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									  THE OLIVE BRANCH                                                                                    NOVEMBER 2011

 J                                  OFFICE FOR PEACE AND JUSTICE
                                                                                ARCHDIOCESE OF CHICAGO

                           FROM THE DIRECTOR                                                             IN THIS ISSUE:
One of the most difficult parts of                          Best not let such an opportunity       Traveling the Sand Road on
                                                                                                    the Way to Christine’s
my job is the constant awareness                            pass us by!
of injustice. I look at my daughter                                                                Justice Month
                                                            The CCHD is also a blessing be-
now and ask myself if she is safe
                                                            cause it is Catholic. Though many      Support the Catholic Cam-
in her own neighborhood; if her
                                                            of our grantees are not, we give        paign for Human Development
schools will prepare her for life; if
                                                            because we are Catholic, not be-        (CCHD)
her future employers will steal her
                                                            cause they are. We know that to
wages or pay a living one; if the                                                                  International Religious Free-
                                                            be leaven in the world, we have         dom
social safety net she will pay into
                                           Scott McLarty   to be in the world though not of it.
will be around to support her when
                                                           The CCHD is in the world. Our           CRS in Turkey
she needs it; if her citizenship status is real-
                                                  grantees work on our streets and in our
ly what gives her rights and responsibilities;                                                     Catholics Confront Global Pov-
                                                  neighborhoods, in the city and suburbs, in        erty
the list goes on. These are often systemic
                                                  downtown restaurants and Will County
and institutionalized injustices, but they are
                                                  warehouses, with the young and old, on           USCCB: Protect Conscience
also deeply personal. Real people – moth-
                                                  behalf of the newly immigrated and 3rd, 4th,
ers and fathers, daughters and sons, aunts
                                                  and 5th generations, with workers and the
and uncles, brothers and sisters – are
                                                  unemployed, with individuals and corpora-
caught up in them, so our responses need
                                                  tions. The CCHD is in the world but not of
to be personal. This is why one of the great
                                                  it. We insist that our grantees not only
blessings of my job is the Catholic Cam-
                                                  benefit the poor, but allow the poor them-
paign for Human Development (CCHD).
                                                  selves to set the direction of the programs.
The CCHD does not offer a cookie-cutter, We help without regard to color, creed,
one-size-fits-all approach to poverty and party, or merit, but how we help must cor-                    SAVE THE DATE:
injustice. Rather, according to the logic of respond to strict moral guidelines, the
subsidiarity, we respond on the local and foundation of which is the respect for all                                    10/19-
                                                                                                   CCHD Collection
personal level. The CCHD and our grantees human life and dignity. As the United
help people help themselves. Those we States Conference of Catholic Bishops
fund are on the ground level confronting states, the CCHD works “toward solidarity                   World Day of
injustice on a daily basis in ways most of us between poor and non-poor as impelled by                 Peace
cannot even comprehend. It is messy, the Church's biblical tradition, modern
complex and often dangerous work. But Catholic social teaching, and the pervasive                    Father Valker
people are at stake; real human lives, their presence of poverty in the United States.
                                                                                                      Golden Rice      02/08/12
families and communities, hang in the bal- This ministry for justice is rooted in our                 Bowl Event
ance. The CCHD gives each of us, through baptism and faith commitment.” We hum-
our monetary and verbal support, an op- bly ask for your support as we take up our                        312.534.8390
portunity to help defend those lives, or, annual collection this month on November          
better, to help them defend themselves. 19th and 20th.
 THE OLIVE BRANCH                                                                                                     NEWS AND EVENTS

                          Traveling the Sand Road on the Way to Christine’s
                                         Hope’s on the Way completes service mission to Tuscaloosa

