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									                Thornton Primary School & Children’s Centre
                             Thornton Road · Thornton · Bradford · BD13 3NN
                   Headteacher: Mr. Adrian J.Cogill MSc       Deputy Headteacher: Mrs. Debra Neale BA
                Children’s Centre Leader: Mrs. Julie Tolley MA - Telephone: 01274 830960 Fax: 01274 835331

Thank  you  for  showing  an  interest  in  the  post  of  Early  Years  Practitioner  –  
Crèche  and  Outreach  Worker,  at  Thornton  Primary  School  and  Children’s 
Centre.  Please find enclosed: 
   • Job Advertisement 
   • Job Description 
   • Person Specification 
   • Application Form 
Applicants  are  asked  to  complete  the  enclosed  application  form.  You  are 
welcome  to  include  a  letter  of  application  which  highlights  specific 
achievements which are relevant to the post and a CV if you wish.  Please refer 
to  the  job  description  and  person  specification  before  completing  your 
Completed  forms  should  be  returned  to  Mrs.  Julie  Tolley,  Children’s  Centre 
Leader,  Thornton  Primary  School  and  Children’s  Centre,  Thornton  Road, 
Thornton, Bradford BD13 3NN 
The closing time and date for applications is 12:00 noon on Friday 22nd March 
Please note: 
Interviews will be held on the morning of Wednesday 27th March 2013. 
    Thornton Primary School and Children’s Centre 
                                   Post of: 
            Early Year Practitioner ‐ Crèche and Outreach 
                                (Level 3) 
                               20 hours – all year round 
    Are you interested in supporting the development of a range of 
     services that will make a real difference for our children and 
We  are  looking  to  appoint  an  enthusiastic,  flexible  and  highly 
committed  practitioner  (NNEB,  NVQ  Level  3  or  equivalent)  who  is 
committed  to  working  with  young  children  and  their  families.    This 
post  will  involve  some  outreach  work  and  work  in  the  home 
    We are committed to safeguarding children and all posts are subject to an 
    enhanced CRB check, we are also committed to providing the best quality 
                  provision within an inclusive environment.
                                              OUTLINE JOB DESCRIPTION 
POST                 Early Years Practitioner Crèche and                                       Post                 
TITLE                Outreach for Children’s Centre                                            Reference            
The following information is furnished to help Council staff and those people considering joining the City of Bradford Metropolitan District Council 
to understand and appreciate the work content of their post and the role they are to play in the organisation.  However, the following points 
should be noted: 
     1. Whilst every endeavour has been made to outline all the duties and responsibilities of the post, a document such as this does not 
           permit every item to be specified in detail.  Broad headings, therefore, may have been used below, in which case all the usual 
           associated routines are naturally included in the job description. 
     2. Officers should not refuse to undertake work, which is not specified on this form, but they should record any additional duties they are 
           required to perform and these will be taken into account when the post is reviewed. 
     3. Bradford is an Equal Opportunities Employer and requires its employees to comply with all current equality policies both in terms of 
           equal opportunity for employment and access to the Council Services. 
     4. The Council is committed to making any necessary reasonable adjustments to the job role and the working environment that would 
           enable access to employment opportunities for disabled job applicants or continued employment for any employee who develops a 
           disabling condition. 
To  implement  agreed  work  programmes  as  a  member  of  a  multi‐disciplinary  children’s  centre 
team in supporting children and their families. 
To  promote  children’s  learning,  birth  to  four,  by  engaging  parents  through  home  visits, 
encouraging  parents/carers  to  attend  the  crèche,  courses  and  activities  provided  by  the 
children’s centre which promote children’s learning. 
To  support  the  development  of  parents/carers  knowledge  and  skills  about  their  children’s 
development  and  parents’  own  personal  development  leading  to  further  training  and/or 
To support the learning of the children and to prepare resources and equipment for the crèche 
and Stay and Play sessions in the community. 
The Early Years Practitioner may supervise children from Birth to Four in the crèche with other adults. 
To plan a range of appropriate activities for the crèche children  
To take delegated responsibility in the supervision and guidance of paid crèche workers, students on 
work placement, trainees and voluntary helpers who may be parents. 
To signpost parent/carers to other professional and voluntary services both with the children’s centre 
and in the wider community. 
To  work  under  the  guidance  of  the  Children’s  Centre  Leader  and  within  an  agreed  system  of 
To make decisions using initiative where appropriate within established working practices. 
The postholder will be expected to use creativity and initiative to: 
        ‐   Help  the  children  and  their  families  take  full  advantage  of  the  opportunities  provided  by  the 
            children’s centre 
        ‐   Support children and their families in the best use of the materials and equipment available 
        ‐   Ensure the safety, mobility, care and well being of the children and adults. 
To  maintain  the  confidential  nature  of  information  relating  to  the  children’s  centre,  its  children, 
parents and carers. 
To  be  responsible  for  the  care  of  all  equipment  and  materials,  within  the  crèche  in  conjunction  with 
other members of staff. 
To  maintain  well  resourced  and  high  quality  equipment  and  materials  used  by  the  children  and 
Internal  at  all  levels,  Parents/Carers,  Governors,  Community  Groups,  Health,  Social  Services,  Police, 
Local Education Authority, Education Bradford, Contractors, External Agencies. 
    •   Use specialist skills/training/experience to support children 
    •   Establish good relationships with children, acting as a role model and setting high expectations 
    •   Promote the inclusion and acceptance of all children within the crèche 
    •   Encourage children to interact and work co‐operatively with others and engage all children in activities 
    •   Help the children to develop independence and talk to the children appropriately about their behaviour 
