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					                                     Educational Purchase Order Form
                          Fax to 202-364-0058 or e-mail to

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                                       Journey to Planet Earth – Episode 12
                                Plan B: Mobilizing to Save Civilization — DVD & Book

   12.     Plan B: Mobilizing to Save Civilization (83 min.)
           Please include a copy of the accompanying book, “Plan B” by Lester R. Brown

                                     Journey to Planet Earth – Episodes 1-11
   11.     State of the Planet’s Oceans          07.   Future Conditional        03.    Land of Plenty, Land of Want
   10.     State of the Ocean’s Animals          06.   Hot Zones                 02.    Urban Explosion
   09.     State of the Planet’s Wildlife        05.   Seas of Grass             01.    Rivers of Destiny
   08.     State of the Planet                   04.   On the Brink

                                   Individual Programs — $149 each + $10 s/h
                                       Any Six Programs — $699 + $15 s/h
                                  Complete 12-Program Set — $1299 + $25 s/h
                                      Digital Streaming Rights Available Upon Request

                                            Episodes come on DVD and include:

                      •    Full-length version (55 min.)
                      •    Abridged version (25 min.) for use with shorter class periods
                      •    Chaptered Case Studies
                      •    Educators Guides that correlate to National Science Education standards

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