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Robert J. More
P.O. Box 6926
Chicago, IL 60680


President and Commissioners of the Cook County Board of Commissioners
Suite 500
Cook County Bldg
120 N. Clark Street
Chicago, IL, 60601

Office of the Sheriff of Cook County, IL,

Office of the Cook County State’s Attorney

Office of the IL Attorney General

First Superceding Notice of Pending Lawsuit and Settlement Proposal of 4/1/11


To Whom it May Concern,

Robert J. More (“RJM”) herein incorporates by reference the entirety of the “Letter of 12/17/10” (seewww.thirstforjustice.net
(Grifletccbd12-17-10)) which this document supercedes into this document as if fully set forth herein.

A copy of the presently pending complaint can be found here: www.thirstforjustice.net ((GrifCCSDd/l3-11-11)).

In the document delivered to the members of the CCBC and its President on 12/17/10 was included an offer that RJM would
sign a release and satisfaction for the sum of $2 million USD in damages in regard to the counts contained in the complaint and
another half a dozen or more counts which are still be be added and/or explicated more clearly, respectively, and the
enactment of a number of new laws.

 That complaint is a component of a larger campaign to eliminate the comparatively enormous structural problems which
presently afflict the Courts, Prosecutor’s Offices and Policing Entities at all levels in Cook County, IL and correlatively,
unjustifiably injure the interests of all of those who find it necessary to petition courts for relief in order to avoid ending up in
a position in which a given individual would be faced with the prospect of either losing some asset, property and/or their
liberty, life and/or children or having to face the application of the collective force of the body politic against any given
(number) of legitimate claims for the protection of reliance interests which have been considered legitimate over the past
several centuries in England and the u. S. of A.

RJM is in the process of compiling evidence regarding the conditions in Cook County, IL and the State of IL government to be
presented to the Judiciary Committee of the 112th Congress of the u.s. of A. (a separate compilation is also being compiled
regarding Federal Government activity in Cook County, IL) so that a record can be created regarding whatever activity, if any,
would be conducted, in regard whereto relative to the provisions of 28 USC 592(g). Congress possesses the authority to
subpoena evidence in such statute. The recipients of this email are invited to submit evidence in regard to the matters this
document concerns along with whatever RJM will end up having submitted. Depending upon what might transpire in any
investigation which might ever be conducted, it might be at least possible to get a bill passed discontinuing the disbursement of
federal funds to Cook County, IL and the State of IL, or a bill passed pursuant to the commerce and/or general health and
welfare clauses of the Constitution of the u.s. of A. declaring that the maintenance of the governments of Cook County, IL
and the State of IL, in the deteriorated and decayed conditions in which they are presently found to be mired, are so
incompatible with the purposes of those two clauses, that such governments would be declared to be “national disaster areas”
and would be abolished, according to a formula which would leave no legitimate reliance interest not adequately

RJM is also still in the process of endeavoring to ensure that a number of criminal predations perpetrated in regard to the
matters referenced in (GrifCCSDd/l3-11-11)do not end up remaining in any condition in which the just punishment wherefore
would not have been adequately administered and invites recipients of this document to join RJM in the accomplishment of
such important an objective.

The monetary damages which will be recovered in this case have been designated for the Institute of St. Michael the
Archangel, Ransom the Captives, Campaign to Make the World Safe for Innocence Once Again Moral Arrearages Fund and
the funds which will be remitted to such entity can in fact be accessed by Cook County, IL residents ever in need of a
particular type of assistance. Such funds will be disbursed via the remission of vouchers, examples of which are accessible in
the URL address included herein. Rebates will be available from the damages recovered to that component of the residents of
Cook County, IL whose activity it would be determined in a given case would have left him or her undeserving of having to
bear the burdens of the types of atrocious conduct that (GrifCCSDd/l3-11-11) (“this case”) references and that its superseding
components will more fully explicate. There is also a commitment to remit to Mrs. Marcella Richman an apology for the tragic
loss of her son who died making an objection he evidently lacked the authority not to make in a traffic ticket case and a
voucher which she can use to procure some measure of compensation for the loss of her son even if it would not be anywhere
near the cost of the actual loss, so that at least she realizes that it is not the case that there is not still a component of the
population in Cook County, IL who does not share the grief and pain which the death of her son has caused and a commitment
to ensure that those responsible do not escape the legitimate adjudication of the matter still actionable pursuant to the
provisions of 18 USC 242, and the implementation of measures (eg the abolition of the governments responsible for the
malefaction/tragedy)needing implementation to ensure that there would never be any replication of malefaction/tragedy.

At this juncture, RJM finds that he has to demand that no Defendant whose activity this Board can control, be permitted to
perpetrate the types of predatory perpetrations for which Cook County, IL has so ignominiously distinguished itself over the
years via the activity conducted by attorneys who defend lawsuits against it with reckless disregard for any concern other than
the use of a given government office to preserve the status quo of which their employment is a part, howsoever unjustifiably
injurious to the legitimate interests of those not “club members” such approach indisputably is.

RJM is already in the process of endeavoring to procure criminal convictions of a number of Cook County, IL employed
attorneys (both in the Office of the State’s Attorney and in the Office of the Clerk of the Circuit Court of Cook County, IL) in
regard to the malefactions perpetrated by them in regard to the sham adjudication of Case No. 07M1019329 in the CCCC, IL,
as well as continuing to endeavor to eliminate the detriment he has unjustifiably incurred from the predation perpetrations of
Asst. CCSA, Jaime Sheehan, her supervisors and Atty Demos or whomever it is who has been responsible for the causing of
the results caused by activity conducted by him or her or them as a representative of the Clerk’s Office in the attempt to enable
Donald O’brien and possibly, Judge W. Maddux to evade the justly deserved consequences of predatory activity, conducted by
him or them, respectively, via a patently meritless claim that the complaint 07M1019329 was not served soon enough after the
filing of the case to not be subject to dismissal pursuant to the provisions of IL Sup. Ct. R. 103(b), notwithstanding that the
waiver of service option was employed by RJM in re its service in order to conserve public funds , and that the Defendants
had actual notice of the filing of the complaint within at the most, two weeks of its filing . It may be that RJM will have to file
still another case against Obrien, Maddux, Sheehan, Demos, et al to eventually get the account of conscience this matter
concerns adequately settled. Donald Pechous may also have to be sued for any calumnies he may have posited against RJM.

RJM herein proposes that Cook County waive service of process in this case for all of the Defendants it will defend, if the case
is not forthwithly settled. If it would stipulate to so waive such service, RJM would stipulate to permit it 60 days within which
to file an appearance in this case, which period would start to run one week from today to account for paper processing time in
regard to this document. For the State of IL Defendants, named in this case, the same offer is made to the Atty General. RJM
will deliver summones and complaints to the Sheriff on 4/11/11, if he is not notified that doing so would not be necessary.

FTR, RJM will accept any reasonable counteroffer in regard to the proposal contained herein.

Robert J . More, Rom. 12:21


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