    •   Talk with the children about activities in relation to their holistic development, understanding, progress 
        and achievement 
    •   Give consistent support to children whilst recognising and responding to their individual needs 
    •   Prepare the crèche room in order to establish an appropriate learning environment 
    •   Observe and assess the children’s progress for their record, collecting the relevant evidence and provide 
        accurate information through discussion and reports to the relevant members of staff and parents 
    •   Put the children’s centre behaviour policy into practice by promoting high self esteem among children. 
    •   Liaise  sensitively  and  effectively  with  parents/carers  as  agreed  within  your  role/responsibility  and 
        participate in feedback sessions/meetings with parents with, or as directed 
    •   Undertake  relevant  clerical/administration  work  needed  in  order  to  carry  out  the  role  e.g.  taking  the 
        register, photocopying, producing teaching and learning materials, collecting money etc. 
    •   Monitor  and  evaluate  children’s  responses  to  play  activities  through  observation,  recording  of 
        achievement to inform future planning 
    •   Use  the Early Years Foundation Stage Statutory Framework and Practice Guidance to inform practice in 
        this post 
    •   Accurately record children’s achievement/progress 
    •   To  plan  healthy  snack  menus  for  children  from  Birth  to  Four  in  accordance  with  the  children’s  centre 
        nutrition policy 
    •   As  a  member  of  the  children’s  centre  team  contribute  fully  to  planning,  implementing  and  evaluating 
        the Early Years Foundation Stage 
    •   Support  the  children in appropriate learning activities, both child initiated and adult led and modify if 
    •   Support the use of ICT in learning activities and develop children’s competence and independence in its 
    •   Determine the need for, prepare and maintain general and specialist equipment and resources 
    •   Help children to access learning activities through specialist support 
    •   Be aware of and comply with policies and procedures relating to child protection, health and safety and 
        security, confidentially and data protection, reporting all concerns to an appropriate person 
    •   Be aware of and support difference and ensure all children have equal access to opportunities to learn 
        and develop 
    •   Contribute to the overall ethos/work/aims of the children’s centre 
    •   Establish  good  relationships  and  communicate  with  other  agencies  and  professionals  to  support  the 
        development, achievement and progress of the children 
    •   Attend and participate in regular meetings 
    •   Participate in training and other learning activities as required 
    •   Take a supervisory role with the children both during the core and extended provision 
    •   Supervise children on visits, and trips out of children’s centre activities as required 
    •   To  support,  uphold  and  contribute  to  the  development  of  the  Council’s  Equal  Rights  policies  and 
        practices in respect of both employment issues and the delivery of services to the community 
    •   Work across all age groups in the school/centre as requested, recognising own strengths and areas of 
        expertise and use these to advise and support others 
    •   Undertake  home  visits  as  directed  by  the  centre  staff  and  following  a  referral  from  Health  and  other 
    •   Report to centre staff on all home visits and maintain records 
    •   Pass information for recording on the eStart database 
    •   Deal with any immediate problems or emergencies using the children’s centre policies and procedures 
        and discuss the action taken with a senior member of staff 
    •   Recommend, after discussion with parent/carer, to senior staff when respite care is needed for a child  
    •   Refer parents/carers and children to relevant and appropriate activities which are available to them in 
        the children’s centre e.g. Stay and Play, baby massage, Job Centre consultant, little strikers, baby ballet, 
        Health Visitors etc. 
    •   Encourage parents/carers to develop their knowledge and skills through volunteering 
    •   Liaise with service providers where parents/carers need extra support to engage with activities 
    •   To ensure students and volunteers go through the children’s centre induction process and that relevant 
        paperwork is completed 
    •   Support students/volunteers in their work with children under five and encourage them to progress to 
        college or work 
    •   To work with senior staff to plan and lead holiday activities for families 
           Special Conditions of Service: 
                                         FOR USE BY HUMAN RESOURCES ONLY 
           I confirm this JD has been checked and is appropriate and up to date. 
           Signed:                                                                              Dated: 
           Complied by:                    Grade Assessment:                               Post Grade: 
                                                                PERSONNEL SPECIFICATION 
Post Title:  EARLY YEARS PRACTITIONER (crèche & outreach) 
Bradford is an Equal Opportunities Employer and requires its employee to carry out its policies concerning racial and sex equality and the rights of people with disabilities both 
in terms of equal opportunity and access to the Council Services.  Job Share applicants welcome for all full‐time posts unless otherwise stated in the advertisement. 
We are committed to making reasonable adjustments to the job role and working environment so that disabled people have access to job opportunities or current employees 
can continue at work should they develop a disabling condition. 
ATTRIBUTES                         ESSENTIAL                                                              DESIRABLE                                              HOW  
EXPERIENCE                           Scale 4 if 1 to 2 years experience in one or more of the               Experience of working with groups of                 Application form 
                                     following                                                              parents/carers                                       & Selection 
                                     Scale 5 if more than 3 years experience in one or more of                                                                   process 
                                     the following: 
                                     • Experience of working with children of relevant age, 
                                        assisting in their development 
