Office Report

					Office Report
September 2012 Board meeting


I attended an internship fair at Willamette U this week and handed out 15 copies each of the fall and
spring internship announcements. I have also posted the fall internship announcement at Willamette,
WOU, Corban Univ, and Chemeketa Comm College. I feel confident we’ll have a fair number of
applicants to choose from. The fall internship will start the week of Oct. 8.

Social Media:

We have completed the Abigail Scott Duniway blog so are no longer blogging. I haven’t done any
analysis yet on whether very many people looked at the blog. I have been posting on Facebook about
once a day, including weekends because Facebook has now created a way to schedule posts in advance.
I have been posting on Twitter about twice a day and sometimes on weekends through HootSuite, a free
service that allows scheduled posts. We have 472 Facebook fans and 195 Twitter followers, continued


With Kathy in Europe this month, my schedule is quite busy in the office. I am working Mon-Fri 9-1 and
trying to be very careful not to work too many hours. If I work extra hours on one day, I have to take
time off during scheduled office hours. With Hayden here (see Mock Election report), I will be able to do
that on occasion.

Main office activities for this period:

Mock Election - Training Hayden, Outreach, Creating voting materials: background info, ballots, and vote
Internships – Recruiting, Interviewing, Training
Keeping up with Kathy’s jobs – action, mail, deposits, database, etc.
Preparing for the fall workshop – online registration, arrangements, materials

Enjoying Europe!

Oregon Student Mock Election
The biggest news is that we have hired a Voter Service Assistant, Hayden Clapper. She is spending about
10 hours a week on the mock election and 10 hours a week on voter service outreach. She is working
out really well so far and you’ll get to meet her at the Board meeting. She is working most of her hours
in the office so far.
The curriculum is finalized and posted with the exception of the information on this year’s ballot
measures and candidates, which will be posted next week. We also hope to have a ballot ready next
week. We are currently collecting orders for voters’ guides from the schools.

We are getting one or two new registrations each day but could use a bigger email list of teachers. They
only way to get that is to comb school web sites, which is extremely time-consuming and it’s almost too
late. We are continuing outreach through our networks. We currently have about 110 registrants
representing about 21,000 students.

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