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									Harley Street Trance Specialist Voted "Hypnotherapist of the Year"

Harley Street Hypnotherapist, Trevor Hoskisson, receives international recognition as
"Hypnotherapist of the Year" at the Association of Professional Coaches, Trainers and Consultants
Annual Awards Ceremony.

London, United Kingdom, April 04, 2013 --(PR.com)-- Trevor Hoskisson, from the prestigious Harley
Street Hypnotherapy Clinic in London, has been chosen from a large number of hypnotherapists from
right across the globe to become "Hypnotherapist of the Year." Five nominees for the award were
shortlisted and Trevor was the only hypnotherapist from the UK to be on the shortlist. The other
hypnotherapists were from America, Canada, and Australia.

The award is part of a series given annually by the Association of Professional Coaches, Trainers and
Consultants; it recognises expertise and achievement in hypnosis.

The APCTC, was formed by some of the most well respected names in the coaching and consulting
industry to raise professional standards and increasing awareness of the coaching, training, consulting and
speaking industries. There were 16 Categories in the awards with each award going to the person that had
impacted the lives of others in a significant way and deserved recognition.

The Awards were held in London along with a charity auction, and was attended by some of the biggest
names in CTC community. The event was very much like the Oscars for coaches, trainers, consultants
and professional speakers. Hosted by the hilariously funny Dr Topher Morrison, a world-class speaker
and author in self-hypnosis and the power of the subconscious mind. The event was an evening of fun and
festivities, as well as an evening of recognition and success for all those nominated and the winners.

In order to be eligible, practitioners and therapists had to be nominated. They were then subjected to
scrutiny from the APCTC who chose five or six finalists in each category who were then voted for, via
the internet, so that the winner could be chosen.

This is the second time Trevor has won the award, and he puts his success down to the 100s of satisfied
clients who voted for him.

Trevor's personal journey has led him to hypnosis. He started his career as a Police Officer when he was
forced to stop work due to two separate but identical head injuries, one sustained whilst rescuing
motorists on an icy road and one sustained in an assault. Trevor was subsequently unable to work for a
number of years due to debilitating migraines which became so frequent and painful he decided to find
complementary methods to get his life back together.

“Traditional treatment did not help me at all,” Trevor commented. “I started to explore complementary
therapies and coaching techniques which did help and then decided to train as a hypnotherapist. I now
enjoy a really fulfilling, fit and healthy lifestyle and I am delighted to have helped many others through
my skills. The award is a great honour and one I am surprised and extremely happy to receive.”

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For the past seven years, Trevor has been helping others using his specialist techniques of hypnotherapy,
coaching, and neuro linguistic programming. He specialises in the medical application of hypnosis to help
issues like stress, anxiety and depression, phobias, irritable bowel syndrome, pain reduction and weight
loss. Trevor's hypnotherapy also helps those wishing to stop smoking and those with confidence issues.

Trevor is one of only a few hypnotherapists in the UK qualified in Forensic Hypnosis, which involves
memory recovery as seen in the newly released "Trance" movie. "I am rarely called on to do this sort of
work," said Trevor, as the Home Office advises against the use of hypnosis to gain evidence, which is a
great shame as it could provide the police with information they would otherwise not have access to, a bit
like calls to Crimestoppers.

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