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									                               THE GETTY FOUNDATION
                        GRANTS AWARDED FY13, QUARTERS 1 and 2

The grants below were awarded in the first two quarters of FY13, between July 1, 2012 and
December 31, 2012.


Pacific Standard Time Presents: Modern Architecture in L.A.
Building on the Getty’s longstanding interest in the study and conservation of modern
architecture, a series of grants is supporting exhibitions and programs that will coincide with
an exhibition in 2013 organized by the Getty Research Institute.

A+D Architecture and Design Museum, Los Angeles, California. For the exhibition A
Windshield Perspective. $120,000

Cal Poly Pomona Foundation, Inc. For the exhibition Technology and Environment: The
Postwar House in Southern California. $160,000

Community Arts Resources, Inc., Los Angeles, California. For the public program CicLAvia:
Modern Architecture on Wilshire Boulevard. $100,000

Henry E. Huntington Library & Art Gallery, San Marino, California. For the online exhibition
Form and Landscape: Southern California Edison and the Los Angeles Basin, 1940–1990.

Los Angeles Philharmonic Association, California. For public programming as part of Pacific
Standard Time Presents: Modern Architecture in L.A. $20,000

Machine Project, Los Angeles, California. For the public program The Machine Project Guide
to L.A. Architecture. $108,000

MAK Center for Art and Architecture, West Hollywood. California. For the exhibition and
publication Everything Loose Will Land. $200,000

Museum Associates, Los Angeles, California. For the exhibition Reinventing LACMA: Peter
Zumthor and the Presence of the Past. $300,000

Museum Associates, Los Angeles, California. For the exhibition As He Remembered It at the
Los Angeles County Museum of Art. $20.000

Pasadena Heritage, California. For public programming related to modern architecture in
Pasadena. $41,000
Regents of the University of California, Oakland. For the public program Architecture Beyond
Architecture, organized by the Architecture and Urban Design Department at the University of
California, Los Angeles. $165,000

Regents of the University of California, Oakland. For the exhibition and publication Outside In:
The Architecture of Smith and Williams, organized by the Art, Design & Architecture Museum
at the University of California, Santa Barbara. $125,000
Southern California Institute of Architecture, Los Angeles. For the exhibition A Confederacy of
Heretics: The Architecture Gallery, Venice 1979. $125,000


Connecting Art Histories
This initiative strengthens the discipline of art history by providing opportunities for sustained
international exchange among scholars around the world.

Max-Planck-Gesellschaft zur Förderung der Wissenschaften e.V., Munich, Germany. For the
final phase of the research project Art, Space, and Mobility in the Early Ages of Globalization
organized by the Kunsthistorisches Institut in Florence, Italy. $100,000

President and Fellows of Harvard College, Cambridge, Massachusetts. For a research seminar
for Chinese scholars on the arts in Renaissance Italy at Villa I Tatti in Florence, Italy. $108,000

University of Edinburgh. Scotland. For the online journal Art in Translation. $100,000


Graduate Interns
Graduate Internships at the Getty support full-time positions for students who intend to
pursue careers in fields related to the visual arts.

Godoy Fernández, Pablo. Goldsmiths, University of London, England. $17,400.

Connecting Professionals/Sharing Expertise
A number of grants to national and international professional organizations that serve
museums and the fields of art history and conservation have allowed interns and colleagues
from underserved areas to participate in annual conferences and professional exchanges.

Art Libraries Society of North America, Oak Creek, Wisconsin. For participants from Latin
America to attend the 2013 ARLIS/NA Annual Conference in Pasadena, California. $69,000

California Association of Museums, Santa Cruz. For Getty Multicultural Undergraduate
Internship alumni to attend the 2013 annual conference. $20,800
International Council of Museums, Paris, France. For participants from developing countries
and Central and Eastern Europe to attend the 2013 General Conference in Rio de Janeiro,
Brazil. €75,000

Organización de Estados Iberoamericanos Para la Educación, la Ciencia y la Cultura, Brasilia,
D.F., Brazil. For the Collections' Assessment Institute in Bogotá, Colombia. $100,000

Southern California Grantmakers, Los Angeles. For the 2012 Annual Conference and Members'
Meeting. $5,000

Other Professional Development Grants

Inner-City Arts, Los Angeles. California. For visual arts programs (matching funds for a survey
of alumni of the Getty Multicultural Undergraduate Internship program.) $4,500

Ithaka Harbors, Inc. New York. For a study on research support services for art historians.

The following residential grants were administered by the Foundation on behalf of the Getty
Research Institute, Getty Museum, and Getty Conservation Institute.

Getty Research Institute Library Research Grants

Amao, Damarice. Universities Paris-Sorbonne (Paris IV), Institut National d'Histoire de l'Art,
France. $2,200
Bremer, Maria. Deutsches Forum für Kunstgeschichte, Paris, France. $2,200
Capper, Emily Ruth. University of Chicago, Illinois. $1,200
Danchev, Alexander. University of Nottingham, England. $2,200
de Castro Gonçalves, Rosa Gabriella. Universidade Federal da Bahia, Salvador, Brazil. $2,200
de Puineuf, Sonia. Independent Scholar, Brest, France. $2,200
Díez, Daniel. Independent Scholar, Madrid, Spain. $2,200
Drost, Julia. Deutsches Forum für Kunstgeschichte, Paris, France. $850
Feng, Shi. Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Beijing, China. $10,097
Golonu, Berin. University of Rochester, New York. $1,200
Hemingway, Andrew Frank. University College London, England. $1,200
Lohmann, Daniel. Rheinisch-Westfälische Technische Hochschule, Aachen, Germany. $2,200
Mardilovich, Galina. The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York. $1,200
McCartney, Nicola Alexis. Birkbeck College, University of London, England. $1,866
Miao, Zhe. Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, China. $10,097
Monteix, Nicolas. Université de Rouen, France. $2,200
Murfin, Ira S. Northwestern University, Evanston, Illinois. $1,200
O'Brien, Kerry. Indiana University, Bloomington. $1,200
Oléron Evans, Emilie Marie Blanche. Université Sorbonne Nouvelle—Paris 3, France.
Ozdoba, Marie-Madeleine. École des hautes études en sciences sociales, Paris, France. $2,200
Quick, Jennifer Eileen. Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts. $1,200
Richaud, Gilbert. Centre national de la recherche scientifique, Lyon, France. $1,200
Roy, Stéphane. Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada. $1,200
Salsbury, Britany Lane. Graduate Center, City University of New York. $1,200
Silveri, Rachel Carmel. Columbia University, New York. $1,200
Stetler, Pepper Ashton. Miami University, Oxford, Ohio. $1,200
Surges, Gregory Selby. University of California, San Diego. $625
Timm, Christopher Hanson. Florida State University, Tallahassee. $1,200

J. Paul Getty Museum

Vittet, Jean. Mobilier national et Manufactures nationales, Paris, France. $9,950
Wolfthal, Diane Bette. Rice University, Houston, Texas. $9,950


Trustee and employee matching gifts (106). $195,901

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