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									ASHHRA 48th Annual Conference Call for Presentations
1. Selection Criteria for Learning Sessions

 Thank you for responding to the ASHHRA 2012 Annual Conference Call for Presentations. We are thrilled that you are
 interested in educating our members. In order to ensure a balanced conference program, all submissions are reviewed
 and evaluated by the ASHHRA Annual Conference Committee. Presentations are selected based on the following criteria:

 - The degree to which the presentation supports one or more of the ASHHRA HR Leader competencies, with priority given
 to selecting a comparable number of sessions for each competency

 - Thoroughness of the subject matter and proposal

 - Originality of materials

 - Quality of learning objectives

 - Level of interactivity and method of diverse teaching styles

 - Quality of takeaway tools offered to all conference registrants

 - Appeal to a diverse and broad spectrum of attendees

 Please note that you will NOT receive a copy of your submission, so you may want to create and save your responses in
 another application (e.g. Microsoft Word) before proceeding with the Survey Monkey text template.

 You can download a sample Call for Presentations to prepare your responses at

 You can make multiple submissions should you have more than one presentation. Thank you for your interest in
 advancing the health care human resources profession!

                               Sample Call for Presentation

                                           For Review Only

                          Submit online at

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ASHHRA 48th Annual Conference Call for Presentations
2. Presenter Information

 (*Items with an asterisk must be answered for consideration and will be printed in the conference brochure if selected)

 *1. Please fill out the following information:
 Full Name:






 Zip Code:


 Email Address:

 Web address if applicable:

 Please do not abbreviate your company/organization name

 2. Please answer the following questions regarding you and/or your organization:
                                              Yes                                      No      Not sure/Not applicable

  Current ASHHRA member                       
  Plan to exhibit at the 2012                 

  Previously exhibited at an                  
  ASHHRA Conference

  Currently committed to                      
  sponsoring or plan to
  sponsor ASHHRA in 2012

  Previously sponsored                        

                                   Sample Call for Presentation
 3. Have you presented at an ASHHRA conference in the last three years?

    No                                             For Review Only
  If you answered yes to the question above, on what topic did you present and when?

                                Submit online at

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ASHHRA 48th Annual Conference Call for Presentations
 4. Please provide a brief summary of your presentation experience and/or your co-
 presenters experience. (50 words or less)

 5. Have you presented this topic or a similar topic prior to this venue?


  If yes, where and when:

 6. Please indicate if you and/or your organization has received awards, accreditations,
 and/or accolades (e.g. Baldrige National Quality Award, ANCC Magnet Recognition,
 Healthcare's Most Wired, etc.)

 7. Have you presented on this topic before and been approved for HR Certification
 Institute Recertification Credit?


  If yes, please provide details (where, when, how much credit, general or strategic management, etc.)

                                     Sample Call for Presentation
 Please remember that all information pertaining to this session will be communicated to the email address of the primary presenter only. The
 primary presenter will be responsible for communicating session information to ASHHRA as well as to his or her co-presenter(s). Information in all
 printed conference materials will appear exactly as provided on this application. Please check the spelling of all relevant titles, academic degrees,
 and professional designations. Should your submission be selected, ASHHRA will contact you via email.

                                                     For Review Only

                               Submit online at

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ASHHRA 48th Annual Conference Call for Presentations
3. Type of Submission

 *1. Please choose which level of audience your presentation will be most valuable.
   New-to-the-Profession - sessions designed for those new to the HR field or new to the health care HR industry. These sessions have been
 created to help HR Professionals get started, have the tools and knowledge to know what to do next, and gain a good understanding of the
 ASHHRA HR Leader Model.

   Mid-Level Professional - sessions intended for generalists, specialists and/or mid level managers looking to obtain the HR Leader Model
 competencies necessary to move to the next professional level.

   Leader Track - sessions designated for those with a minimum of five years leadership experience or who hold the title of DIR, VP, SRVP,
 or CHRO, these sessions should provide the tools and knowledge to take organizations in a new direction.

 *2. Please select which HR Leader Model competency your presentation most closely
   HR Delivery - HR Leaders Reach Beyond the Expected - Sessions with this designation are for those seeking information on integrating
 the “people” side of health care with organizational business structures.

   Healthcare Business Knowledge - HR Leaders Embrace New Learning - Sessions with this designation are for those who want to
 demonstrate cross-functional capability, health care knowledge, and strategic vision for their organization.

   People Strategies - HR Leads with the Heart - Sessions with this designation are for those whose goal is to create and implement
 operating models and structures that support a high performance culture of care for employees.

   Community Citizenship - HR Leaders Raise Their Voices - These sessions are to better connect employers with employees and link both to
 customers and communities.