                                                                         tornado had ravaged the family’s home. Then the tornado opened
                                                                         the roof sending water pouring through holes in every direction.
Volunteers                                                               The work of the 12 was simple…remove the families despair and
at the start
                                                                         return hope to Christine and the Johnson family.
of the project
in front of
the Johnson                                                              During the next five days, the two teams worked together in
home.                                                                    unison. Termite damaged timbers were replaced by new beams. A
                                                                         new window, insulated wall, electric outlets, vinyl siding and interi-
                                                                         or drywall replaced the damaged wall and unsafe existing fireplace.
                                                                         More siding around the home was removed and replaced. Besides
                                                                         the 88 degree temperatures and elevated humidity, the men
 “Can you believe they have only been here five days?,” said Chris-      battled wasp nests, spiders as big as your hand, fire ants, scorpions,
 tine to her neighbor as they stood in the front yard and watched        and all sorts of other venomous creatures. But they persevered for
 the house transformation. Those Catholics from Chicago and the          the most important part of the house, the roof had to be complet-
 Christian men from Go-International had completed quite a lot of        ed, if the Johnson home was to be saved. The old shingles were
 work in a short time.                                                   removed, uncovering a deteriorated framing that had to be com-
                                                                         pletely replaced, prior to the installation of a new shingled roof.
 There were 12 altogether. Five from Go-International, a dedicated       While one team completed the wall and vinyl siding the other team
 service group who came from Kentucky and Michigan. Nine others,         prepared the roof completing the removal and new framing. Bundle
 seven men and two women, were from Hope’s on the Way, a vol-            after bundle of shingles were carried up a ladder on the men’s
 unteer service group consisting of deacons from the Archdiocese of      shoulders, while waiting team members nailed them in place. The
 Chicago and volunteers from their parishes. Traveling to other          new shingled roof would give the Johnson family a stable leak-free
 states was not new to this group, who has completed 11 mission          house to call home for years to come.
 trips to Louisiana, after hurricanes Katrina and Rita and the subse-
 quent levee breaks that caused severe flooding damage to New            Friday afternoon, the two teams, Go-International and Hope’s on
 Orleans, and the surrounding parishes. After the past April’s violent   the Way came together and invited Christine to join in an ecumeni-
 tornadoes, the volunteers of Hope’s on the Way responded to a call      cal prayer service. Catholic’s and Methodists;, all dedicated faithful
 for assistance in Tuscaloosa County, Alabama.                           volunteers, praying together in thanksgiving for the opportunity to
                                                                         give it all for Christine and her family.
 On October 15, 2011, with three vans loaded with tools, sleeping
 bags and supplies, the volunteers began their 720 mile trip,            During the drive home little moans and groans could softly be
 stopping about half way in Louisville, Kentucky, at The Church of       heard. They had honored their commitment. Deacons, faithful vol-
 the Holy Spirit, where overnight accommodations where provided.         unteers, Christians, all servants of God’s people. They had given it
 There final destination was Camp Coker, in Coker, Alabama. The          all, laid all they had on the line to help another. They were bruised,
 camp was a former Methodist youth facility turned bunk house,           bitten, and sore, exhausted from the experience. Yet they smiled
 with an attached outside shower facility and equipment                  through it all knowing they had received a priceless gift. It was truly
 warehouse. The camp would be their home for the week. They              a great day!
 shared this space with the members of Go-International. They came
 together, ready and willing to serve a need, to help God’s commu-
 nity.                                                                    A group photo
                                                                         on Saturday,
                                                                         October 15th.
 Bright and early on Monday morning they loaded up the vans and
                                                                         From Left: Dea-
 headed down Sand Road approximately 12 miles to their worksite,         con James De-
 Christine Johnson’s house, in Fosters, Alabama. After the tornadoes     iters, Deacon
 had hit Tuscaloosa, the city was full of assistance, but few traveled   Richard Werner,
 to the outskirts where folks like Christine lived. Her home had         Deacon Chris
   been handed down from generation to generation. With the              Virruso, Deacon
     economy and her husband’s job loss it was difficult to maintain     Sal Lema, Ruth
         the home. Extensive termite and wind damage prior to the        Kroll,. Jenny Jarosz, Bud Wool, Deacon Tony Cocco and
                                                                         Rodger Kellar.

