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Name: Tom Bartee
Address: 74 C Street Vallejo, Ca. 94590
Phone: 707-290-6044
Campaign website:

Office being sought: Vallejo City Council

Why are you running in this election:
I love My City, Desire to continue Public Service; Experience is a Critical requirement for the next
Council, to complete the many projects in progress.

What do you hope to accomplish in this office? What are your top goals for this term?
Bring jobs and business & revenues to Vallejo; rebuild/restore our Public Safety, Promote the
Green Energy industry in Vallejo, Revise General Plan, Reorganize out permitting Process,
Business recruitment & retention.

What is the nature and extent of your prior involvement in community, civic, and/or political
I have a long history of family politics in Minnesota (DFL) and here in California. Past/present
member of Carquinez & United Democratic clubs, Former Solano County Central Committee
Alternate. Four plus year Councilmember, Actively involved in the community in numerous Civic,
non-profit organizations over the years from the Symphony and Boy/Girl Scouts to The Chamber
of Commerce and the Jazz Festival and Music Theater; to name a few.
What background or experience makes you the best candidate for this position? How is it
My education in Geography, Urban Planning, Real Estate and Business experience all are well
suited for City Council responsibilities; including, 24 Years as a Manager with General Mills in
areas from; Controller, Manufacturing Management, Transportation, Logistics etc., give me the
broad experience to tackle any issue before the Council.

Do you seek the endorsement of the Solano County Democratic Central Committee? Why?
Yes, because I embrace the values of the Democratic Party and appreciate the Value of their

6. California, Solano County and local jurisdictions are all facing substantial budgetary difficulties.
What ideas do you have that will help your City / school board deal with fiscal issues?
Primarily utilizing strategies to create, promote and retain business and Jobs by creating incentives
and a stronger environment of support for these new businesses, including revamping our
permitting process and Economic Development efforts.

What are your views about the public employee unions with which your city / school board will be
We need to support balanced relationships with the Unions, offering fair wages and benefit
opportunities, recognizing our ability to financially sustain them.
How long have you been a registered Democrat? Why are you a Democrat, and how do those
values relate to the office you seek?

I have been a registered Democrat for over 35 years.
I am a registered Democrat because I embrace the ideals and values put forth by party leadership,
from Health Care reform to a woman’s right to choose.
Many Party issues are global and national in nature, but on the local level, support of fair/balanced
relationship between management and labor is an important element.

Please share any other information you think will assist the Central Committee in considering your
I have been in Vallejo since the late 70’s. I have lived, worked and raised my family here. I
embrace this community, its people and its diversity; I am committed to Vallejo. I am intimately
familiar with the values and needs of our businesses, neighborhoods, civic organizations and
schools. I see a bright future for Vallejo with many opportunities for its citizens on the horizon.
We need to unify our efforts and move forward together with a sense of optimism and pride in our

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