2012 Editorial Calendar by zhouwenjuan


									                 The Journal of Corporate Renewal
                               2012 Editorial Calendar
                             All information is subject to change without notice.

                                                                              Copy        Ad Space     Artwork
  Issue         Theme                        Guest Editor                    Deadline    Reservation   Deadline

                                          Frank Mack, CTP
               Distressed                Accretive Solutions
 Jan/Feb        Investing                Capital Partners Inc.                Nov. 22      Dec. 6      Dec. 20

                                           Faye Feinstein
 March           Ethics                  Quarles & Brady LLP                   Jan. 5      Jan. 19      Feb. 2

                                         David Johnson
  April         Lending              ACM Professional Services                 Feb. 7      Feb. 21     March 7

              Restaurants/                Greg Charleston
  May          Franchises              Conway MacKenzie Inc.                  March 7     March 21      April 4

                                           Nicholas F. Kajon
  June         Hot Topics                   Stevens & Lee                      April 9     April 23     May 7

                                         Andrew Pendleton
July/Aug        Energy                   Grant Thornton LLP                   May 28       June 11     June 25

              Commercial                 Matthew Bordwin
September     Real Estate             GA Keen Realty Advisors                  July 9      July 23      Aug. 6

              TMA Annual                   Michael Parker
 October    Convention Issue          Fulbright & Jaworski LLP                 Aug. 9      Aug. 23     Sept. 6

                                        Jeffrey R. Manning
 Nov/Dec      Technology             BDO Capital Advisors, LLC                 Oct. 1      Oct. 15     Oct. 29

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