 PAGE 2                                                                                                 NOVEMBER 2011 NEWSLETTER
THE OLIVE BRANCH                                                                              NEWS AND EVENTS

                                              Justice Month
Following the five-year strategic plan of the Archdio-      Ivaska, has identified Care for God’s Creation as their
cese of Chicago, parishes are currently engaged in the      way to engage their teens and young adults. Their
year of teens and young adults. A primary goal this         event will coincide with Earth Day, 2012 on Sunday,
year is to develop innovative ways that will encourage      April 22. Site is TBA.
teens and young adults to grow in their Catholic Iden-
tity.                                                        Vicariate IV, guided by Tony Graefe and coupled with a
                                                             strong partnership between Hispanic and Anglo lead-
Without much effort, many Catholic teens and young ers, are collectively working on efforts to implement
adults today make this bold claim: ‘I am spiritual but the IL Dream Act and pass the Federal Dream Act.
not religious.’ Institutional involvement for many Sunday April 29th is the day for Vicariate IV’s public
young peo-                                                                                              event.
ple is not
understood                                                                                              Vicariate V,
as a priority.                                                                                          led by Rob-
                                                                                                        ert Moran,
Six months                                                                                              is focusing
ago      staff                                                                                          their efforts
members of                                                                                              on       edu-
The Office of                                                                                           cating young
Peace and                                                                                               people on
Justice (OPJ)               Members of the Justice Ed. Committee planning Justice Month 2012            Catholic So-
put      their                                                                                         cial Teaching
heads together and developed a unique strategy and the economy. The present economic struggles
which indirectly responds to the Catholic youth’s lack- have led many young people to lose hope in the fu-
adaisical attitude towards mass attendance—Justice ture. The Church, however, has a message of hope and
Month.                                                       her social teaching speaks of work and wages, of just
                                                             systems and equitable policies. Vicariate V’s event will
OPJ’s vision for Justice Month is not just about hosting be held on April 21 at St. Xavier College in Chicago.
events, but developing creative and particular ways
for parish peace and justice leaders to include and Vicariate VI, led by Deacon LeRoy Gill, will hold its first
draw young people into the riches of Catholic Social meeting on December 14 at Holy Angels Parish at 7
Teaching.                                                    p.m.

Plans to organize Justice Month are already well un-        It is important to note that Justice Month will not dis-
derway in five of our six vicariates. Vicariate I, led by   appear after 2012. The OPJ intends to make this an
Maria Paterakos and Mary Stewart-Wesson, has iden-          annual program that seeks to spread the Gospel, pro-
tified social justice advocacy as its way to draw young     mote justice, and serve the cause of peace.
people into a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ. On
April 28th St. Mary of Vernon in Indian Creek will host       If you are interested in getting involved with
the event.                                                   Justice Month, please contact Tom Howard at:

 Vicariate II, guided by Elizabeth Sobczyk and Peter                        (312) 534-3890 or

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THE OLIVE BRANCH                                                                               NEWS AND EVENTS

                      Support the Catholic Campaign for
                        Human Development (CCHD)

