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									                                                                       Anyone who likes to eat out!
The simple question of “where to eat?” is                              Dieters with restricted
rarely simple when there are specific                                  nutritional requirements,
dietary requirements to consider, when                                 families traveling with fussy
time is limited, or when surroundings are                              kids, business people in
unfamiliar.                                                            unfamiliar locations, and
                                                                       vegetarians are but a few
                                                                       examples of the types of
                                                                       people who can have difficulty
                          Our solution is to create an online database with dining out.and dishes that allow
                                                                        of restaurants
                          users to rate and share their dining experiences. We have developed a smartphone-
                          based application to allow users to find nearby restaurants serving dishes which are
                          both highly-rated and well-matched to their personal eating preferences. In addition,
                          our application allows users to get recommendations for dishes, track favorite dishes
                          and restaurants, specify advanced criteria for search, and create a profile to define
                          their eating preferences.

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