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									Silver Blade Tours, Inc. Presents
2009 Smart Ones Skate America International Lake Placid, NY Nov. 12-15, 2009 Three nights /Four days package Nov. 12-15, 2009 $899.00 (Double) $1199.00 (Single)

Silver Blade Tours, Inc Presents
2009 HomeSense Skate Canada International Kitchener, Canada Nov. 19-22, 2009 Three nights /Four days package Nov. 19-22, 2009 $899.00 (Double) $1199.00 (Single)

Four nights /Five days package Nov. 12-16, 2009 $999.00 (Double) $1399.00 (Single)

Four nights /Five days package Nov. 19-23, 2009 $999.00 (Double) $1399.00 (Single)

Gold All Event/Exhibition Tickets Section 9 Rows B-D Three or Four nights Golden Arrow Hotel Lake Placid Conveniently located across from the Olympic Arena Hotel taxes and service charges Breakfast Daily Official Program Book & Pin Lunch at local restaurant Tour fully escorted by on-site representatives of Silver Blade Tours, Inc.
Tour price based on 10 tour participants

VIP All Event/Exhibition Tickets Lower Level Seats Three or Four Nights Radisson Hotel Kitchener Hotel taxes and service charges Buffet Breakfast Daily Official Program Book & Pin Tour of Kitchener Lunch at a local restaurant One daily round-trip arena transfers Tour fully escorted by on-site representatives of Silver Blade Tours, Inc.
Tour price based on 10 tour participants

Tour Conditions: Skate America and Skate Canada
DEPOSIT AND PAYMENT SCHEDULE: Deposit payment of $200.00 per person for Skate America, Skate Canada, is required with completed application form. SECOND PAYMENT of $200.00 is due on JUNE 1, 2009. FINAL PAYMENT IS DUE ON SEP. 1, 2009. PAYMENTS: We accept personal checks and credit cards towards our payment schedule. MASTER CARD and VISA payments are only accepted for FULL payment of the tour. ALL PAYMENTS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE ADDITIONAL NIGHTS: Additional nights must be requested in writing by email or letter by August 1, 2009 to be included in our tour room block. No verbal requests will be considered for additional nights. Double and single rates are available upon request. TRIP CANCELLATION INSURANCE: Trip cancellation and baggage insurance is offered through TRAVEL EX. A trip insurance brochure will be mailed upon your request. We strongly recommended trip insurance for protection against unforeseen circumstances, acts of war, medical and family emergencies that are NOT COVERED under this tour. Please read the TRIP CANCELLATION WAIVER on your tour application form, sign and check off Yes or No to purchase the trip insurance. Return the application form with your payment. Silver Blade Tours, Inc. will not be held responsible if you have not checked this portion of the application form. TOUR CHANGES: A written notice to Silver Blade Tours, Inc. is REQUIRED for any tour changes and will incur a $50.00 per tour change, (STRICTLY ENFORCED). Tour packages (deposits and payments) are NONTRANSFERRABLE from person to person or from tour package to tour package. AIR TRAVEL AND AIRPORT TRANSFERS: Tour participants are responsible for their own air travel and transfers from the airport to the hotel. Airport transfers information will be provided in tour itinerary. TOUR PACKAGE EXCLUSIONS: Tour packages do not include trip cancellation insurance, excess baggage fees, and expenses due to flight delays caused by strikes, bad weather, war, or other acts of God. Also not included are transfers from passenger’s home, airport, and international departure taxes (where applicable), incidentals such as personal items,

beverages, food, liquor, laundry, and telephone, etc.) ALL EVENT/EXHIBITION TICKETS: Silver Blade Tours Inc. purchases All Event/Exhibition Tickets (VIP, PREMIER, GOLD, or PLATINUM) in the LOWER LEVEL up to two or more years in advance. We CANNOT give a guarantee on where our seat block (SECTION, ROW, AND SEAT ASSIGNMENTS) is. It is the Local Organizing Committee’s responsibility to dictate or select our Section, row, and seat assignments. EVENT SCHEDULES: Event schedules are dictated by the Local Organizing Committee and are subject to change. Silver Blade Tours Inc. will not be held responsible for any event schedule changes.

