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									Learning About Hip Bursitis
If you over the age of 55, you probably have friends or family members that have suffered serious hip
injuries. You may be concerned that in the near future, you will suffer from similar injuries.

It is true that it is more likely for an older person to sustain a hip injury. However, there are things you
can do in order to prevent hip injuries.

What is Hip Bursitis
One of the most common hip injuries is called hip bursitis. A bursa is a fluid-filled sac that covers the
joints in your body in order to reduce friction between moving tissues.

Bursitis is what it is called when these bursae become inflamed. The inflammation of the bursae greatly
restricts joint movement and can be extremely painful.

These bursae can sometimes even become infected, although it is unlikely. Hip bursitis is caused by
excessive strain or trauma on the area of the hip bursa.

                                        One of the main symptoms of hip bursitis is tenderness of the
                                        outer hip. This can cause problems in the daily life of an individual
                                        for many reasons.

                                        It can make it very difficult for individuals to sleep, because they
                                        often cannot sleep on the side of their hip that they are used to
                                        sleeping on. Oftentimes there is also a dull, aching pain on the
                                        outer side of the hip as well.

This pain is amplified when the individual does a lot of walking or going up or down stairs. This is usually
how hip bursitis is diagnosed.

If an individual comes in to see a doctor complaining of outer hip pain and pain when ascending or
descending stairs, the doctor will most likely diagnose them with hip bursitis. There are many treatment
options for hip bursitis.

Treating Hip Bursitis
It is important to be gentle with yourself while you are trying to find the right treatment for your hip
bursitis, because each individual’s hip bursitis experience is different. One common treatment is the
application of an ice pack to the inflamed area.

With this method of treatment, it may take time to see the results. But if you are difficult with your ice
pack, you may see results quickly.

If you have a more severe case of hip bursitis, your doctor may
prescribe you pain medications that will help relieve the pain you
feel in the hip region. Your doctor may even decide that you need to have some of the fluid from your
bursa removed.

He or she will do this by inserting a needle into the affected area and removing some of the excess fluid
with a syringe. Doctors will also sometimes inject cortisone into the affected area for a more speedy

One of the things you can do to help prevent the onset of hip bursitis is to make sure you maintain a

healthy weight. If your bones have to carry around excessive amounts of weight, this puts much strain
on your hip bones and muscles.

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