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									AMERICAN GOODS (2)

Charles M. Shultz (1922-2000)
Born: St. Paul, Minnesota

1935               Given a black-and-white dog
                   Art Instructions Schools, Inc. in Minneapolis
1950               Contract with United Feature Syndicate, New York City
October 2, 1950    Peanuts debuts in seven newspapers
June 1, 1954       Debut of Linus' security blanket
January 5, 1956    Snoopy first walks on two legs
1958               Yale University names Schulz Cartoonist of the Year.
1960               Hallmark introduces Peanuts greeting cards
April 4, 1967      A bird strongly resembling Woodstock debuts
August 13, 1975    Spike debuts
June 28, 1979      The WW1 Flying Ace visits with the "cute little French girl" (Marcie)
July 1, 1984       Peanuts is now seen in a record -breaking 2,000 newspapers around the world
December 14, 1999 Charles Schulz officially retires
2000               50th Anniversary of Peanuts
January 3, 2000 Charles Schulz bids a fond farewell to all his readers in the final daily Peanuts
                   newspaper strip
February 12, 2000 Charles Schulz dies Saturday evening, of complications from colon cancer in
                   Santa Rosa, CA. He was 77 years old.
February 13, 2000 The final Sunday Peanuts newspaper strip appears


Snoopy is an extroverted beagle with a Walter Mitty complex. He is a virtuoso at every endeavor- at
least in his daydreams atop his doghouse. He regards his master, Charlie Brown, as "that
round-headed kid" who brings him his supper dish. He is fearless though prudently cautious about
"the cat next door." He never speaks- that would be one human trait too many- but he manages to
convey everything necessary in facial expressions and thought balloons. A one-man show with
superior intelligence and vivid imagination, he has created such multiple personalities as: Joe Cool,
World War I Flying Ace, Literary Ace, Flashbeagle, Vulture, Foreign Legionnaire, etc.

October 4, 1950      Snoopy's first appearance.
March 25, 1955      The first time Snoopy goes after Linus's blanket.
April 12, 1957      Snoopy's debut on Charlie Brown's baseball team.
Dec. 12, 1958        Snoopy's first try at sleeping on top of the doghouse.
Jan. 29, 1959      Snoopy debuts as the "Big Man on Campus."
July 12, 1965      Snoopy writes his first line as an author.
April 8, 1968      Snoopy debuts as the golf pro.
1969               Snoopy and Charlie Brown accompany astronauts into space aboard Apollo X.
Nov. 11, 1969      Snoopy celebrates Veteran's Day.
June 11, 1970      Snoopy's first try at tennis.
May 13, 1974       Snoopy debuts as the Beagle Scout.


Woodstock is the smallest of the Peanuts characters but has a big presence for a little bird. He's a
little inept, his flying and logic are erratic, but he can type and take shorthand and usually is game
for anything Snoopy wants to do. Although he's the butt of many of Snoopy's practical jokes, he's the
beagle's closest friend and confidant- and has made attempts at retaliation. Because of his size and
the company he keeps, Woodstock is an accident waiting to happen. Being a bird and tiny, he gets a
little insecure around Thanksgiving and big moving objects. He's the only baseball player who gets
an automatic walk if the ball rolls over him. Woodstock talks birdspeak only, and finds an alphabet
made up entirely of exclamation points quite adequate to express such emotions as distress,
frustration and a real temper. His flocking friends are Bill, Harriet, Olivier and Conrad.


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