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									Learn to Enjoy a Baseball Game
The national past time has often been criticized in recent years as being too slow to develop, too boring
to watch, and too long to complete. When compared to other sports, baseball may be guilt of some of
these charges as certainly it is less violent than football and moves at a slower pace than basketball.

But baseball is still baseball, with all of its romantic flare and nostalgia, flashes of leather and cracking
wood bats; and so the draw to the diamond ensnares thousands of spectators every year, coming to
watch hometown athletes compete in a game of ball. Learning to enjoy watching a baseball game,
however, may take a little understanding on the part of the spectator.

What Baseball Stands For
Baseball hinges on a cowhide-covered, cork-centered, yarn-spun ball that is sewed together with exactly
two hundred and sixteen stiches of red thread. It is the baseball itself that provides the foundation to
the game.

A timeless instruction passed from generations of fathers to their sons as they teach them they game of
baseball reflects the importance of the ball to the game. “Keep your eye on the ball” has been the
concise call of every baseball coach at every level, and is in turn the key to enjoying one’s time at the
ball park.

By watching the ball a spectator will be able to follow the action of the game. But a person can really
begin to enjoy watching a baseball game if they understand the impressive feats of the athletes playing
on the field.

Try It Yourself
If a person really wants to be amazed while watching a baseball game, they should try fielding some
grounders, catching a pop fly, and hitting a baseball before going to the ball park. These feats of
athleticism can only be truly admired once a person understands how difficult the tasks are and how
much skill is required to accomplish them.
It is not difficult to admire the power, hand-eye coordination, and skill that is evident when a player
blasts a homer, but a spectator to a baseball game will find more enjoyment in watching the sport if
they can in turn admire the skills it takes to cleanly field a sharply hit grounder and turn a double play.
Entertainment and enjoyment will follow the baseball fan who understands the impressive, but
seemingly easy, actions of the athletes on the diamond.

Now Watch
Learning to enjoy watching a game of baseball can be a great way to spend summer days. When a
person learns to enjoy being at a ball park, smelling the hot dogs and nachos, being outside in nice
weather, touring the stands and shops of the park, and, of course, watching the game, they will be able
to add a fun activity to their summertime bustle.

The allure of the ball park extends beyond the sport being played at its epicenter, and a family or group
of friends can pass a summer’s eve with fondness and pleasure as they explore the different aspects of
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