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List of Tennis
       Key Words
The Four Grand Slam
ITF :International Tennis Federation
ATP :Association of Tennis Professionals
WTA :Women‘s Tennis Association tour
                     The Main Organizations
★ ITF (International Tennis Federation 国际网球联合会,网联)
HQ:      London
Duties: 1.It‘s responsible for all matters relating to tennis tournament;
        2.Develop and modify rules of tennis;
        3.Open training courses for tennis coaches of developing countries;
        4.Coordinate matches of Juniors , Adult and Seniors.

★ ATP (Association of Tennis Professionals 职业男子网球联合会)
HQ:      America
Duties: 1. Coordinate the partnership between professional players and events;
        2.Organizing and managing professional players’ score, ranking, bonus
        3.Set out rules and the granting or cancel qualification

★ WTA (Women‘s Tennis Association tour 女子职业网球协会)
HQ: Florida
Duties:it’s responsible for all matters about the players
ⅠTournaments 锦标赛
☆ The Four Grand Slam
  四大满贯                       组
ⅡTeams 团体赛                   的
☆ Davis Cup (men’s)
 戴维斯杯即世界男子网球团体赛              赛
☆ Fed Cup (women’s)

☆ Hopman Cup (mixed teams)
                      What is Grand Slam ?
The four Grand Slam tournaments, also called the Majors, are the most
important tennis events of the year in terms of world ranking points,
tradition, prize-money awarded, and public attention. They are:Australian
Open 、French Open 、Wimbledon 、US Open.

A singles player or doubles team that wins all four Slam tournaments in the
same year is said to have achieved the Grand Slam. If the player or team
wins all four consecutively, but not in the same calendar year, it is called a
Non-Calendar Year Grand Slam. Winning all four at some point in a career,
even if not consecutively, is referred to as a Career Grand Slam, while
winning the four majors and a gold medal in tennis at the Summer Olympics
has been called a Golden Slam since 1988, when Steffi Graf accomplished
that feat in a single calendar year.
              Grand Slam
 Period     Tournaments        Location           Surface
  时间            赛事               地点                场地

            Australian Open    Melbourne      Hard (Plexicushion)
                 澳网             墨尔本             硬地(较硬)

May-June     French Open          Paris              Clay
 3~5月            法网               巴黎                 红土

June-July     Wimbledon          London             Grass
  6~7月          温网                伦敦                草地

               US Open        New York City    Hard (DecoTurf)
                美网                纽约            硬地(较软)
■Australian Open .Sunshine

Australian Open is the youngest one of
the Four Grand Slam. It began in 1905.
The competition is held annually from
January to February in Melbourne,
Australia National Tennis Center. In
1968l, it was listed as one of the four
Opens. It is the same as the U.S. Open
with a hard tennis court, which is helping
for the base line driving、top spin or
back spin.

Australian position itself as the Grand
Slam in Asia Pacific region and encourage
more Asian players to participate. The
central court --- Laver Stadium has a
retractable roof and seating to
accommodate 10000 people. The
Australian Open during a time when the
local summer, the players must have the
stamina to cope with.
■French Open. Fairy Tales

French Open began in 1891. It usually
starts from late May turn to early June
each year. Competition will take place in
a Large stadium which is named Roland
Garros in the west of Paris. Since it
became the court of the French Open in
1927, it has been the Holy Land for the
Word-famous tennis players.

French Open's clay is the red paradise
that many players dream of. The red
clay is suitable for bottom-line-type
players. So, a match often can play for
four to five hours. In this kind of
site ,players are quite difficult to win,
they need to have superior skills and
lasting endurance.
■Wimbledon Open. Epic

Wimbledon Open is the oldest and most
prestigious one of the four Opens. It
was founded in 1877. The grass pitches
are Wimbledon’s features. Play the ball
on the grass, the ball goes faster. There
is almost no arc and very low-lying when
the ball falls to the grass.

To play in the Wimbledon grass, players
must have a kind of strong offensive-mind.
The winners are almost the players who
are tactical flexible. Audience are quite
enjoyable here.
■ U.S. Open. Blues

 U.S. Open began in 1881, Newport,
Rhode Island in the United States .It
is usually held between August to
September. The site is hard-surfaced
pitches. Such kind of pitches reflect
speed and power. To win the race, the
athletes must have a good physical

The U.S. Open attracts many players
to participate. Although its influence
is not as wide as Wimbledon Open,
but its higher than the Australian
Open or French Open.
The Tournaments Arranged by ATP

          ★The Masters

     ★International Series Gold

     ★international tournament

           The Tournaments Arranged by ATP
      The Women's Tennis Association (WTA) divides the
      main women's tournaments into several categories.
      Premier Tournaments is a new category for tennis
      tournaments on the 2009 WTA Tour.
      The Premier Tournaments are replacing Tier I and
      Tier II events except that the number of those
      tournaments is being reduced to 20 (from 26 Tier
      I/II events). Tier III and IV are replaced with the
      International Tournaments category.

    网球拍 : racket                握拍法 : grip
   拍柄粗细 : grip size          正手击球 : fore hand
 拍框厚度 : construction         反手击球 : back hand
  材料构成 : composition       正手挥拍 : forehand swings
 开放式站位 : open stance       反手挥拍 : backhand swings
关闭式站位 : closed stance      环状引拍 : circular backswing
 上网型球员 : net player         直线引拍 : flat backswing
     拍颈 : throat             发球 : service or serve
     拍柄 : handle               抛球 : ball toss
      缠把 : grip                  抽球: drive
   拍面 : racket face              截击 : volley
直线球 : down the line shot        平击球 : flat
 斜线球 : crosscourt shot        上旋球 : top spin
     进攻 : attack              下旋球 : back spin
    落点 : placement              随挥 : finish
    钛金属 : titanium            步法 : foot work
    碳纤维 : graphite            转体 : nip rotation
  玻璃纤维 : fiberglass         拍面角度 : vertical face
分 : point
                 Terms            两跳 : not up
局 : game                     交换发球 : change service
盘 : set                       交换场地: change sides
局点 : game point             三盘两胜 : the best of three
盘点 : set point              五盘三胜 : the best of five
赛点 : match point             第一轮 : the first round
破发点 : break point           四分之一决赛 : quarterfinals
0分 : love                      半决赛 : semifinals
15分 : fifteen                预赛 : qualifying matches
30分 : thirty                      决赛 : final
40分 : forty                      单打 : singles
15平 : fifteen all                双打 : doubles
平分 : deuce                     混双 : mixed doubles
占先 : advantage                  抢7局 : tie-break
发球占先 : advantage server       外卡 : wild card ( WC )
接发球占先 :advantage             种子选手 : seeded players
receiver                    正选选手 : main draw players
名次 : ranking                    球穿网 through
球童 : ball boy (ball kids)     平局决胜制 tie-break
主裁判 : chair umpaire               时间到 time
司线员 : linesmen                  抛球、挑边 toss
司网裁判 : net ,cord judge          强烈旋转球 twist
脚误裁判 : foot fault judge         截击、拦网 volley
比赛开始 : play ball                  收拍 wind up

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