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Is it Possible to obtain a YouTube Backlink


									Is it Possible to obtain a YouTube Backlink?

                      Video marketing has become extremely common but is it feasible to get
a YouTube backlink? Over 2 billion videos are viewed by 80% of US internet users every

But surprisingly most people who post marketing-related videos on YouTube believe that the
only way they can get a link back to their web site is by posting their site's domain name on the
video itself.

But a YouTube Backlink is Usually NoFollow!

The majority of outgoing backlinks from YouTube are indeed NoFollow, and therefore have
absolutely no worth in terms of SEO. Do these NoFollow back links truly count for anything?
That debate has been going on for some time nevertheless it appears that if Google (who owns
YouTube) took the trouble to put all those NoFollow links in place, why would they one start to
give them some value?

The excellent news is the fact that not all YouTube backlinks have the NoFollow attribute. Visit
YouTube and it is possible to find exactly where one of the DoFollow links can be placed.

It's in Profile Setup, underneath Describe Yourself. It has its limitations but it is a real
functioning PR8 backlink and its link juice directly to your domain.

This is not the only backlink with the DoFollow attribute either. It is possible to find another
place to leave a basic backlink in the About Me box and yet another in the Profile section under
Jobs and Career.

So that's three very helpful PR8 backlinks from YouTube. If you have a number of various
channels, check to determine which you have used all these opportunities to leave backlinks.

Backlinks & Social Media

Are backlinks becoming increasingly less important? There are two schools of thought about this
and right now it's difficult to say. Matt Cutts has already announced that Google is using social
media signals in its ranking algorithms. Many are saying Google is also placing less value on
backlinks. It is hard to fathom how it will deal with YouTube.

Nevertheless I'd cover all bases and make sure that any opportunity to pick up a good PR8 is
jumped on.

If Google goes ahead and does start to use social media interaction as an indicator, then back
hyperlinks will decrease in importance and the quality and share-ability of the videos themselves
will become far more important.
Google has already wielded its ax on YouTube. Many people who had home associated or
internet marketing related videos posted - all of them legitimate by the way - woke up to
discover every last one had been taken down about a year ago.

It's very important in any online marketing effort to be aware of search engine rules and
regulations, especially Google's. Try to always keep apprised of the latest news in this area.
Don't be the next one to wake up and discover their business has literally disappeared overnight!

Until it's absolutely obvious what direction Google is taking in the backlink versus social media
signal arena go grab your YouTube backlink - it certainly can't do any harm.

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