Through the Catholic Campaign for Human Develop-               American’s circumstances and concerns at the center
ment I’ve learned that our communities are in need of          of their analysis and response. It was amazing to see
both charity and justice. Through charity we are able          the crowd growing from a couple hundred seniors,
to help people in need with their basic needs. Through         women and people with disabilities to more than 1500
justice we are addressing the root causes of poverty           people from the community and other organizations.
and are able to build relationships to help people de-         This event brought the community together to form a
velop skills and leadership to                                                            powerful statement of uni-
address problems in their                                                                 ty and necessity for eco-
own communities. Our                                                                      nomic stability for those
office works with organiza-                                                               most vulnerable.
tions across Chicago focus-
ing on issues to break the                                                              When people work to ad-
cycle of poverty. It’s been                                                             dress the root causes of
amazing to witness how pas-                                                             poverty they are working to
sionate these organizations                                                             improve and prevent pov-
are about their work and                                                                erty, they are working for
witness the improvements                                                                justice. Our grantees are
they have contributed to                                                                working on projects that
their communities.                                                                      promote and support com-
                                                                                        munity controlled, self-help
One of the most wonderful                                                               organizations and trans-
aspects about the Catholic                                                              formative education. You
Campaign for Human Devel-                                                               can read more about our
opment is that people in                                                                current CCHD grantees in
poverty are given a voice.                                                              our Annual Report found
We hear about their direct                                                              on our CCHD website at
concerns and we work with                                                     
them to address these is-                                                               cchd.
sues through the funded
projects.                                                                       We invite you to participate
                             Supporters at the Jane Addams Senior Caucus rally  in helping us break the cy-
Last week, Lori Clark from the Jane Addams Senior cle of poverty by donating to this year’s annual Catho-
Caucus (one of our current grantees) invited me to an lic Campaign for Human Development Collection on
action her organization had planned to protect Social November 19th & 20th.
Security, Medicare, Medicaid and HUG programs. They
discussed their concerns about the impact of deep
budget cuts on seniors, women, children and people                      Tamara Fedorshyn
  with disabilities urging policymakers working on                      Program Assistant
      budget negotiations to place working and retired      Catholic Campaign for Human Development

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THE OLIVE BRANCH                                                                      NEWS AND EVENTS

            Pass H.R. 2867 Reauthorizing the U.S.
         Commission on International Religious Freedom
 The U.S. Commission on International Religious       important the commission is to you!
 Freedom is vital to the proliferation of religious   USCCB Position:
 freedom around the globe. Ongoing attacks
 against Christians and other religious minorities    Religious freedom, rooted in the dignity of the
 in the Middle East and in other parts of the         human person, is “a cornerstone of the structure
 world point to the need to pay more attention to     of human rights.” Pope Benedict XVI devoted
 religious      freedom. Violence against Coptic      his 2011 World Day of Peace message to reli-
 Christians in Egypt, the Christmas Eve bombings      gious    freedom, calling it the “path of peace.”
 of Christian churches in Nigeria, last October’s     The free exercise of religion contributes to “the
 attack on worshipers at                                                         building of a just and
 the Syrian Catholic                                                             peaceful social order.”
 Church in Baghdad, and                                                          The Catholic Church
 other heinous acts are                                                          has long raised con-
 grim reminders of what                                                          cerns regarding reli-
 is at stake.                                                                    gious liberty through-
 Today, the mission of                                                           out the world,     de-
 the U.S. Commission on                                                          fending members of all
 International Religious                                                         religions. Our Confer-
 Freedom is more im-                                                             ence was deeply in-
 portant than ever. An                                                           volved in the process
 independent bipartisan                                                          that led to the crea-
 federal     commission,                                                         tion of the U.S. Com-
 USCIRF monitors the                                                             mission on Interna-
 status of religious free-                                                       tional Religious Free-
 dom and provides es-                                                            dom. We urge you to
 sential      information                                                        support passage of HR
 concerning persecution and violations of human 2867 before November 18, 2011, lest a critically
 rights throughout the world. In addition, it plays important tool in the preservation of religious
 a significant role in raising the profile of religious freedom is lost.
 freedom around the globe.
                                                         For more information contact Adrienne Curry:
 Unless the U.S. Senate passes HR2867 before
 November 18, 2011, USCIRF will be lost. It is                           312.534.8367 or
 extremely important that the Senate know how             

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THE OLIVE BRANCH                                                                                         NEWS AND EVENTS

