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									 On the Move
               Kourosh                        Ville Heijari,
               Amiri,                         PlayHaven
               Ikanos                         The San
               Communi-                       Francisco
               cations                        mobile
               The Fremont                    games
               provider of                    platform
advanced broadband chips        provider named Ville Heijari
and software products           general manager of Europe.
appointed Kourosh Amiri         He is former senior vice
vice president of market-       president at Rovio Enter-
ing. Previously, he served at   tainment.

              Stacey                           Layman,
              Cornelius,                       TSG
              Nimble                           Consumer
              Storage                          Partners
              The San Jose                     The San
              provider                         Francisco
              of flash-         investment firm named
optimized hybrid storage        Michael Layman vice presi-
solutions named Stacey          dent. Previously, he held
Cornelius vice president of     positions at Jefferies & Co.
operations. She is former       and Wachovia Securities.
vice president of global
planning and logistics at
SunPower.                                       Stephanie
              Daniel                            ClearStory
              Costello,                         Data
              TSG                               The Palo Alto
              Consumer                          technology
              Partners          company that delivers big
              The San           data solutions for business
              Francisco         users to find, combine
investment firm named           and interactively analyze
Daniel Costello senior vice     disparate data from both
president. Previously, he       corporate and third-party
served at Wachovia Securi-      sources named Stephanie
ties.                           McReynolds vice president
                                of marketing and product
                                management. Previously,
                Marangal        she was senior director
                Domingo,        of product and technical
                First Tech      marketing at Teradata.
                Union                          James Mc-
                The Moun-                      Tarnaghan,
tain View credit union serv-                   Perkins
ing employees and family                       Coie
members of America’s                           The global
technology sector ap-                          law firm
pointed Marangal Domingo                       named
chief investment officer.       James McTarnaghan as a
Recently, he served as          partner in the environment,
executive vice president,       energy and resources prac-
chief financial officer and     tice group in San Francisco.
treasurer at First PacTrust     Recently, he was a partner
Bancorp and PacTrust            at Duane Morris.

                Stewart                         Stewart,
                Grierson,                       XOJET
                Coraid                          The San
                The Red-                        Francisco
                wood City                       private avia-
                provider of                     tion services
                software-       company named Bradley
defined storage tools ap-       Stewart chief executive
pointed Stewart Grierson        officer. Before his recently
chief financial officer and     appointment, he served as
senior vice president of        president.
operations. Previously, he
served as CFO at ArcSight.
              Karen Hart,                      Nimble
              TSG                              Storage
              Consumer                         The San Jose
              Partners                         provider
              The San                          of flash-
              Francisco         optimized hybrid storage
              investment        solutions named Paul
firm named Karen Hart vice      Whitney vice president of
president. She is a former      human resources. Previ-
investment banker at Gold-      ously, he held senior hu-
man Sachs.                      man resource positions at
                                Ascential Software.

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