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									       English 475

Editing Technical Publications
         What’s this course all about?

   Editing the content, organization, format, style, and
    mechanics of documents

   Managing the production cycle of documents

   Discovering and learning microcomputer software
    applications for technical editing tasks
                     What will I learn?
   How to edit a variety of
    types of documents found
    in many work settings:
       Policies and procedures
       Newsletters or brochures
       Reports
       Documentation
       Manuscripts

   Copyediting skills, with
    emphasis on
       Spelling
       Capitalization
       Grammar
       Punctuation
                  What will I learn?
   Substantive editing skills
    with emphasis on:
       Style
       Organization
       Format

   Computer-assisted writing
    and editing skills, online
    editing abilities, and how
    to use software
    appropriate to such tasks
          What skills will I develop?
   Collaborative writing
    and editing strategies
   Critical thinking
   Creative thinking
   Problem-solving skills
   Familiarity with
    research on technical
    editing and technical
    books useful to the
    technical editor
         What skills will I develop?

   Competency in editing
    tasks involving
    markup languages

   Documentation skills

   Production
    management skills
         What equipment do I need?
   For PC and Mac Users…
       A working email address
       56 kbps modem, DSL or Cable
       Internet connection via an Internet Service Provider (MSN,
        Charter, EarthLink, Net Zero, etc)
       Internet Explorer 5.0 through 6 with Service Pack
        or Netscape Navigator with:
                    Java
                    Adobe Acrobat
                    Real One Player
                    Flash Player
       Monitor capable of 800 X 600 resolution
       Sound Card and speakers/headphones
       CD drive, DVD Drive, or CD-RW drive
   And…
        What equipment do I need?
   For PC…
       Windows 98, ME, 2000 or XP
       Microsoft Office 97, 2000, XP, or 2003
        (Standard Version includes at least Word,
        PowerPoint, Excel)

   For Mac…
       OS 9 or OS X
       Microsoft Office: Mac, v.X
        Standard Version includes at least Word,
        Excel, PowerPoint.
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