                                     • Experience of working with children with additional 
                                        needs, more able, special educational needs 
                                     • Experience of working in the relevant discipline 
                                     • Experience of working as part of a team 
                                     • Experience of working with parents 
QUALIFICAITONS                       NVQ 3 or equivalent qualification or experience                            GCSE English and Maths or equivalent             Application form 
                                                                                                                e.g. Adult Literacy/Numeracy at level 1          & Selection 
                                                                                                                Qualifications relating to post e.g.             Certificates 
                                                                                                                health, children, practical skills, first aid 
TRAINING                             • Willingness to participate in development and training                   Health and Safety training as                    Application form 
                                       opportunities                                                              appropriate                                    & Selection 
                                     • Evidence of previous personal development                                                                                 process 
SPECIAL          • An understanding of the needs of a multicultural society      Knowledge of school procedures    Application form 
KNOWLEDGE        • An understanding of the issues relating to children who                                         & Selection 
                   have additional learning needs, more able and special         Knowledge of the different        process. 
                   educational needs                                             parenting strategies and 
                 • Understanding of principles of child development and          programmes in the district 
                   learning processes as appropriate 
                 • An understanding of the needs of parents/carers 
                 • Full working knowledge of relevant policies/codes of 
                   practice and awareness of relevant legislation 
                 • Working knowledge of early years foundation stage 
                   curriculum and other relevant learning 
                 • Knowledge of Health and Safety requirements 
                 • Knowledge of Behaviour Management 
                 • Knowledge of particular subject / technical area 
EQUALITY         Candidates should indicate an acceptance of and                                                   Selection process 
                 commitment to the principles underlying the Council’s 
                 Equal Rights policies and practices 
DISPOSITION –    • Ability to relate well to children and adults                                                   Selection Process 
ADJUSTMENT/      • Ability to work constructively as part of a team 
                 • Ability to remain calm under pressure 
ATTITUDE         • Demonstrate good co‐operative, interpersonal and 
                   listening skills 
                 • Demonstrate a commitment to working with children of 
                   the relevant age 
                 • Ability to understand classroom roles and responsibilities 
                   and your own position within these 
                 • Good sense of humour 
                 • Flexibility and willingness to accept change 
                 • Willingness to share knowledge, expertise and 
                 • Ability to prioritise conflicting demands and pressures 
                 • Ability to self‐evaluate learning needs and actively seek 
                   learning opportunities  
                 • Ability to work proactively and independently 
                       • Approachable, courteous and able to present a positive 
                         image of the school/centre to callers and visitors 
                       • Maintain confidentiality in matters relating to the 
                         school/centre, its pupils, parents and carers 
PRACTICAL &            • Very good numeracy/literacy skills                                    Application form 
INTELLECTUAL SKILLS    • Ability to use other relevant equipment / technology                  & Selection 
                       • Ability to use ICT effectively in relation to the post                process 
                       • Good organisational skills 
                       • Ability to use relevant equipment / resources 
CIRCUMSTANCES –        • Must be legally entitled to work in the UK (Asylum and                Selection Process  
                         Immigration Act 1996)                                                 Sight of 
                       • No contra‐indications in personal background or criminal              appropriate 
                         record indication unsuitability to work with children /               documentation as 
                         young people / vulnerable clients / finance (CRB check                specified in the 
                                                                                               interview letter 
                       • Driving is an essential part of the post and the applicant 
                         must be over 25 years old and hold a full, clean, UK 
                         driving licence in order to comply with our Commercial 
                         Van Insurance  
PHYSICAL/SENSORY       • Must be able to perform all duties and tasks with                     Selection process 
                         reasonable adjustment, where appropriate, in 
                         accordance with the Disability Discrimination Act 1995 
                       • Ability to cope with requirements of the post, which may 
                         include working with pupils who have emotional and 
                         behavioural difficulties or physical difficulties  
                       • For posts working with children who have physical 
                         difficulties, it may be an unavoidable core component of 
                         the job for the post holder to be capable of lifting and 
                         carrying pupils, within school policies and practices 
                       • It is essential for the post holder to be able to load and 
                         unload the toys from the van for Stay and Play sessions 
                         in the community. 
              •    Use of References 

