Bachelors Degree in Computer Graphics Design and Animation May

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					                        //    781.367.4262    //   117 Salem Road, Billerica, MA 01821

                          Bachelors Degree in Computer Graphics Design and Animation
                                     May 1999 - University of Massachusetts at Amherst

                      To find a career with a smaller creative firm where I can use my
         broad range of talents to produce stunning and unique designs for it’s clients.

1999 - Present                                                Focus Power: A Freelance Collective -
Co-Founder - Graphic Artist/Animator/Web Designer
g   Direct and provide quality services such as Graphic Design, Internet Development, and Multimedia Programming
g   Meet and confer with clients, write proposals and manage their projects to completion
g   Assign tasks to co-workers and manage client/worker relationships
g   Clients include: Bentley College, Ferdie’s Soccer-Magic, Salem Cycle, Chelsea’s Fine Clothing for Women, Revolve,
Divinities, Domino’s Pizza, Little Lulu’s, Holeshot Tattoo, David Davinchi (an R&B Recording Artist), The Setup Machine for
Lightwave, Blazen Hats, Kaeza Fearn, and more

Sept. 2002 - April 2005                                                       Positronic Design -
Contract Website Design/Graphic Design/Project Management
g   Designed and assembled webites for a variety of clients and businesses
g   Managed high-end projects from conception and storyboard to completion of specified terms and goals in a timely fashion
g   Created original artwork, animations, Flash content, and web content
g   Designed artwork and arranged for multiple print projects

1997- May 2004                                                                       University of Massachusetts at Amherst
Director of Final Animation
g   Directed and supported students in final animation
g   Supervised teaching assistants in grading and creating assignments
g   Assisted in ideas, process, and storyboard for 3D animation
g   Managed the final project to completion
g   First and only to fully complete an animation by the deadline

Teaching Assistant
g   Facilitated teaching of Computer Science 591K, a graduate level 3D computer animation class created by Adam Lavine,
founder of Specular International
g   Tutored students
g   Developed project conception
g   Assessed student projects for grading
                            //   781.367.4262    //   117 Salem Road, Billerica, MA 01821

                                   Experience Continued...

                            Jan. 2002 - May 2002                                         University of Massachusetts at Amherst
                          Graphic Artist/Animator for Live Show (Transformations)
                          g    Instrumental in design and storyboarding stages
                          g     Created 2D and 3D animation sequences for 4 out of 5 poems
                                         g   Worked closely with Music and Dance instructors and specialists

                              Animator, Graphic Artist, and Multimedia Programmer for the Intelligent Tutoring Systems
                        g Assisted in creation of multimedia tutoring systems
                      g  Created 2D and 3D animations of parts and methods of fabrication
g   Designed and implemented the creation of the Die Casting Tutor, graphic interface for the CD-ROM , and introduction to the tutors
g   Designed cover and label art for CD

1998 - 1999                                                       Gravity Switch - Northampton, MA -
g   Created multimedia presentations for use on the web and CD-ROM
g   Oversaw quality and satisfaction of multimedia presentations for clients
g   Conducted debugging of client systems

g  Adobe Photoshop, Premiere, After Effects, Illustrator, ImageReady, Encore, Macromedia Director, Freehand,
Fontographer, Flash, Dreamweaver, Metacreations Infini-D, Apple DVD Studio Pro, Corel DRAW!, Martin Hash’s
Animation:Master, Syntrillium Cool Edit Pro, Microsoft Word, Excel, Quark Express
g                             ,
   HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP SQL, and Lingo programming
g   2D and 3D modeling, animation, lighting, and scene composition
g   DVD Authoring
g   User interface design
g   Proficiency with both PC and Macintosh operating systems

g   Traditional animation forms and procedures, linear and non-linear video editing, drafting, landscape design, pen and
pencil rendering techniques
g    Graphic Design concepts for still imagery and printed advertisement, knowledge of printing techniques, and
pre-press setup
g    Understanding of light and shadow, color theory, and camera position in regards to photography, staging, and film and
video production
g    Years of experience writing short storylines and creating storyboards for use with animation
g    Group management skills and the ability to work on multiple projects simultaneously and meet multiple deadlines
in a timely fashion
g    Extensive training in photography and digital photography standards, techniques and styles
g    Traditional fine arts training including: pen and pencil line art drawings, shading, conte crayon and pastel, sculpture, paint-
ing, print-making, etc.
g    Extreme attention to detail, very organized, able to handle many different situations at the same time