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flora by xiaopangnv


									     You have more
bacterial cells in or on your
body than you have human

     These microorganisms
are the “normal humans
flora” and are important to
the health of humans.
Millions of bacteria inhabit your mouth.

   Cocci means sphere-shaped bacteria.
Streptococci produce lactic acid which
attacks tooth enamel, eventually forming a

Streptococcus mutans
   One of the most common bacterial
species in your mouth, S. mutans is
probably the leading cause of infection.
                                  The stomach is very acidic
                            and thus, has very few microbes.

                                    However, one area of the
                            stomach called the "antrum"
Helicobacter pylori         produces no acids. H. pylori, the
                            pathogen that causes ulcers, lives
       This bacterium       in this part of the stomach.
lives in a portion of the
stomach called the                 Because we now know that
"antrum."                   ulcers are a bacterial infection, they
                            can often be treated and cured by
     Large Intestine

       You depend on the bacteria
in your intestines to perform
many essential tasks. For
example, the bacteria in your gut
make vitamin K and biotin. Both
are vitamins that are otherwise
lacking in human diets.
Some of the different microbes in the
intestine are:

       E. coli
Even though some strains of E. coli produce
harmful toxins, this bacterium is a normal and
necessary resident of the human intestine. E.
coli provides vitamin K and some of the B

   It is speculated that these bacteria can fix
nitrogen into protein in the intestines of
people who have too little protein in their diet.
   The intestines of newborn, milk-fed infants
contain almost a pure culture of this bacterium.

      Methanobacterium smithii
  This bacterium produces methane in human
One of the most abundant microorganisms in the
intestine, this species is found in higher numbers
in people who eat meat than in vegetarians.

     Lactobacillus acidophillus
Lactobacilli help protect your intestines by
preventing the growth of other harmful

Propionibacterium acne
   This bacterium is a normal inhabitant
of skin. It produces propionic acid which
prevents the growth of other, unwanted

 Staphylococcus epidermidis
   This sphere-shaped bacterium is
resistant to the dry conditions often
found on skin.

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