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Country Villa Mobile Home Owners' Association letter


									                         Country Villa MH Owners' Association
                                     1100 Water Street
                                   Santa Cruz, CA 95062

April 1, 2013

Ms. Julia Simpkins
2630 Orchard St. #10
Soquel, CA 95073

Dear Ms. Simpkins:

CVMHOA's Directors have deep empathy for the difficulties you and your family have been
experiencing. As homeowners ourselves, we understand how challenging this situation must be.

The Association denies any legal responsibility for damage to your home caused by the recent
sewer problem.

The Association has used due care regarding the sanitary sewer system at Country Villa MHP.
The HOA had the system professionally inspected in 2012, and received an inspection report
declaring the system to be in good condition.

The Association had no notice of any sewer problems in the park before the problem at home site
#10 became catastrophic.

The Association and its management agent acted promptly to have the sewer line problem

We have learned that you were aware of a sewer backup problem in your home before it became
catastrophic, but resorted to self-help rather than notifying CVMHOA or its management agent.
By not notifying CVMHOA or management in a timely way, the opportunity to fix the problem
before it became catastrophic was lost.

CVMHOA’s management agent hired Clean-Tec Restoration and Cleaning (Santa Cruz) for
emergency mitigation regarding damage to your home (see invoice enclosed). This was proper
and necessary action by the management agent. Payment of Clean-Tec for work already
completed is your responsibility.

CVMHOA’s management agent has procured an estimate for additional work from Clean-Tec
(for hazardous waste removal, mold cleaning, etc.). That estimate is attached. If this proposed
work is to be done by Clean-Tec, you must authorize and pay for it.

Again, we regret the difficulties you have been facing, as we consider ourselves part of a
community of neighbors.


The Board of Directors, Country Villa MH Owners' Association

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