           References will only be read by the recruitment panel following interviews, after the preliminary selection decision has been made. 
Management requires that the following checks be carried out as part of the         Level of Disclosure 
recruitment process e.g. CRB, Warner Process 
If applicable – GOQ & Section of the Act that applies.                               
(Wording for advertisement) 
Exempt from job share. Exemption registration number:                                
Occupational Health check required.                                                  
Any other special conditions.                                                        
Complied by:                                      Grade Assessment Date:                           Post Grade:                      FOR USE BY HUMAN RESOURCES ONLY 
                                                                                                                                    I confirm this PS has been checked and is appropriate and up 
                                                                                                                                    to date. 
 Application for Employment (Confidential)
 Teachers and Support Staff
 Please complete in black or dark blue ink. Typewritten applications are also acceptable

 Post details

 Job title:                                                Your application should be uploaded to:

 Advert reference number:                        

 School or unit:                                           unless otherwise specified by the school

 Closing date:

 Personal details

 Surname:                                                   Forename(s):

 Previous Surname(s):

     Ms          Mrs           Miss          Mr          Other (please state):

 Home Address (including postcode):                         Address to which correspondence should be sent
                                                            if not home address (including postcode):

 Daytime telephone number:                                  Evening telephone number:

 Email address:

 Do you hold a current driving licence? Yes           No

 National Insurance Number:
 Religious Denomination/Faith*
 * For vacancies in schools with a religious character only.
 The Governing Body may take religious denomination or faith into account for this post in accordance with the
 School Standards and Framework Act 1998 and the Employment Equality (Religion or Belief Discrimination)
 Regulations 2003

 How did you learn of this vacancy?