Silver Blade Tours Inc. and/or its consultant’s act only as agents for tour participants in all matters regarding the selling of hotel accommodations, sightseeing tours, and transportation by way of bus, train, and airplane. It is not the airline’s responsibility for any omission of events or schedules during the time passengers are in transit. Silver Blade Tours Inc. reserves the right to cancel any tours at their discretion. In such instance, full refund of all payments minus an administrative fee will constitute full settlement to the passenger. The tour operator, Silver Blade Tours Inc. will NOT BE RESPONSIBLE for any loss, injury, or damage to person/persons or property as a result of unforeseen circumstances, date or schedule changes, while you are on tour. Silver Blade Tours Inc. will NOT BE RESPONSIBLE for any expenses incurred by such circumstances. The price of the tour is SUBJECT to change and is based on tariffs, schedule changes, number of tour participants, and rate changes in effect at the time of the printing. Silver Blade Tours Inc. will not be held responsible for section, row, or seat selection for upcoming tour events or event schedule changes from the Local Organizing Committee. Please mail completed and signed tour application form with payment to Silver Blade Tours, Inc. Your application form is not valid without signature. Silver Blade Tours, Inc. 2672 Flowing Well Rd. DeLand FL 32720-8903 Tel: 386-943-4071 Fax: 386-738-2512 E-mail:

SILVER BLADE TOURS INC. RESERVATION FORM NAME________________________________________________________________________ FIRST LAST (MR. MRS. MS.) ADDRESS____________________________________________________________________ CITY__________________________STATE_________ZIP CODE & 4_____________________ TEL HOME ( )________-___________WORK ( )___________-_______________

EMAIL ADDRESS______________________________________________________________ SENIOR CITIZEN YES____NO___ PASSPORT# _____________________________________ CREDIT CARD: MASTER CARD___VISA__CARD NUMBER____________________________ *Payments by credit card are valid for full tour price purchase. EXP. DATE____/____/____ROOMMATE YES___NO___NON-SMOKING___SMOKING_______ *If a roommate is not available then the single supplement rate will be charged. EMERGENCY CONTACT NAME__________________________RELATIONSHIP___________ ADDRESS_____________________________________CITY___________________________ STATE______ZIP CODE & 4_____________TEL ( )__________-__________________ PLEASE CHECK: INTERNATIONAL FIGURE SKATING___SILVER BLADE TOUR WEB SITE__ SKATERS EDGE______BLADES ON ICE_______ISU_____USFS______ INTERNET________ PSA_____SKATE CANADA_____ CUSTOMER REFERRAL_____________________________ # OF PERSONS # OF NIGHTS ARRIVAL DATE DEPARTURE DATE

09 SKATE AMERICA 09 SKATE CANADA 10 NATIONALS 10 WORLDS 10 POST WORLDS TRIP CANCELLATION WAIVER *I/we will purchase OPTIONAL TRIP CANCELLATION INSURANCE: YES_____NO_____ I/we have understood Silver Blade Tours, Inc. terms, conditions, cancellation, and no refund policy set forth in their tour packages. Silver Blade Tours, Inc. has advised me of all necessary documentation, (i.e. passport, trip insurance, and currency rates). Silver Blade Tours, Inc. offers NO REFUNDS on any tour package. By checking YES, refunds may be payable through trip cancellation insurance only. *APPLICATION IS NOT VALID WITHOUT COMPELETION OF THIS SECTION. SIGNATURE ON FILE______________________________________________DATE________ Please mail payments to: Silver Blade Tours, Inc. 2672 Flowing Well Rd. DeLand FL 32720-8903 FOR OFFICE USE: DATE RECEIVED____________CHECK NUMBER_____ VISA____MC___ TRIP INSURANCE: YES____NO____DATE INS FORM MAILED_________________________

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