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ApexMountainSchool_Internships_9-29-11 - Northland College


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									Apex Mountain School

What our current interns have to say:

“A well-rounded experience and in-depth understanding of an outdoor guide
service, with a balance of office and field time. I’m gaining practical experience
in my areas of interest, and I can see the affect of my contribution on a fast-
growing mountain school. There’s great flexibility for professional development
and field days.”
                                     – Max P.

“Great introduction into the outdoor industry. An awesome opportunity to
advance my career path. Everything from day to day operations to business
development programs – I’m getting everything out of it that I put in. Apex does
a great job of making room for creative input and promoting a team
                                   – Eric C.

Company overview:
Apex is a full service mountaineering company, based in Vail, Colorado. We
provide both group and private guided activities in the following disciplines: rock
climbing, ice climbing, alpine climbing, rappelling, indoor wall climbing,
bouldering, snowshoeing, backcountry ski touring and ski & snowboard descents,
and backcountry hut to hut tours by ski/board/snowshoe/mountain
biking/hiking. As a school, we provide open enrollment and private classes in
avalanche education, backcountry skiing, rock and ice climbing, wilderness
medicine, survival skills and navigation by map & compass and GPS.
Additionally, we offer team-building and organizational development events and
curriculum for large corporate groups, as well as group events for weddings,
family reunions, bachelor/bachelorette parties and other groups. We contract for
rigging, professional video and still shoot sessions, site scouting and speaking

Position available:
We are currently accepting applications for fall 2011 internships. Options include:

Internship 1: 400 hours over 10 weeks, broken into 360 office and/or guiding
hours (experience and skills dependent) and 40 field training and/or assistant
guiding hours.

Internship 2: 600 hours over 15 weeks, broken into 540 office and/or guiding
hours (experience and skills dependent) and 60 field training and/or assistant
guiding hours.

This internship is without monetary pay, and requires a full-time commitment.

The intern will be involved in many facets of the business, with an emphasis on
day-to-day operations, marketing and advertising, and/or program development,
and other facets of the operation, depending on qualifications and motivations of
the intern and needs of the company. Responsibility is dictated by intern’s
It is worth considering that interns who complete Internship 2 have a
consistently higher level of return on investment, a greater collective skills
advantage, and higher post-internship placement in the outdoor industry.

Qualified internship applicants should possess:
  • A strong understanding of the importance of a balance between the benefit
      to the student and the organization in attaining success. A strong applicant
      is committed to fulfilling the internship, and understands that return is
      dictated by investment.
  • A desire to enter the outdoor industry with a strong understanding of the
      operation of a full service mountaineering company based in the U.S.,
      exemplified by a knowledge of back office operations, marketing and
      advertising efforts, public relations, business development and field
      operations gained through implementation.
  • Reliable transportation, valid drivers license, auto insurance.
  • Reliable cell phone.
  • No felonies.

Apex is among the fastest-growing full-service mountaineering companies in
Colorado, and our internships call for an individual that is:

   •   Ethical (strong personal and work ethic)
   •   Intelligent
   •   Capable
   •   Committed
   •   Highly Motivated
   •   Having a Positive Attitude

Benefits to the Intern:

Guide Training – Receive AMGA-format training, as well as training in
fundamentals that employers look for in a budding new guide.

Field Experience – Shadow guide paying clients on adventures.

Pro Purchase – During full-time involvement, you may qualify for purchasing
gear at a professional rate.
Access to free courses and discounted courses – You may enroll in our
discipline-specific training courses, many without charge. Examples include
climbing technique courses, backcountry skiing courses, navigation courses,
avalanche education courses, survival skills courses, and wilderness medicine
courses, as well as guide training.

Experience working for a Reputable Expanding Full-Service
Mountaineering Company – Log resume experience with an innovative,
reputable mountaineering company in the heart of the Rocky Mountains of

Small Business Entrepreneurial Experience – Learn the in’s and out’s of
running a small business in the outdoor adventure and team-building sector from
real world experience with Apex.

Marketing, Advertising, Web Development and Program
Development experience – Gain additional resume skills with measurable
results in interactive and traditional marketing, advertising, PR, web and
program development efforts.

Intern in a top 3-rated mountain town to live in North America – Quick
access to skiing, climbing, biking, boating and more in the Rocky Mountains in
and around Vail, Beaver Creek, Aspen, Steamboat Springs, Arapahoe Basin,
Copper Mountain, Breckenridge, Keystone and the Moab, Utah Desert.

Marketability and Opportunity – Set your resume apart. Company
reputation, training, field experience, shadow and mock guiding experience, and
a formal reference letter boosts your appeal to potential employers in the outdoor

Fulfill your school’s internship requirements – We are happy to assist in
your meeting internship guidelines for your undergraduate or graduate

Housing Options in Vail:
If housing is desired, www.craigslist.com is a good starting point (Colorado, High
Rockies, Vail / Avon / Singletree / Edwards / Eagle / Wolcott / Gypsum search).
Many options are available, including roommate wanted. Additionally, many of
our interns have found camping options in the 3 warmer seasons to be adequate;
both car camping and self-sufficient van style are popular.

How to apply:
Applicants should respond to this email expressing interest and attaching a short
essay on why they wish to intern with Apex; an outdoor resume, including work
experience, education and training, certificates and trade memberships,
significant experiences in the field, and a detail of skills and experience (i.e. if you
climb rock, what grade top rope, lead, trad, sport, commitment grade, etc) per
discipline. Applicants must note in the application letter/email their
understanding that the internship is without pay and that they are solely
responsible for personal finances during this term. Follow up within 48 hours
with a phone call to the Director, Scott Smith, at the contact phone number listed

As we are a marketing and business development-heavy organization with
programs in corporate team building, internships may be requested focused on
these three areas of study also. If you have a specific interest in one of these three
areas, be sure to communicate this in your request to the Director.

Thank you for your assistance with this. I look forward to the possibility of
working with you and your students.


Scott Smith
Apex Mountain School
P.O. Box 8621 Avon, CO 81620
888-MTN-SOUL (686-7685)
(970) 949-9111

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