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					           Network Management (Smarts) Learning Path                                                                                           Certification Alignment
           Benefits any IT professional who deploys and leverages end-to-end network management                                                Product/Technology Specific
           solutions from EMC Smarts.                                                                                                          E22-250 Exam
           You will learn to configure the EMC Smarts suite of software, view and understand the
           diagnostic analysis results, and resolve network and service issues.
           Prepare for your Network Management (Smarts) Certification.

                                                 Courses                                                                           Course Objectives

             EMC Smarts Service Assurance Manager Administrator (Instructor-Led)               • View the results of the EMC Smarts diagnostic analysis and understand the network
             Learn how to install, configure and administer EMC Smarts Service                   and service impacts caused by failures
             Assurance Manager; create user profiles, configure SAM to connect other           • Automate actions to respond to failure notifications
             domains. Configure Business Impact Manager to view topology and events            • Incorporate customer and service information into Service Assurance Manager to
(3 Days)                                                                                         manage infrastructure in the context of business
             in the context of the Business Services they support
             EMC Smarts IP Manager Administrator (Instructor-Led)                              • Install and Configure EMC Smarts Software
             Learn how to install and configure EMC Smarts IP Management Suite;                • Understand how to Start and stop EMC Smarts for IP Domain Manager with the vari-
             configure and perform topology discoveries; enable and configure                    ous options
(2 Days)     auto-discoveries; set up desired management policies using Polling and            • Launch the powerful EMC Smarts Discovery process
             Threshold Groups
             Introduction to EMC Smarts Architecture                                           • Describe how to Start and stop EMC Smarts for IP Domain Manager with the
 (1 Hr)      EMC Smarts terminology, architecture of Service Assurance Manager,                  various options
             and other common solution components                                              • Enable, configure, and monitor Auto-Discovery
                                                                                               • Create and apply management policies, set connectivity and performance thresholds,
                                                                                                 and control the management of systems and their components
             EMC Smarts Global Console                                                         • View and explore the results of the EMC Smarts diagnostic analysis
(4 Hrs)      Service Assurance Manager Global Console, Customization of a Global               • Maintain user logins and associated user profiles
             Console, The Notification Log Console, The Topology Browser, The Map View         • Automate actions to respond to failure notifications
                                                                                               • Incorporate customer and service info into SAM to manage infrastructure in the
                                                                                                 context of business
             EMC Smarts Global Console Advanced                                                • Respond to failure notifications
(4 Hrs)      Business Impact Manager, Understanding Groups, The Summary View,                  • Customize the layout of the EMC Smarts Console
             The Status Table View, Context Sharing

                                                                           Instructor-Led Training                                    Video-ILT (VILT)                       e-Learning
                                                                  For more information on delivery modes, see page 8

            Purchase Options
                  EMC Smarts SAM/IP Administrator ValuePak                              EMC Smarts SAM/IP Administrator Video ValuePak
                  CE-VALPAKSMT $4,950                                                   CE-VIDVPKSMT $2,970
                  Includes two Instructor-Led courses and three                         Includes two Video-ILTs and three self-paced e-Learning courses.
                  self-paced e-Learning courses.
                  EMC Smarts Global Console ValuePak
                  CE-VALPAKGCL $660                                                     For more information on purchase options, see page 9
                  Includes three self-paced e-Learning courses.

           32                                                                                 Get curriculum details and course schedules at: http://education.EMC.com
           Network Management (Smarts) Learning Path (continued)

                                           Additional Courses                                                                  Course Objectives