                     CRS Assists Earthquake Victims in Turkey
                            Background                               realize the certainty of you teachings that we have received
    A 7.2 magnitude earthquake struck eastern Turkey Sunday          so that we might let our light shine for our brothers and sis-
    afternoon local time, collapsing more than 2,000 buildings       ters in Turkey.
    and killing at least 432 people. The deadly quake hit the
    eastern cities of Ercis and Van, located in a mountainous        We call upon your mercy so that we will be reminded of our
    region near the border with Iran. Tens of thousands of peo-      call to be servants and that our prayers and actions serve as
    ple have been left homeless.                                     outward signs of our covenant with you and our brothers
                                                                     and sisters.
    Turkey is particularly vulnerable to earthquakes as it sits on
    major geological fault lines. The weekend’s earthquake was       Comfort the people of Turkey, give courage to those in-
    the worst natural disaster in the country since 1999, when       volved in rescue and recovery and console those who have
    two earthquakes with a magnitude of more than 7 hit north-       lost or who are still searching for their loved ones.
    west Turkey, killing 18,000. CRS and Caritas Turkey were
    heavily involved in relief and reconstruction following the      We ask this through your son, Jesus Christ, who lives and
    1999 earthquakes.                                                reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God forever and
                          How CRS is helping                                                    Amen.
    CRS has committed an initial $100,000 which will fund blan-
    kets, hygiene kits of soap and toiletries, and heating/cooking  Response: Loving God, hear our prayer
    stoves for families made homeless by the quake.                 For the Church, that we work with all those
                                                                       involved in the rescue efforts to provide
    CRS is working through our local partners Caritas Turkey and       compassionate assistance and support,
    International Blue Crescent (IBC). An emergency response           we pray to the Lord….
    team from Caritas Turkey has arrived at the earthquake zone  For world leaders, that they work together to provide the
    to determine the most pressing immediate and longer-term          aid and materials that are needed for all efforts in Turkey,
    needs.                                                             we pray to the Lord…
                                                                    For those of us gathered today, help us to know our role
    International Blue Crescent has launched an emergency re-         as advocates for the care of our brothers and sisters in
    sponse effort. An IBC representative in Van, a town of            Turkey as well as those in our own community,
    70,000, reports a chaotic situation. Residents are in dire        we pray to the Lord…
    need of makeshift shelters and roads are heavily damaged,
    which creates logistical problems for rescue efforts.

                        How You Can Help
      Pray for the people affected by the Turkey earthquake.
        Below is a prayer and petitions to share in your parish

      Donate to the Turkey Earthquake Fund. Make and send
        your donation (on the memo line- Turkey Earthquake)
                  Archdiocese of Chicago/CRS
                    3525 S. Lake Park Avenue
                     Chicago, IL 60654-1402

            Turkey Prayer and General Intercessions
       Gracious, loving God, the mystery of an earthquake
          leaves us with a sense of uncertainty. Help us to

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THE OLIVE BRANCH                                                                                     NEWS AND EVENTS


The Catholics Confront Global Poverty quarterly newsletter       Once these three-year programs are complete, the communi-
strives to provide you with concise updates and easily acces-    ties no longer rely on development funding, and they don’t
sible resources on the global poverty issues you’re advocating   require food aid during droughts. Such efforts, however, have
for. We hope this newsletter is helpful to you as you continue   been the target of cuts proposed by the U.S. Congress in
to advocate with and in support of our brothers and sisters        recent years.
who are poor and marginalized.
                                                                                                   Ways you can respond to
    Helping Africa Resist                                                                             the famine in Africa:
          Drought                                                                                 Now is the time to urge
The current drought in                                                                           Congress and the Admin-
East Africa- the worst in                                                                        istration not to abandon our
decades- has placed more                                                                         brothers and sisters in East
than 12 million people in                                                                        Africa and around the world.
need of urgent humanitari-
an assistance in Kenya,                                                                           Pray for the people in
Somalia and Ethiopia. As                                                                         the Horn of Africa and study
crops fail from lack of rain                                                                     ways to lend support. Visit
and prices for food rise out                                                                     the CRS East Africa Crisis
of reach, populations are                                                                        web page, which provides
fleeing to other countries                                                                       prayer and action resources
in hopes of food and sup-                                                                        for responding to the imme-
port. In addition to the                                                                         diate food emergency in the
urgency for humanitarian                                                                         Horn of Africa.
aid for the region, the situ-
ation underscores the Photo by David Snyder for CRS
need for ongoing interna-
tional assistance than ensures these drought-prone areas can
avoid such food crises in the future.

