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					  Africa                                                                                 Enjoy your
     Blessed with the most wildlife in the world,
Africa is a great safari destination. Our Safari
packages take the hassle out of travelling; all
                                                                                         flight with
packages include airfares, accommodation,
transportation and game-drives. You will be
guaranteed to see carnivores, herbivores, and
omnivores! The price for the travel to go to Africa
           is 100000QR

            This trip includes                        Day 4 : Will see carnivores such
                                                              as leopard, lion ,
Day 1: Meet on arrival at the Africa
airport and transfer to your hotel. Book                  hyena,cheetah,wolfs.
your flight online best cuisine with
comfort and served with hot food. Can
                                                      Carnivores: Cheetah, lion,
chose any airline to go to Africa. Arrival            leopard, hyena, caracal,
airport of Africa we will book a bus go to            serval, sand cat, jackal, fox,
the forest or zoo to see many
herbivores, omnivores, carnivores.                    gazelle,
Day 2: We will there take pictures                    crocodile,hippopotamus,Rh
in the zoo/forest where they are                      inoceruas,Tiger,
                                                      Herbivores: giraffe, zebra,
Day 3: We will take a private                         rabbit, cows, panda, deer,
luxury jeep that will be big. The go                  ox, hummingbird, goat,
on a boat to the Kruger national                      opossum, horse, sheep,
park. Kruger national park is in                      rabbit, rhinoceros, hippo,
South Africa it boasts the highest                    donkey, sloth, shrew
variety of wildlife in Africa which                           Omnivores:
includes the big five hippos,                         Giraffe, zebra, rabbit,
crocodile, cheetah and more.                          cows, panda, deer, ox,
Kruger is one of the best-                            hummingbird, goat,
maintained parks in Africa, which                     opossum, horse, sheep,             Lorem Ipsum Dolor Sit Amet.
means it’s ideal for a self – drive                   rabbit, rhinoceros, hippo,
safari                                                donkey, sloth, shrew
By: Omar Yusuf 6A If you have any questions please
  ask. How would you rate the trip a scale of 1-10

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