundation,
                which has in turn got a grant from
                                                        Committee for Charitable Interventions in
                Avahan, the India AIDS
                                                        favour of the Third World Circonvallazione
                Initiatives of the Bill and Melinda
                                                        Aurelia - Italy
                Gates Foundation

                  TCT                                     “The best way to find yourself
TCT continuously engaged with its philanthropic work            is to lose yourself
towards the noble cause of serving the weaker
sections of the society Thomas Chittilappilly Trust
                                                             in the service of others”
has its head Quarters at Kochi, Founded by                             Mahatma Gandhi
Kochouseph Chittilapilly

     CEVA Northern Regional Office     CEVA Bhavan, Karikkamuri,   CEVA Eastern Regional Office
                       CMI Bhavan        Kochi-682 011, Kerala.    C/o CMI Dharma Nikethan
                  CL-7, Anand Vihar      Tel:0484 4070226-228      1/1, Bonamali, Goshal Lane
      Harinagar, New Delhi – 110064        Fax:0484 2375490        Behala, Calcutta, W. Bengal
                Phone: 011-25126111      cevakoci@airtelmail.in    PIN: 700 034, India
        Email: nro.ceva@gmail.com                                  Phone: 033-32582163
                                                                   Email: ceva.ero@gmail.com

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