In the region around the eastern city of Dire Dawa, Ethiopia,
watershed improvement projects developed by the Haraghe
Catholic Secretariat, Catholic Relief Services’ partner in the
diocese of Hararghe, have made several of the regions’ poor-
est communities drought-resistant. U.S. international assis-
tance has helped subsistence farmers and herders to develop
and protect near-by water sources, learn effective irrigation
 strategies and yield clean water and sustainable crops de
    spite shortages of rainfall.

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THE OLIVE BRANCH                                                                                      NEWS AND EVENTS

 An Eye Witness Brings the Message Home-                          to install a well and household latrines; they also worked to-
                                                                  gether to form a Water Users Association comprised of village
             by Nick Albares                                      residents to manage the projects. We asked the people of
                                                                  Ghale what message they would like us to send to our political
                                                                  leaders in the United States. Using an appropriate agricultural
                                                                  metaphor, a man said, “We are thankful for your support- but,
                                                                  the U.S. has many fruits. We are struggling to survive and hope
                                                                  that the U.S. will share its many fruits.”

                                                                  Please join me in calling upon our elected officials to promote
                                                                  a robust international assistance budget and sharing of our
                                                                  fruits. Visit to learn how you can
                                                                  get involved!

                                                                   Nick Albares serves as Parish Social Ministry Coordinator in
                                                                   Catholic Charities’ Office of Justice and Peace in the Archdio-
                                                                   cese of New Orleans. If you would like to hear more about his
  Photo courtesy of Teresa Dunbar
                                                                   experience and how he incorporates advocacy initiatives into
I recently traveled to Kenya with a delegation of diocesan lead- his work, you can reach him at 504/592-5692 or
ers and CRS staff to learn more about CRS development pro-
jects funded by U.S. government international assistance. In
Kenya, Ethiopia and Somalia, an extreme drought grips the          Ensure Congress Renews Anti-Trafficking Legislation
land and threatens 12 million people. Our delegation wit-          This fall, Congress will vote on whether to reauthorize legisla-
nessed the unforgiving environment that seemed intent on           tion that puts U.S. pressure on countries around the globe to
extinguishing all life. However, due to CRS agriculture and wa- combat modern-day slavery. Human Trafficking is the illegal
ter-retention projects, communities are able to sustain them- trade of human beings for the purposes of commercial sexual
selves. It is critical that funding continues and that it be in-   exploitation or forced labor. As such it is a modern-day form of
creased.                                                              slavery.
                                                                   The Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act combats
In Kenya, I met with people on the brink of starvation and         the enslavement of more than 12.3 million people worldwide-
death from thirst. I saw how CRS facilitated interventions to      up to half of them children. This $32 billion industry takes
respond to these critical needs. I also witness firsthand the      place in 161 countries. For every 800 people who are
investment in integral human development- a holistic ap-           trafficked, only on trafficker is ever convicted.
proach to development that works with people towards social,
spiritual, human growth.                                                     If you would like more information on human
                                                                         trafficking or your parish would like justice education
On our visit to the Ghale community in the Diocese of Garissa,            materials around the issue, contact Adrienne Curry,
for example, we were greeted with a vivacious dance and then                             CRS Program Director at:
   invited to join in discussion on mats in a shaded area. In this             (312) 534-8367 or
       village, CRS and the local diocese worked with the people

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  THE OLIVE BRANCH                                                   NEWS AND EVENTS


                     Saturday & Sunday
   November 19 & 20, 2011
The Catholic Campaign for Human Development is dedicated to breaking the cycle
of poverty by funding community programs that help the poor help themselves. You
  are essential to its success. Your generous donations will give those in poverty the
                        support they need to make lasting changes.
                DONTATE On-line at:
                            Send a check or money order to:
                               Archdiocese of Chicago
                     Catholic Campaign for Human Development
                             3525 South Lake Park Avenue
                                Chicago, IL 60653-1402

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       9                                                       OCTOBER
                                                              NOVEMBER 2011 NEWSLETTER
THE OLIVE BRANCH                                                                                      NEWS AND EVENTS

                       PROTECT CONSCIENCE RIGHTS

Twenty Catholic leaders sign joint statement for reform
  of health care law: HHS mandate harms religious
               freedom, access to care

WASHINGTON—Leaders of 20 national Catholic organiza-
tions signed a joint statement to protest the “preventive
services” mandate issued by the Department of Health and
Human Services (HHS). They also called for legislative re-
form of health care law to protect conscience rights.