   Personal Leadership - HR Leaders Exemplify Excellence - Sessions with this designation are for those who want to accept the personal
 challenge to hold themselves to a higher standard than expected by others and serve as a model for excellence.

                                    Sample Call for Presentation

                                                     For Review Only

                              Submit online at

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ASHHRA 48th Annual Conference Call for Presentations
4. Learning Session Information

  (*Items with an asterisk will be printed in the conference brochure if selected)

 *1. Session Title (8 words or less)

 2. Session Overview
 (100 words or less - please describe content as well as method of delivery for your
 presentation, e.g., case study review, interactive exercises, etc.):

 *3. Session Summary
 (25 words or less – may be slightly altered to meet style guidelines and space limitations):

 *4. Learning Objectives - please complete this sentence: “Following
 my presentation, participants will be able to…”

 You must submit 3 learning objectives.



 You will NOT receive a copy of this, so we recommend printing this page before proceeding if you'd like to retain a copy of your submission.

                                    Sample Call for Presentation

                                                    For Review Only

                               Submit online at

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ASHHRA 48th Annual Conference Call for Presentations
5. Audiovisual Requirements

 1. Each session room will be set with a podium, laptop, LCD projector, screen, table at the
 back of the room, and one wired lavaliere microphone. A wireless/wired Internet
 connection will NOT be provided.

 Do you require the following:
    Flip charts & markers

    Additional wired lavaliere microphone

  How many wired lavaliere microphones are needed?

 Any additional audiovisual requests may be at a cost to you. If you would like to bring your own wireless mouse or wireless lavaliere microphone,
 please notify ASHHRA should your submission be selected.

                                     Sample Call for Presentation

                                                    For Review Only

                               Submit online at

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ASHHRA 48th Annual Conference Call for Presentations
6. Acknowledgement and Acceptance of Terms and Conditions

 As the primary presenter for this proposed session, I have thoroughly read the submission guidelines, selection criteria,
 and terms for speaker compensation, and I understand and agree that I will be responsible for communicating in a timely
 manner with ASHHRA staff and any co-presenter(s) regarding information about my session. If my submission is
 selected, I understand and give my permission that:

 - The ASHHRA Annual Conference Committee has final determination of learning sessions. Each concurrent learning
 session will last 90 minutes.

 - I am responsible for adhering to the Call for Presentations deadlines and the guidelines for submission outlined in this
 document. If I fail to do so, the ASHHRA Annual Conference Committee reserves the right to remove my session from the
 conference program.

 - I am responsible for submitting presentation materials on ASHHRA Conference PowerPoint template and handouts prior
 to the conference for inclusion on the Annual Conference website. All presentation materials are due by Friday, June 8,

 - ASHHRA will not produce any handouts. I am responsible for preparing handout material for my session attendees.
 Learning session materials will be provided on a protected website for registrants only prior to the Conference for the
 attendees to download.

 - I understand that my learning session is not a showcase for promotion of my business, practice, or product. As
 ASHHRA programs are noncommercial forums, the direct promotion of products and services is prohibited.

 - This session may be video or audio taped for the purpose of selling the recording at a later time and/or to offer on the
 ASHHRA e-learning website.

 - I am responsible for obtaining permission to reproduce my handouts if copyrighted by an organization other than

 - I must refrain from overt statements, harsh language, or pointed humor that disparages the rightful dignity and social
 equity of any individual or group.

 - The primary presenter and co-presenter(s) (if applicable) will NOT recieve an honorarium and will NOT have expenses

                              Sample Call for Presentation
 - Only the primary speaker will receive one complimentary conference registration per presentation. ASHHRA will
 automatically register the primary speaker for the conference.

 - Your learning session co-presenters will need to register themselves for the conference if they plan to attend learning

                                             For Review Only
 sessions/general session and/or visit the exposition hall.

 - I understand that the press may be present during my session.

 - I understand that I will NOT receive a copy of this submission.
                         Submit online at
 *1. I agree with the terms and conditions outlined in this Call for Presentations. In the
 event of a cancellation, I will notify ASHHRA in a timely manner.
                    MM       DD       YYYY

 YES, I AGREE            /        /

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ASHHRA 48th Annual Conference Call for Presentations
 2. Please provide any comments or concerns regarding this agreement.

                     Sample Call for Presentation

                               For Review Only

                  Submit online at

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ASHHRA 48th Annual Conference Call for Presentations
7. Confirmation

 Congratulations! You have completed the Call for Presentations for the ASHHRA 48th Annual Conference and Exposition.

 Please remember:
 - December 9, 2011: Submissions due
 - February 13-24, 2012: Selected presenters notified via email
 - June 8, 2012: PowerPoint Presentation (and any other applicable materials) due via e-mail to

 If you have any questions regarding the submission process, please email

 Thank you!

                            Sample Call for Presentation

                                         For Review Only

                        Submit online at

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