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					DMC/14/2/Comp.65/2003/                                                          1st January, 2004

         Smt. Daya Goyal                                                    Complainant
         Flat No. 161, Bhagirathi Apartment,
         Sector-9, Rohini,
         Delhi – 110 085


1.       Dr. R.M. Chhabra                                                   Respondents
         51, A-1, Sector-5,
         Delhi – 110 085

2.       Dr. Sanjeev Aggarwal
         DM Cardiologist
         The Heart Centre
         353, Pocket-C-8, Sector-8,
         Delhi – 110 085

3.       Metro Golden Heart Institute
         C/o. Jaipur Golden Hospital
         2, Institutional Area,
         Sector-3, Rohini,
         Delhi – 110 085


The Delhi Medical Council examined a complaint of Smt. Daya Goyal against Dr. R.M. Chhabra, Dr.
Sanjeev Aggarwal & Metro Golden Heart Institute.        The following were examined in person
alongwith the complaint, replies of Respondents 1 to 3, the case papers of Metro Golden Heart
Institute and other documents on record: -

     -   Smt. Daya Goyal
     -   Dr. R.M. Chhabra
     -   Dr. Sanjeev Aggarwal
     -   Shri Gagan Nagpal, Administrative Officer, Metro Golden Hospital

It is a case of the complainant that Respondents No. 1 to 3 committed medical negligence in the
treatment administered by them to her husband late Shri Jugal Kishore which resulted in his death on

Following are the findings of the Delhi Medical Council: -

   1.      Late Shri Jugal Kishore (hereinafter referred to as the patient) was admitted in Muni
           Maya Ram Jain Hospital on 12.11.2002 at 5.15 AM with complaint of chest pain where
           Respondent No. 1 examined him.          The ECG revealed Coronary Artery Disease.
           Respondent No. 1 called for Respondent No. 2 who performed Echocardiography, which
           confirmed the diagnosis of Acute Extensive Anterior Wall Myocardial Infarction.
           Primary treatment was administered to the patient but he did not respond to the same and
           with the consent of the relatives of the patient, he was shifted to Metro Golden Heart
           Institute (a cardiac unit of Jaipur Golden Hospital) for further management at 7.00 AM
           on 12.11.2002.

   2.      Coronary angiogram done at Jaipur Golden Hospital revealed 100% Left Anterior
           Descending Arterial block for which angioplasty was performed by Respondent No. 2 at
           7.30 AM on 12.11.2002 and a stent was implanted with the consent of relatives. The
           patient was doing well after the procedure.

   3.      As per the progress sheets of Jaipur Golden Hospital (Metro Golden Heart Institute), the
           patient developed hypotension around 6:30 p.m., he was managed by the duty doctor Dr.
           Jainendra Upadhyay (as submitted by Respondent No. 3 in its statement before the Delhi
           Medical Council) and the patient responded to the treatment. Respondent No. 2 was
           informed about the condition. At 8.00 PM the patient again had sudden tachycardia with
           severe hypotension, he was examined by Respondent No. 2.           Dr Hans Jain (Echo
           cardiologist, Jaipur Golden Hospital) performed the echocardiography, which revealed
           that the patient had pericardial tamponade.       Peri-cardiocentesis was performed by
           Respondent No. 2, however, the patient could not be saved in spite of all efforts and was
           declared dead at 9.45 PM as per the death summary of Jaipur Golden Hospital; the cause
           of death being CAD, Extensive anterior wall MI, Cardiac Rupture with Pericardial
           tampenable. The progress sheets, further, confirmed that the patient’s condition was
           constantly monitored by the duty doctor namely Dr. Jainendra Upadhyay, in the ICU.


   In light of the findings made hereinabove, it is the decision of the Delhi Medical Council
             a) The Respondents No. 1 to 3 exercised reasonable skill and knowledge and provided
                due care to late Jugal Kishore which was expected of them.

             b) The line of treatment adopted by Respondents No. 1 and 2 was in accordance with
                the accepted professional practice in such cases.

             c) The complication of cardiac rupture with pericardial tampenade, which the patient
                developed, is a known complication of acute myocardial infraction.

             d) It is, however, observed that the documentation of case records as submitted by
                Respondent No. 3 are unsatisfactory since the progress sheets do not state the name
                of the attending doctors, it only bears their signatures and the copy of death summary
                of the patient purportedly prepared by Respondent No. 2 is unsigned.

             e) The death of late Jugal Kishore cannot be attributed to any act of medical negligence
                on the part of Respondents No. 1 to 3.

       Complaint stands disposed.
                                                               By the order of and in the name of
                                                               Delhi Medical Council

                                                               (Dr. S.K. Khattri)

Copy to :-
 1)    Smt. Daya Goyal, Flat No. 161, Bhagirathi Apartment, Sector-9, Rohini, Delhi – 110 085
 2)    Dr. R.M. Chhabra, 51, A-1, Sector-5, Rohini, Delhi – 110 085
 3)    Dr. Sanjeev Aggarwal, DM Cardiologist, The Heart Centre, 353, Pocket-C-8, Sector-8,
       Rohini, Delhi – 110 085
 4)    Metro Golden Heart Institute, C/o. Jaipur Golden Hospital, 2, Institutional Area, Sector-3,
       Rohini, Delhi – 110 085
 5)    Medical Council of India, Aiwan-E-Galib Marg, Kotla Road (Opp. Mata Sundari College for
       Women), New Delhi – 110 002. With reference to letter No. MCI-211(2)(90)/2003-
       Ethical./5482 dated 2.9.2003.

                                                                      (Dr. S.K. Khattri)

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