The new rule on mandated “preventive services” issued by
the HHS “will force Catholic organizations that play a vital
role in providing health care and other needed services ei-
ther to violate their conscience or severely curtail those
services. This would harm both religious freedom and access     In addition to Archbishop Dolan, the co-signers were Robert
to health care,” the statement says. The new rule would         B. Aguirre, President, Catholic Association of Latino Leaders;
force employers to pay for such services as sterilization and   Carl A. Anderson, Supreme Knight, Knights of Columbus; F.
contraceptives, including drugs which can induce abortion.      DeKarlos Blackmon, OblSB, Supreme Knight/CEO, Knights of
As of now, a narrowly-written religious exemption to the        Peter Claver; William J. Cox, President/CEO, Alliance of Cath-
rule would apply only to church institutions that hire and      olic Health Care; Archbishop José Gomez of Los Angeles,
serve mostly Catholics and meet other narrow criteria, thus     Chairman, Migration and Refugee Services; Michael Galligan
excluding most Catholic schools, hospital, and social service   -Stierle, PhD, President /CEO, Association of Catholic Colleg-
agencies.                                                       es and Universities; John Garvey, JD, President, The Catholic
                                                                University of America; Sheila Gilbert, President, National
The statement appeared as an ad in two Capitol Hill news-
                                                                Council of the U.S. Society of St. Vincent de Paul; John M.
papers, Politico and The Hill, on October 11 with the head-
                                                                Haas, PhD, STL, President, National Catholic Bioethics Cen-
line: “Support access to health care? Protect conscience
                                                                ter; Ken Hackett, President, Catholic Relief Services; Jan R.
                                                                Hemstad, MD, President, Catholic Medical Association; Fa-
Signatories include Archbishop Timothy Dolan, president of      ther John Jenkins, CSC, President, University of Notre Dame;
the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB),       Patty Johnson, President, National Council of Catholic Wom-
and heads of Catholic universities, health care associations,   en; James G. Lindsay, Executive Director, Catholic Volunteer
domestic and international agencies that serve refugees and     Network; Stephen L. Mikochik, JD, Chair, National Catholic
the poor, and lay associations. Many signers represent Cath-    Partnership on Disability; Karen M. Ristau, EdD, President,
olic employers and service organizations who will be affect-    National Catholic Educational Association; Geralyn C.
ed if the law is not reformed. Others represent lay Catholics   Shelvin, Supreme Lady, Knights of Peter Claver Ladies Auxil-
who would face coercion under the same HHS rule because         iary; Father Larry Snyder, President, Catholic Charities USA;
     they participate in private health insurance plans.        and Joanne Tomassi, National Regent, Catholic Daughters of
                                                                the Americas.

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                       The Pope’s general
                       prayer intention for
                           November:                    Scott McLarty                             Carol N. Smith
                                                   Director                                 Program Director, CCHD
                                                   312.534.5383                             312.534.3690

                  Adrienne Curry
                  Program Director, CRS

                                                       Thomas Howard                            Cheryl Taliaferro
                   Tamara Feoryshyn
                                                   Program Director,                       Administrative Assistant,
                   Program support,
                                                   Justice Education                       OPJ
                   CCHD & Parish Sharing
                                                   312.534.3890                            312.534.3892

            Archdiocese of Chicago
          Office for Peace and Justice                             If you know anyone who may be interested in receiv-
                                                                   ing our newsletter please forward their e-mail address
                                                                   to so that they can be added to
                                                                   our list. If you no longer wish to receive our newslet-
                                                                   ter, please respond with ‘remove’ in the subject line.
                                                                   This message is intended for the use of the individual
                                                                   or entity to which it is addressed. Any dissemination
                                                                   of this communication is prohibited. If you have
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