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									                        2010 - Faculty Committee on Honorary Degrees

Dorothy L. Hodgson, Chair

Dymir F. Arthur, Rutgers College – Political Science-Africana Studies/Minor-Psychology
Judith K. Brodsky, Emerita
Gyorgy Buzsaki, Center for Molecular & Behavioral Neuroscience
Norman J. Glickman, Edward J. Bloustein School of Planning and Public Policy
Mary S. Hartman, Institute for Women’s Leadership
Asela R. Laguna-Diaz, Department of Classical & Modern Languages and Literature
Barbara A. Lee, School of Management and Labor Relations
Rick Lee, Department of English
Andrew Lees, Department of History
Esther Leibovich, Graduate School-New Brunswick, Ecology and Evolution
John T. “Jack” Lynch, Department of English
Charles E. Martin, Department of Cell Biology and Neuroscience
Frances E. Mascia-Lees, Department of Anthropology
Patricia A. Mayer, Department of Visual Arts
William M. Rodgers, Edward J. Bloustein School of Planning and Public Policy
Kaia Shivers, Graduate School-New Brunswick, Communication, Information & Library Studies
Ben Sifuentes-Jauregui, Department of American Studies
Avichai D. Smolen, Rutgers College – Political Science/Minors-Jewish Studies/Psychology
Deborah L. Walsh, Center for American Women and Politics

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