Policy Statement
We are committed to the rights of the child, the child’s safety and emotional well being, and the protection of the
child from all forms of abuse.
Language skills
Do you speak or write any languages other than English?                                                    Speak                Write



Employment history

Current or most recent employment:
                                                              Employer’s name, address and telephone number: (including
Post title:                                                   Local Authority, Diocese, school name, type and group number, if applicable)

Dates from / to:

Salary or wage:

Allowances, or additional salary points:

If part time please show weekly hours:                        Length of notice or date able to commence:

Brief description of duties:

Reason for wishing to leave (please indicate if you do not intend to resign from your current post):

Previous employment:

    Employer’s name
                                 Position held            Salary / wage                      Dates                  Reason for leaving
      and address
 (inc LA, Diocese and type      (if part time, show                                    From           To
   of school if applicable)        weekly hours)
 Education and qualifications

Please give details of your education and qualifications. Make sure you include professional qualifications. Please note that if you are
appointed to a post where qualifications are an essential requirement you may be asked, before your appointment is confirmed, to
present the original copies issued to you by the examining body (photocopies will not be acceptable).

                                 Results                School, College              How obtained                Period of study
Examination subjects,
                          Grade or classification        or University             (Full time, part time
if applicable, indicate
                                                                                   or correspondence)            From           To

Applicants for teaching posts must provide the following information:

Newly Qualified Teachers (NQTs)

If you qualified as a teacher after 7th May 1999, please complete the following section:

Date when qualified:                                                 Date when completed induction:

Please state class and division of your degree:                                      Honours: Yes              No

What age ranges have you been trained to teach?

Your GTC number:                                                    Name used when registered:

Are you GTC registered?      Yes:             No:                    Have you paid this years subscription: Yes:             No:

For teaching posts in Catholic schools only:
Do you have the Catholic Certificate in Religious Studies (‘CCRS’) or equivalent? Yes               No

If applicable, where and when did you obtain the CCRS (formerly Catholic Teachers’ Certificate and Certificate in Religious

CCRS Registration number (if known):

Please provide details of any other specialist Catholic postgraduate qualification (eg Certificate in Subject Leadership in
Catholic Schools, MA in Catholic School Leadership):
Other training
List all training undertaken including in-service courses. Please include membership and grade of professional organisations.

      Course and                 Results              Where obtained            Full time, part time,               Dates
    training details                                                                 residential
                                                                                                            From                To
 Additional information / personal statement
Please ensure that you use the space below to submit a personal statement in support of your application. This
should give any additional relevant information, including details of your professional, subject and leisure
interests, and any skills, knowledge and experience to demonstrate that you meet the criteria specified in the
personnel specification.
It is our policy to take up references for shortlisted candidates. Give names and addresses of three referees, one of which should be
your present or most recent employer, and if applying for a school with a religious character one of which should be from your parish
priest or other religious leader. If you are known to your referee/s by a former name please supply the name by which you were
known. Your referee should have direct knowledge of your professional capacities and performance.

We reserve the right to take up references with any previous employer.
If you are applying for a teaching post or working with children and are employed by another LA or an independent school your
employer will be asked to provide a reference, in which the following will be required. Any reference must include any disciplinary
action taken relating to any offence against children or disadvantaged adults, including any in which the penalty has expired and
whether the applicant has been the subject of any child protection concerns and any outcomes. If you are not currently employed by
an LA or independent school please name three referees, one of which should be your present or most recent employer. Referees
should have direct knowledge of your professional capacities and performance.

           Name of referee                             Status or job                              Address for contact

Tel. No:                                                                              Email address:


                                                                                      Email address:
Tel. No:

                                                                                      Address for contact
Name of referee                          Status or job


Tel No:                                                                               Email address:

May we approach your present employer before the interview?                     Yes                 No

Important Notes


Immigration, Asylum and Nationality Act (2006)
In accordance with the Immigration, Asylum and Nationality Act 2006, the employer will require new members of staff to provide
documentary evidence that they are entitled to undertake the position applied for/have an ongoing entitlement to live and work in the
United Kingdom. Therefore, all candidates shortlisted for interview are required to complete a declaration and to produce acceptable
specified documentary evidence at interview.
I confirm that I am legally entitled to work in the UK.

Safeguarding Vulnerable Groups Act (2006)
The employer is obliged by law to operate a checking procedure for employees who have substantial access to children and young

I confirm that I am not barred by the ISA from working with or applying to work with children (and/or vulnerable adults if appropriate),
or included on the ISA Children’s Barred List (or the ISA Adults Barred List if appropriate).

