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									                   Claire Mwali Mwamba Morin MD, MPH
                   (508) 523-8660 cmorin@jhu.edu
                   10010 Vanderbilt Circle Unit 10, Rockville MD 20850

Johns Hopkins University World Bank Graduate Fellow, Baltimore MD 6/94-5/95
Masters in Public Health International Health Systems, Epidemiology, selected from over 400,000 candidates
worldwide for the World Bank Graduate Scholarship Program.
Institute for the Development of Applied Epidemiology/EPITER Veyrier du Lac, France 9/89-10/89
Certificate in Applied Epidemiology and Biostatistics joint program: CDC, The National Sch. of PH, & Inst. of
Pasteur & Merieux.
The University of Zambia Lusaka, Zambia 9/80-7/87
MBCHB 1988; Bachelor of Science BSC Human Biology 1984
Kamitonte Military Camp Solwezi, Zambia 12/79-6/80
Certificate in Military Training

Medical Center of Central Georgia, Family Practice Intern Macon, Georgia 7/02 – 7/03
FDA/Division of Public Health, Emory University & CDC Atlanta, Georgia 1999
food-borne illness investigation & diverse certificate courses in epidemiology and surveillance.
FEMA/FBI/CIA: Certificate course in Bioterrorism preparedness 1999
Albert Ludwig University Hospital, Freiburg, Germany 1987 Gynecological surgery.
University of Dundee Ninewells Hospital Dundee, Scotland 1985 Community Medicine.
The University Teaching Hospital Resident Medical Officer Lusaka, Zambia 1/88 - 1/91
Rotated through the departments of Internal Medicine, Surgery, and OB/GYN & Pediatrics; co-investigated research
study: “The reporting of AIDS in East and Central Africa” J. Chin, B. Nkowane, and C. Mwamba 1988.
Clinically managed & participated in Home Based care of patients with HIV/AIDS.

Medicaid Managed Care Organization Chief Medical Officer Washington D.C. 4/07 to 6/08
     Developed vision & strategy, lead & coordinated management for quality service delivery, contractual &
         regulatory audits e.g., HEDIS, NCQA
     Supervised utilization management, designed quality studies, analyzed disease expenditure for a budget
         exceeding millions of dollars & 30,000 members, developed policies & procedures.
         Reviewed & updated practice guidelines & drug formulary.
     Collaborated in national & state initiatives—chaired curriculum development to train participating MDs for
         DC’s Assuring Better Childhood Development (ABCD) project—a 20 state initiative of the American
         Acad. of Pediatrics—wrote proposal outline to improve provider practices for a $10 million Chronic
         Disease Prevention project—helped write legislation for a comprehensive school-based asthma
         management project
     Helped write a proposal awarded a 5 year Medicaid contract.
     Analyzed data & prepared annual reports & others as requested, supervised member & provider newsletter.
     Trained health educators in facilitating & empowering techniques of health education.
Independent French < > English Technical Translator 7/03—present
Translate health & legal technical information from French to English as a member of:
     The American Translator’s Association—an affiliate member of the International Federation of Translators
     ProZ—the largest global network of translators featured www.proz.com/profile/93291
     Consultancy with www.lingosys.com & McNeill Technologies.

District Health Office Macon District Epidemiologist and Laboratory Director Macon, Georgia. 02/99 – 7/02
     Directed epidemiology & surveillance studies in 13 counties, member of Georgia’s Emergency Response
     Collaborated with Dr. Choi to track Infant Mortality Rate using GIS
       Tracked HIV/AIDS epidemiology
       Assessed effectiveness of land cleaning at an artillery site; investigated disease outbreaks; teamed with
        national studies & conducted community interventions.
       Designed epidemiology practicum for MDs, mentored collegians from Wesleyan & Mercer.
       Wrote press releases, reports & presented to professional, community & TV media.
       Supervised district laboratory operations for CLIA certification

Fort Valley State University Adjunct Assistant Professor Fort Valley, Georgia 1/02 – 7/03
     Designed lectures & taught Masters in Public Health epidemiology.
Mercer University School of Medicine Adjunct Assistant Professor 06/99 – 7/03

USAID/JHU Child Survival External Technical Reviewer 04/96
    Reviewed PVO proposals for USAID funding
World Bank Washington D.C. Public Health Specialist Southern Africa Division 6/95 - 11/95
    Researched & reported on HIV in 10 South African nations recommendations were implemented
    Interviewed global stakeholders & identified opportunities for strategic external partnerships within the
       global communityAttended the inception meeting of UNAIDS in 1995.
    Reviewed and analyzed HIV/AIDS activities, gap analysis, epidemic progression & made projections

United States Embassy Health Unit Contracted Peace Corps Medical Officer Lome, Togo 10/93 - 6/94
     Clinically managed US agency & embassy personnel.

The National AIDS Reference Laboratory Research Assistant Lome, Togo. 9/92 - 10/93
     Pioneered national HIV epidemiology at the University Teaching Hospital; results were published at the
       Regional Aids Conference in Morocco.

Monica Chiumya Memorial Clinic Chief Medical Officer Lusaka, Zambia 4/90 - 7/91
    Managed private health service delivery targeting an urban population of 100,000.
    Contracted with private companies, foreign agencies & expanded clinic to attain hospital status.

Presidential Inaugural Committee Volunteer organizer Washington D.C 01/09
Obama Campaign Volunteer Leader & Coordinator of Special Events Bethesda MD 4/07- 11/08
      Traveled, hosted events, raised funds, led health policy discussions
Medical Center of Middle Georgia Wellness Center Macon, Georgia 1/02
      Presented Biofeedback and Your Health for the Center’s Complementary Medicine Program
St. Francis Episcopal Church Macon, Georgia 3/01
      Facilitated a six-week multi-denominational session exploring spirituality and healing.
Bon Secours Health Corporation Baltimore, MD 2/96-6/96
      Designed culturally sensitive, community based programs for smoking cessation and arthritis

American Medical Association
American Public Health Association
American Translators Association &ProZ
Johns Hopkins Alumni
National Medical Association

Travels: Benin, Botswana, Congo, Cote D'Ivoire, England, France, Gabon, Gambia, Germany, Ghana, Holland,
Italy, Kenya, Scotland, South Africa, Togo, Zambia.
Languages: English, French, Spanish, Bemba, Nyanja.

Skills: Epi/Biostatistics research methods; experiential adult learning techniques; training program design;
community health planning; computer: Epi-Info, Microsoft Office, WordPerfect Office; poetry: International Poet
Award 2000; art, music.

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