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									Why Study Abroad?
•Travel AND earn college credit
•Gain cross-cultural skills
•Learn & enhance foreign language skills
•Gain more experience in your field
•Meet new people
•Strengthen your resume
•Broaden your perspective
CUAbroad is the education abroad unit of the Center
 for Global Education at CUA. Provides a wide array
   of education abroad opportunities for the CUA
           community and general public
           Location: 111 McMahon Hall
               620 Michigan Ave, NE
              Washington, DC 20064
        Hours: Monday- Friday; 9am-5pm
Programs on all five continents
Ten new semester abroad destinations
 added in 2009 with more options to come
SUMMER programs in Italy, Mexico
Non-traditional destinations (Argentina,
 Chile, China, India, Japan, Morocco, New
 Zealand, South Africa)
 CUAbroad Spring 2010 numbers through
 the roof! From 40 students to 98
 NEW Autumn Advantage Scholarships
 (Fall only; 3.0 G.P.A.)
Information Sessions (general & program-
 Individual Advising
 Pre-departure Orientations
 Registration and transfer of credits
 International Student Identity Cards
 Travel Resource Library, & More
‫ﻫ‬   Earn 12- 18 credits per semester (9 for grad students)
‫ﻫ‬   45 college credits completed by the time the program begins
‫ﻫ‬   Language requirement for graduation should be also completed for
    juniors to study abroad
‫ﻫ‬   Be a full-time degree-seeking student at the time of application
‫ﻫ‬   Must have a 2.8 G.P.A. or higher
‫ﻫ‬   A 3.5 undergraduate G.P.A. (3.8 for grad students) for the Oxford
    Honors Program
‫ﻫ‬   Classes taught in both English
     and in host country language
‫ﻫ‬   Wide variety of subjects offered
‫ﻫ‬   Open to most majors
                Available on all 5 continents
              Includes non-traditional locations

‫ﻫ‬ Australia, Chile, China,
‫ﻫ‬ England, France,
‫ﻫ‬ Germany, Greece,
‫ﻫ‬ India, Japan,
‫ﻫ‬ Mexico,
‫ﻫ‬ New Zealand,
‫ ﻫ‬Spain, South Africa
‫ ﻫ‬And many more!
 CUA OXFORD HOnors Program
              CUA flagship program
Fall OR Spring semester

• Take 3 tutorials, totaling in 15 credits for Undergraduates and 9
  credits for Graduate students
• Students meet weekly with their tutor
• Significant time will be spent reading, researching and writing
• Live in Oxford student housing (single rooms, shared kitchen,
  lounge & bathrooms)

Attend an Oxford Honors Information
Session, each Monday at 12pm and
each Friday at 2pm
CUA in Rome: CUA
flagship program
Fall OR Spring semesters

15 undergraduate credits (5 courses)
Use of CUA’s own facilities: classroom, library,
lounge, computer lab
Includes excursions, including Tuscany and Bay
of Naples
No prior knowledge of Italian required
Info sessions: alternating Tuesdays and
The Liberal p.m.
Thursdays at 2Arts Track
                                                    The Italian Immersion Track

• Live in University dormitories                    • Live with Italian host families
• Take one Italian language course at               • Take two Italian language courses and
Italiaidea (language school) and                    • 3 additional liberal arts courses
• 4 additional liberal arts courses
Gain professional experience in your field
Earn course credits
Add an international component to your
BELGIUM (Brussels, Leuven)
Fall or Spring
Internship in European Studies + up to 5 additional
    academic courses
Live in Leuven, work in Brussels
ENGLAND (London)
Spring or Summer
Internship in Parliament + 2 additional courses
IRELAND (Dublin)
Fall or Spring
Internship in Parliament + 3 additional courses
    through the Institute of Public Administration
•   Led by CUA Faculty - for CUA credit

•   Locations & courses vary (Mexico, Rome,

•   Study abroad during the summer or
    spring breaks for one to six weeks

•   Stay with host families or in student

•   Open to all undergraduate and graduate

•   Must have at least a 2.5 GPA to obtain
    credit (may be taken for audit)
Any accredited program that is not affiliated with CUAbroad
      Students receive TRANSFER credits (C or better)
  All non-CUA programs must be approved by CUAbroad

                    あ   Research and select programs by
                        accredited institutions
                    あ   Attend Abroad 101 Info Meeting to review
                        application procedures
                    あ   Consult with your Academic Advisor
                        about degree requirements
                    あ   Apply directly to your program of
                    あ   Fill out Financial Aid paperwork
                    あ   Complete CUAbroad online application
                    あ   Submit all supplementary materials,
                        including an administrative fee
$   CUA tuition, plus a $5000 program fee for
    affiliated semester programs
$   $100 application fee, $500-$1,000 deposit
    (No charges for CUA housing & meal plan)
$   Most forms of financial aid (except work-study)
    apply to affiliated programs
$   Non-CUA programs: CUA grants & scholarships
    do not apply, only federal aid
$   Must work with CUA Office of Financial Aid
$   Obtain cost breakdown sheets for affiliated
    programs at CUAbroad
$ NEW!!!
    Autumn Advantage Scholarship!!!!
               HOW TO APPLY
 Check application deadlines & apply early
 Complete an online CUAbroad Application
 Submit all supplementary materials at the same time:
    Application fee, Official transcript
    Letter(s) of recommendation,
    Personal statement, Course approval form
    Copy of your passport, Passport size photos
    Any additional information specific to your program
 Mandatory health insurance coverage while overseas
 There will be a disciplinary check with CUA’s Student Life
 There may be a short interview before acceptance
            WHAT’S NEXT?
 Research programs and countries of interest
 Talk with your academic advisor about possible
  courses to take while abroad
 Talk with former participants and CUAbroad
 Apply for your passport & check visa requirements
 Visit Financial Aid and apply for FAFSA
       111 McMahon Hall
     Phone: 202-319-6010
       Fax: 202-319-6673
 Email: cua-cuabroad@cua.edu
Website: http://cuabroad.cua.edu

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