             EMC Smarts Adapter Platform (Instructor-Led)                                     • Configure and customize the Service Assurance Manager Platform
(2 Days)     Introduction to SMARTS Adapters, The Command Line Interface Functions,           • Use the command line interface to process data from multiple sources
 (6 TU)      SNMP Trap Receiver, Advanced processing using a hook script, Syslog              • Configure and run the SNMP Trap Receiver to process SNMP Traps
                                                                                              • Configure and run the EMC Smarts Syslog Adapter to process syslog messages
                                           Specialist Courses
             Adapter, Notification Adapters, Notification Adapter processing
                                                                                                and adapters to export information from an EMC Smarts server
             EMC Smarts Application Discovery Manager (Instructor-Led)                        • Configure and troubleshoot the ADM solution
(2 Days)     Introduction to ADM, Host and Business Application Grouping, Using the           • View the information available in the ADM console
 (6 TU)      map and reporting, Configuration, administration, and basic troubleshoot-        • Configure and perform a Passive discovery
             ing, Passive discovery configuration, Detail discovery configuration &           • Perform a Detail discovery and set Detail discovery policies
             policies, Change tracking
             EMC Smarts ASL for Service Assurance Manager (Instructor-Led)                    • Populate user-defined attributes
(1 Day)      Understanding the EMC Smarts Architecture, Enhancing SAM with ASL,               • Access Information from the originating server
 (3 TU)      Developing Data Exchange Adapter Hookscripts, Importing Information into         • Import information into SAM
             SAM, Utilizing Imported Information                                              • Enhance your notifications
             EMC Smarts ASL (Instructor-Led)                                                  • Write ASL scripts to pull information from the Domain Manager
(1 Day)      Introduction to Adapters, The EMC Smarts Common Model, Types of                  • Use scripts to set values of attributes in the ICIM topology
 (3 TU)      Adapters, How to Save Output to a File, How to Run sm_adapter                    • Read data from files for input
                                                                                              • Write Adapters to modify discovery behavior
             EMC Smarts Business Dashboard (Instructor-Led)                                   • Configure EMC Smarts Viewlets to create your own customized web-based user
(1 Day)      Introduction to EMC Smarts Business Dashboard, Dashboard Configuration,            interface
 (3 TU)      Viewlets & Web Console, HTML, Customizing Viewlets                               • Use EMC Smarts sample templates to position Viewlets in the EMC Smarts
                                                                                                Business Dashboard
                                                                                              • Add live web feeds to your Dashboard
             EMC Smarts MPLS Manager (Instructor-Led)                                         • Explain how EMC Smarts MPLS Manager fits within the EMC Smarts suite of
(2 Days)     Introduction to EMC Smarts Technology, MPLS/VPN Fundamentals, Introduc-            products
 (6 TU)      tion to EMC Smarts MPLS Manager, Object Model, Discovery and Monitoring          • Analyze the impact of physical connectivity failure on logical connectivity
             with EMC Smarts MPLS Manager, Overlapping IP Networks, EMC Smarts                • Explain how EMC Smarts MPLS Manager can leverage the analysis performed
             Cisco ISC Adapter                                                                  by other EMC Smarts applications
                                                                                              • Configure and manage remote ICMP pings
             EMC Smarts NPM Manager (Instructor-Led)                                  • Understand how EMC Smarts Protocol Services Manager diagnoses connectivity
(1 Day)      OSPF Fundamentals, Smarts Protocol Services Manager, BGP Fundamentals,     failures at the protocol layer
 (3 TU)      EMC Smarts Protocol Services Manager, Diagnostic Analysis, Impact Analy- • Explore how EMC Smarts Protocol Services Manager cross-correlates physical
             sis, Smarts Protocol Services Manager Administration                       connectivity failures with protocol layer failures
                                                                                      • Navigate through the comprehensive view of the network domain maintained
                                                                                        by EMC Smarts Service Assurance Manager
             EMC Smarts Storage Insight for Availability (Instructor-Led)                     • Explain SIA architecture, theory of operation, performance and scalability requirements
(2 Days)     Overview of Storage Insight for Availability, SIA Architecture and Theory        • Perform an SIA Installation and Configure an SIA environment
 (6 TU)      of Operation, SIA Performance and Scalability, EMC ControlCenter require-        • Perform an SIA Discovery and Explain Console Views, Topology, and Maps
             ments for SIA, SIA Installation, Configuration and Startup, Discovery, Console   • Monitor a datacenter environment using SIA and identify and understand SIA Log Files
             Views, Topology, and Maps, Monitoring, Troubleshooting and Log Files
             EMC Smarts Report Manager (Instructor-Led)                                       • Identify the Report Manager Architecture
(1 Day)      Report Manager Configuration, Crystal Enterprise and Crystal Reports             • Install Crystal Enterprise and Crystal Reports
 (3 TU)      Configuration, Report Manager Interfaces, Report Manager Usage                   • Configure Service Assurance Manager to use the SQL Data and Summary Data Interfaces
                                                                                              • Set-up ODBC Drivers
                                                                                              • Configure Crystal Reports
             EMC Smarts VoIP Performance Manager and Performance Reporter                     • Install the product
(3 Days)     (Instructor-Led)                                                                 • Administer user groups
 (9 TU)      Architecture, node topology, planning an installation, Displays, Databases,      • Configure the product
             Setting and using Thresholds, Understanding Configurations, Web publish-         • Navigate the interface
             ing, Managing Security, Understanding Analysts, Managing Cisco Unity and         • Set and use thresholds
             Microsoft Exchange, Managing Cisco Unified CallManager version 4,                • Manage security settings
             Maintenance and Troubleshooting

             EMC Smarts Application Connectivity Monitor (Instructor-Led)                     • Use EMC Smarts Application Connectivity Monitor to monitor TCP-based hosted
(2 Days)     Overview of EMC Smarts, the Application Domain, Fundamentals of                    applications for availability and analyze the impact of physical connectivity failure
 (6 TU)      Application Connectivity Monitor, ACM Installation, the Discovery Process,         on TCP connectivity
             Management Policies, the Topology Builder, Integrating 3rd-Party Events          • Use EMC Smarts Application Connectivity Monitor to perform automatic discovery
                                                                                                of TCP-based software services and to leverage the analysis performed by other
                                                                                                EMC Smarts applications

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