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									SK Y1 Unit 20 Page 91
Focus:                    Reading
Topic:                    Graphemes “x”, “y” and “z”/phonemes /ks/,/y/,/z/

Content                   2.1 By the end of the 6-year primary schooling, pupils will be able to apply knowledge of
Standard:                 sounds of letters to recognise words in linear and non-linear texts.

Learning                  2.1.2 Able to recognise and articulate initial, medial and the final sounds in single syllable
Standard:                 words within given context.

Objectives:               By the end of the lesson, children should be able to:
                          a) identify words that start with the phoneme /y/, /z/ and /ks/.
                          b) spell words that start with phoneme /y/, /z/ and /ks/.
                          c) complete the exercise given.

Time:                     60 min
                          Word cards, worksheets, flash cards.

Lesson Link:              http://www.kizclub.com/Phonics/beginning/YZsound.pdf

Prepared By:              Dayana Nayan

 Activity                                                                                                                                                Notes

 1. Teacher introduces the letter x, y and z.

 2. The students draw the letter ‘x’, ‘y’,and ‘z’ on their friend’s back

 3. Teacher teaches the phoneme sounds by doing some actions:
          Grapheme                 Phoneme                       Action

          x                        /ks/                          Cross your hand and say ks...

          y                        /y/                           Nod and say yeh...

          z                        /z/                           Trace ‘z’ in the air and say z...

 Source: Teacher’s guidebook English language Year 1

 The United Kingdom’s international organisation for cultural relations and educational opportunities. A registered charity: 209131 (England and Wales) SC037733 (Scotland).
4. Teacher prepares three boxes containing word cards. You have to put a few words cards
containing the phoneme /ks/, /y/ and /z/ and other word cards containing random words.

5. Teacher divides the students into three groups.

6. Each group gets a box containing word cards.

7. Group A has to pick word cards containing the phoneme /ks/, group B has to pick word
cards containing the phoneme /y/ and group C has to pick word cards containing the phoneme

8. The students display the word cards they have picked on the blackboard.

9. The students read the words together.

10. Here are the examples of words that you can put in the boxes:

       Examples of words containing /ks/:

       fox, ox, box, six, axe, mix

       Examples of words containing /y/:

       York, yell, yacht, yam

       Examples of words containing /z/:

       zip, zone, buzz, jazz, crazy, lazy

11. The students complete the worksheet given:

12. If you have extra time, you can revise the pet words with your students using these flash

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