Rehabilitation of Offenders Act (ROA) 1974 (Exceptions) Order 1975 (as amended)
Posts which involve substantial access to children are exempt from provisions contained within this Act under which the job applicants
are entitled to withhold information about any previous criminal background which would otherwise be considered ‘spent’ under the
terms of the Act. If the job for which you have applied involves substantial access to children and you have been shortlisted for the
post, you will be provided with a form on which you will be asked to disclose any previous criminal background.
If you are the successful applicant you will be provided with an Enhanced Criminal Records Bureau disclosure, application and
consent form. Failure to complete this form will result in your application not proceeding any further. The possession of a criminal
record will not automatically debar you from consideration for the post for which you have applied. Any information given will be
treated as confidential and will only be used in relation to the post for which you have applied.

I agree that the appropriate enquiry may be made to the Criminal Records Bureau.

Data Protection Act (1998)
Information from this application form may be held securely by Education Bradford or the employing school. The employers are
registered under the Data Protection Act (1998); individuals have the right of access to personal data concerning them.

I hereby give my consent for the information provided on this form to be held on computer or other relevant filing systems and to be
shared with other accredited organisations or agencies in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998.

A candidate for any appointment with the Council / Governing Body must state below any known relationship to a Councillor, Co-
opted Member, Director or Assistant Director of the Council, any member of the Governing Body or existing employees of the
Governing Body when making an application. A candidate failing to disclose such a relationship or seeking to improperly influence the
recruitment and selection process shall be disqualified from appointment, or if appointed, shall be liable to dismissal without notice.

Are you related to a Councillor or Senior Officer of the Council or any member of the Governing Body or existing employees
of the Governing Body?             Yes                 No

If YES, give details:

You are reminded that where the Governing Body are the employers the post will be subject to the terms and conditions of
the appropriate model contract (eg CES, Church of England, Foundation Schools etc)


Signed:                                                                             Date:
How did you learn of this vacancy?

 Equal opportunity and employment
We seek a workforce which reflects the community we serve. We welcome applications from those groups which are under-represented on
our staff. Applicants for jobs are judged on their skills and suitability for the vacancy.

To ensure this policy is carried out effectively, we ask all applicants to provide the information requested on this page. It will be used only for
administrative and monitoring purposes and will be confidential and not used to discriminate in favour or against any individual applicant.

Ethnic classification
                                                                                Please Note: These categories have been recommended to the employers by the
                                                                                Commission for Racial Equality and are being collected to assist us to monitor the
                                                                                effects of its equal rights policy and to meet the requirements of the Race Relations
                                                                                (Amendment) Act 2000.
 White             English                            1
                   Scottish                           2
                   Welsh                              3
                   Irish                              4
                   Any other white                    5                        I am:       Female                 Male
 Mixed             White & Black Caribbean            6
                   White & Black African              7                        Date of birth:
                   White & Asian                      8
                   Any other mixed                    9                        Job Sharing
 Asian or          Indian                             10                       If this post is full time and it has been advertised as being
 Asian British     Pakistani                          11                       suitable for job sharing, please tell us whether you are
                   Bangladeshi                        12                       applying for a full time post or willing to job share, or whether
                   Kashmiri                           13                       you would consider either:
                   Any other Asian                    14                       Full time
 Black or          Caribbean                          15
 Black British     African                            16                       Job share
                   Any other black                    17                       Either
 Other Ethnic      Chinese                            18
 Groups            Any other ethnic group             19                       If you would like to job share this post but are unsure as to
                                                                               whether this is possible please contact the school or
                                                                               department concerned.


We are committed to providing access to employment opportunities for disabled people. To assist us in carrying out this policy
please provide any relevant information which has a substantial and long term adverse effect on your ability to carry out day to day
activities. This information will be treated as confidential and will only be used to enable selectors to make a fair assessment of your
capabilities, taking into account any adjustments that may be required.
Do you consider you have any medical condition or disability which may be covered by the provisions of the Disability Discrimination
Act (1995)?
    No           Yes

If YES, give details:

Do you have any specific requirements to enable you to attend an interview?

    No           Yes

If YES, give details:


Please note that you may be required to complete a medical questionnaire and/or consent to a medical examination for certain posts.

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