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									Match the problem to the treatment options available at La Quinta Medspa
All treatments can be done individually or in combination
Problem                             Topical                 Aesthetic                      Medical/Laser
                                    Treatment               Treatments
Acne                                Topical treatments,     Corrective Acne Facial         Blue Light*, Levulan,
                                    Oral treatments, Acne   Hyperbaric Oxygen              Cortisone Injection
                                    Kit/Clenziderm          Colorescience                  Spectra Laser
                                                            Clarisonic Brush
Capillaries/Veins/Red Spots (Face   Colorescience Make-                                    Laser Vein
or Body)                            up                                                     IPL/Phtofacial
Dark Eye Circles, Puffiness         Kojilac Ci, CEGA S,     Colorescience make-up          Laser Genesis,
Lines                               Green Tea Serum,                                       Fillers
                                    Hyaluronic Acid Gel,                                   Fraxel
Diffuse Redness/Rosacea             Topical salicylic,      Salicylic peels                IPL
                                    Green tea serum,                                       Laser Genesis
                                    Rx Products
Fine Lines/Wrinkles                 Sunscreen,              Chemical Peels                 Botox, Fillers,
                                    Retinol,                (Time Suspension/              Laser Genesis,
                                    Cell Rejuv. Serum       Extreme Skin                   Fraxel Re:store
                                    Obagi NuDerm            Rejuvenation)                  Fraxel Re:pair
                                    Clarisonic Brush                                       Spectra Laser
Melasma                             Hydroquinone,           Salicylic Peels                Fraxel Re:store
(Pregnancy or Hormonal Browning     Retinol,                Hyperbaric Oxygen              Fraxel Re:pair
of Face)                            NuDerm System           Melan Age peel                 Spectra Laser
Skin Laxity                                                                                Titan
(Face, Neck, Abd, Arms, Legs)                                                              Fraxel Re:pair
                                                                                           Venus Freeze `
Skin Laxity Around the Eyes         Hyaluronic Gel,                                        Fillers
                                    Cell Rejuv. Serum                                      Fraxel Re:store
                                    Retinol eye Serum                                      Fraxel Re:pair
Skin Aging Hands                    Sun Screen, Retinol     Vibradermabrasion,             Fillers
                                                            Glycolic peels, Lactic Peel,   Fraxel Re:store
                                                            Jessner Peel                   Fraxel Re:pair
                                                                                           Spectra laser
Sun Spots                           Sun Screen, Even        Vibradermabrasion,             Levulan, IPL,
                                    tone Kit, Retinol       Chemical Peels                 Laser Genesis,
                                                                                           Fraxel Re;Store
                                                                                           Fraxel Re:pair
                                                                                           Spectra Laser
Severe Sun Damage                   Sun Block, Glycolic     Glycolic Peels                 Levulan Photodynamic
                                    Pads, Retinol, Obagi    Jessner Peel,                  Therapy*,
                                    Clarisonic Brush        MelanAge Peel                  Fraxel Re:pair
Scars                               Colorescience                                          Cortisone injection,
                                                                                           Fraxel Re:store
                                                                                           Fraxel Re:pair
Stretch Marks                                                                              Fraxel Re:store

Uneven Texture/                     Retinol, Glycolic       Vibradermabrasion              Laser Genesis, IPL,
Large Pores                         Pads, Green Tea         Chemical Peels                 Fraxel Re:store
                                    Serum,Colorescience     Jessner Peel                   Fraxel Re:pair
                                    Clarisonic Brush                                       Spectra laser
Toenail/ Fingernail Fungus          Footlogix                                              Genesis Laser
                                                                                           Q-swtiched laser
Tattoo Removal                                                                             Spectra laser

Teeth Stains                        White Ice                                              Spa White Teeth Whitening

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