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									                                        Golden Key International
                                            Honour Society
                                                                (Agenda for Oct 25/26)

-Rowana Fisher
-Michelle Post
                               Welcome Golden Key members! If you have any questions, please contact Rowana
                               at brown.627@wright.edu or Michelle at post.47@wright.edu.
Co-Advisors:                   Meeting Times: Tuesday 5:30 p.m. and Wednesday 11:00 a.m.
-Pam Davis
-Open                             o   E-mail and tell us what theme you would like to see at our next meetings!

Treasurer:                     Introductions and Officer Updates
-Kelly Hoehne                  Join our group on Facebook: Golden Key International Honor Society WSU Chapter
Co-VPs of Fundraising:         INDUCTION: October 24th Apollo Room 7p.m.
-Amber Crowley-Gall
-Lauren Orians                 Incentive Points for Fall Quarter 2010:
                                  o   15 points- free Golden Key t-shirt, sweatshirt or shorts
Co-VPs of Community Service:
                                  o   20 points- free $10 added to your Wright1 card
-Arion Lillard
                                  o   25 points- $25 Speedway Gas Card
-Dominique Starr
                                  o   50 points- (combined from all three quarters) $50 scholarship
Recording Secretary:
-Ashley Koverman                              Take a look at the list to the left and let Rowana and Michelle know if
                                               you’re interested in one of our open positions. They would be happy to
VP of Public Relations:                        send you details about the positions or answer any questions.
-Rachel Rettich
                               Fundraising—Lauren Orians (orians.3) and Amber Crowley-Gall (crowley-gall.2)
VP of Campus Awareness:
-Corrine Babika                   o   Tropical Smoothie TBD
                                  o   Night of Giving—November 21 (Tickets are $5)
Newsletter Editor:
-Holly Jackson                                Available from Lauren Orians (VP of Fundraising)----
                                               orians.3@wright.edu and also available from the Student Union
Photographer:                                  Box Office located next to the Bookstore.
-Lori Kauflin
                                              Great night of sales, specials, raffles, freebies, etc at Fairfield
Social Coordinator:                            Commons in time for Christmas Shopping
-Angela Krupka
                                              Sell to family, friends, coworkers, etc.
Keynote Speaker & Honorary
                                              To Learn More:
Member Coordinator:
Workshop Coordinator:                          PURLID=2129972182
-open                             o   BRAND NEW GK T-SHIRT SALE (TBA-Coming Soon!)
Conference Coordinator:           o   Commencement Flower Sale (November 20 )
-Holly Jackson
                                              Email Lauren if you would like to participate
Web Page Coordinator:
                                  o   Other exciting fundraisers---COMING SOON!
-Cathy Kesler
                               Community Service Dominique Starr (starr.12)
Penny Drive Co-Coordinators:
-Michael Robertson                o   SvDP Tutoring
-Kathleen Childers
                                              Monday through Thursday 4:15 to 5:30 pm while Dayton Public
Educational Outreach
                                               Schools is in session. Anyone interested in tutoring can
Coordinator:                                   email svdpwsu@gmail.com with questions/concerns.
-open                             o   Howloween Hoops
New Member Recognition                        Thursday October 28 Set up between 5 and 5:15 Starts at 6
Tiffany Fridlay                               Our tables theme is sports (so dress up )
                                              We will be passing out candy at this fantastic community event!
Book Drive Co-Coordinators:
-Tinuke Atinube                               Please also bring a bag of candy 
-Matt Harmon
   o   Make A Difference Day- Westwood Pride Day
              Saturday October 30 8 am
              Carpool at 8 from S.U.
              Lunch will be provided
              Raking up leaves, edging flowerbeds, etc.
   o   Nursing Home Event
              Saturday November 6 1:00-4:00PM
              Carpool at 1:00 pm from S.U.
              Bring Board Games to play with the Residents
              Located at Mary Scott Nursing Home
                       3109 Campus Dr
                       Dayton, OH 45406
Social Angela Krupka (krupka.2)
   o   Members Social
              Possible ideas for winter social?
                       Bowling, laser tag?
   o   http://www.goldenkey.org/GKIHS/MemberBenefits/ScholarshipsandAwards/Scholar
Other Items
   o   Golden Key Graduation Cords sold in Student Union Box Office next to the


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