Energy Efficiency by zhouwenjuan


									           Affirming & Envisioning Sustainable Practices at EdCC

                         Energy Efficiency:
      Saving Energy, Saving Money & Saving Our Environment
                        Thursday, Nov. 19th
                             SNO 304A
                            12:30 – 2 pm

I. Introduction/Background: Alison Pugh, EdCC Sustainability Researcher

II.     Presentations on Energy Efficiency:
         • Laura McCrae from Snohomish County PUD will talk about
             power in the region
         • Kevin McKay, EdCC VP for Finance and Operations, will talk
             about our Investment Grade Audit (ESCO)
         • PS Reilly, Next Gen Today Consultant, will talk about our
             greenhouse gas (carbon footprint) inventory

III.    Q & A -- moderated by Alison Pugh

IV.     Closing/Wrap Up/Next Steps
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ficiency_full_report.pdf (July 2009)

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Energy Efficiency:
Track your home energy use:

Carbon, Climate & Energy: - understanding the carbon cycle
carbon calculator: <>

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