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									WONDERNEWSLETTER °7                                                   01.07.2005
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[time schedule so far]

[status quo after the meeting with all Italian teams in Venice]

[hotel suggestions from Silvia Forlati / SHARE]

meter film
premiere at de France / Vienna of “Frquently Asked Questions”
by Alexander Binder and Stefan Hafner

[25.06. / 26.06.2005] were presented at the day of archiecture / Leipzig

[26.06. / 27.06.2005]
meeting with Croatian teams in Zagreb

[ 28.06.2005]
meeting with Slovenian teams in Ljubljana

>> If your team has news to tell Wonderland (winner of a competition, another exhibition,...),
send them to, they will be in the next wondernewsletter and as well on our
>> Wonderland VENICE

[time schedule so far]
[status quo after the meeting with all Italian teams in Venice]

Location                     Magazzini del Sale, Dorsoduro 263, 30123 Venice
Exhibition opening           Friday, Sept 16th 2005, 19:00
Period:                      Saturday , Sept 17th- Sunday Oct 02nd

                                                   The event has received the patronage of the
                                                   municipality of Venice, which has given us a
                                                   space along the zattere, just next to one used by
                                                   the biennale.
                                                   The municipality is also supporting Wonderland
                                                   (by making advertisement,…)

                                                   The space is a very good location, with a lot of
                                                   people passing by, and is quite beautiful. it is,
                                                   however, quite small, and there is a maximum of
                                                   90 people allowed inside. Therefor the opening
                                                   will need to play with the public space in front of
Open dialogues               planned for Friday, Sept 16th 2005, 17:00
                             The open dialogue will include a short presentation of the Italian teams
                             and a contribution of Marco Biraghi-Gizmo.
                             further details about the content in the next newsletter

Workshops                    (Thursday, Sept 15th) Saturday Sept 17th 2005
                             detailed schedule and content will follow soon!

                             Content – sneak preview:
                             the workshop will be about urban regeneration, and it is being organized in
                             collaboration with the municipality of venice and the office of the EU funded project
                             URBAN apriamo i muri.
                             they are interested in confronting experiences of urban regeneration across europe,
                             and at the same the idea is to approach the role of architects and architecture in the eu
                             the workshop are still being defined, and more precise information will be available by
                             the end of july, mid of august.
                             Main day is Saturday, possibly the workshops could involve some work groups meeting
                             already on thursday.

[hotel suggestions from Silvia Forlati / SHARE]

- there is a vast offer of hotels in Venice, but it is good to reserve in advance
- if you want to stay on the cheap side, but still have quite a good room, it is not
bad to take a look at religious institutes that are offering hotel services.
you should, however, check until what time they stay open in the night, and if it is possible to come
back later than the usual times they have (usually it is)
- to see this places you can check the following webpages
(only the ones in venice, of course, a bit further down the page!).
( for a more general listing of the hotels in venice. here you need to click holiday houses and guest
rooms, religious institutes, schools with rooms)

among them i have used ISTITUTO CANOSSIANO SAN TROVASO, that has very good recently
renovated rooms. and as well the CASA UGO e OLGA LEVI

- another interesting place ( the rooms are a bit ...not perfect, but it is very central and incredible
surrounding) is the armenian palace palazzo zenobio ( they have two rooms types, one cheap and
one more expensive. i have only seen the cheaper ones).

>> meter film :
Frequently Asked Questions

                           What does a Slovenian Carinthian do when he realizes he has
                           mistakenly opened up and gone through a package meant for Jörg
                           Haider‘s daughter? In addition to this situation, which actually occurred
                           to Stefan Hafner, this “documentary about Carinthia“ investigates the
                           maze of confusion regarding identity, affiliation and demarcation
                           between Carinthians, Slovenians and Carinthian-Slovenians, and
                           researches various possible meanings of the concept “homeland“.


>> were at the „day of architecture in Leipzig“
Für den 25. und 26. Juni 2005 organisiert die sächsische Architektenschaft nunmehr zum zehnten
Mal den "Tag der Architektur". Die landesweiten Besichtigungen, Gespräche, Führungen und viele
weitere Veranstaltungen bieten Gelegenheit, eine breite und interessierte Öffentlichkeit
Auch wenn wir uns nicht offiziell Architekten nennen dürfen, sind wir dennoch mit unserem mobilen
Büro, dem l'Office ( am Tag der Architektur jeweils Samstag und
Sonntag, den 25.06 und 26.06.2005 vertreten. In einem gemeinsamen öffentlichen Ereignis stellen wir
mit der Archleague Leipzig (, Station C23
( und der Gruppe denkenbauenwohnen
( "junge Architekturen" vor.
Als Präsentationsort wurde die Raumerweiterungshalle der ALL ausgesucht, die in der
Aurelienstraße 72 in Leipzig Plagwitz (gleich neben dem Jahrtausendfeld und dem Moulin Rouge)
einen neuen Standort gefunden hat.
 Beste Grüße Kai
Special: Samstag ab 17:00 Uhr Halbfinale Deutschland-Brasilien, am l’Office vor Ort.
meeting with Slovenian teams in Ljubljana

meeting with Slovenian Contact teams:
deklava gregoric arhitekti              Ofis arhitekti

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