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									Project + Presentation
Social Media Campaign


This is the cumulative group project for this course. It is intended to consolidate and apply your learning.
It is worth 40% of your mark.

To plan, launch, and measure a social media campaign to promote a business or individual, which must
include the following components:
•Facebook Fan Page
•Twitter Account
•Linked In Profile
•Your choice of one more social media platform e.g. Google +, Pinterest, Instagram, Blog, Web
Page, You Tube etc.

On the day of the presentation, you will present you campaign and its’ results to the class. The
presentation must include the following:
•Business Objective
•Competitive Analysis / Research
•Target Audience
•Clear Goals for each platform
•Story / Experience / Call to action
•Content Path (mind map) OR Publications Schedule
•Results (measurement)
Items in this section will be included in the project proposal (due next class). These sections will need to
be refined and supported with research and visuals of the execution in your final presentation. Campaign
results will need to be measured against the set goals and objectives.
Project Proposal
Social Media Campaign Planning

DUE: MAR 27, 2013

Your task is to plan a social media campaign for your company or for self promotion. If you are designing
a self-promotional campaign, this proposal could be included in your portfolio. Create a professional
document which includes the following sections:

Business Objective (tightly defined, practical, and actionable)

What are you or your company trying to accomplish by launching this social media campaign? (e.g,
Enhancing brand awareness and perception, recruiting and retaining volunteers). How does this fit into
the overall strategic marketing or self-promotional plan? What stage of the marketing funnel are
targeting through this campaign? How will this campaign be supported by or extended with other
marketing activities?

Competitive Analysis / Research

How are your competitors currently using Social Media? What can you learn from them? How does their
social media presence look visually? What kind of content are your competitors posting?

Where do your potential customers currently spend time online? What kind of content do they engage

Target Audience

Who do you want to engage through your campaign? (include specific details e.g. geographical area, age
group, career/income level) How do they currently use social media? What is the desired relationship or
conversational engagement you want to create?

What are the specific goals you want to accomplish through this campaign? Set unique goals for each
social media platform (e.g. min 30 fans on Facebook, 30 followers on twitter, 30 connections on
LinkedIn). What will reaching the set goals accomplish, in terms of the business objectives you

Story/Experience/Call to Action

What is the story you want to communicate to your target audience? (e.g. Why we are running this
campaign?, What value the customer will get from participating? )

How will you tell / support your story with visuals?

Define you authentic and consistent voice.

What action you want the user to take? (make sure everything you do supports that)

Content Path / Schedule

Content Path: Map out your customer touch points. Create a mind map that shows the big picture of your

Mind maps start with a circle in the middle and radiate ideas that relate to it. You can put your campaign
name in the centre circle and then radiate circles of the different platforms you are using. Alternatively,
you may concentrate your campaign (center circle) on one platform (e.g. Facebook) and support with the
remaining. From each platform circle, you can note the content that will be sent.


Publication Schedule: Schedule communications to be distributed via the different social media
platforms. Include topics to be covered and associated resources / media to share (PDF, web page,
video, images.

Note: In addition to your pre-planned content, you will have to also organically create messages that
respond to the ongoing campaign

We will talk about measuring your results next class. An overview of your results will be incorporated
into your presentation.
Project - Evaluation
Social Media Campaign

        Criteria                        Level 4                          Level 3                      Level 2                    Level 1
                                     Professional                      Proficient                  Approaching                    Needs
                                     9-10 marks                        7-8 marks                   Standard                   Improvement
                                                                                                   5-6 marks                   0-4 marks

 Project Proposal:            •Thoroughly thought out plan,      •Good plan, based on         •Basic plan, based on        •Limited plan, requires
 •Business Objective          based on in depth research ,       some research ,              limited research ,           more research, and
 •Competitive Analysis /      containing all the required        containing most of the       containing some of the       contains few of the
 Research                     components                         required components          required components          required components
 •Target Audience             •Established actionable goals,     •Established acceptable      •Goals need refinement       •Goals need
 •Clear Goals for each        clearly tied to business           goals.                       •Proposal needs              considerable refinement
 platform                     objectives.                        •Professional proposal,      improvement to reach         •Not Professional
 •Story / Experience / Call   •Highly professional proposal,     ready to be presented to     professional standard
 to action                    ready to be presented to           decision makers
                              decision makers
 •Content Path (mind map)

 Execution:                   •Campaign contains all the         •Campaign contains all       •Campaign contains 3 of 4    •Campaign is
 •Facebook Fan Page           required components                the required components      required components          incomplete - does not
 •Twitter Account             •Each platform shows               •Each platform includes      •Each platform includes      include two or more of
 •Linked In Profile           engaging content (evidence)        somewhat effective           content but considerable     the required
                              •Campaign has consistent and       content                      improvements need to be      components
 •Your choice of one more
 social media platform        effective: look and feel, voice,   •Campaign has mostly         made to increase
 __________                   message, across all platforms      consistent: look and feel,   engagement
                                                                 voice, message, across       •Consistency across
                                                                 platforms                    platforms needs

 Application of               •Demonstrates effective            •Demonstrates somewhat       •Demonstrates limited        •Did not implement
 Monitoring,                  implementation of the              effective implementation     implementation of the        measurement strategy
 Measurement , and            monitoring strategy                of the measurement           measurement strategy for     for listening and
 Analysis (Reporting )        •Developed a professional          strategy for listening and   listening and research.      research.
 strategy :                   report/ dashboard to measure       research.                    •report/ dashboard to        •Did not use a report/
                              campaign results                   •Developed a basic           measure and monitor          dashboard to measure
 •Monitoring Strategy                                            report/ dashboard to         campaign results needs       and monitor campaign
 •Measurement Plan                                               measure and monitor          improvement                  results
 •Report / Dashboard                                             campaign results

 Presentation:                •Highly professional               •Presentation contained      •Presentation contained      •Presentation was not
 •Business Objective          presentation , containing all      all required components.     some required                completed
 •Competitive Analysis /      required components.               •supported with some         components.
 Research                     •Well supported with visuals       visuals                      •Limited reflection and
 •Target Audience             of execution                       •Some reflection and         refinement of proposed
 •Clear Goals for each        •Clearly shows reflection and      refinement of proposed       goals/ plan was evident
 platform                     refinement of proposed goals/      goals/ plan was evident      •Presentation of results
 •Story / Experience / Call   plan.                              •Presentation of results     included limited analysis.
 to action                    •Presentation of results           included some analysis       More connection to set
                              included through analysis tied     tied to set goals and        goals and business
 •Content Path (mind map)
                              to set goals and business          business objectives          objectives is required
 •Result (Social Media
 Marketing Analysis Report)

Mark: ! !             !         /40!         !           Feedback:
Final Project - Peer Evaluation
Social Media Campaign
PRESENTATION: APR 17, 2013!              !       NAME:

Based on your class mate’s in-class presentation, please evaluate the following:

 Execution:                                                                                  /10 marks

 Campaign contains all the required components:                                    YES           NO

 Facebook Fan Page

 Twitter Account

 Linked In Company Page

 Your choice of one more social media platform

 On a scale of 1-4 rate the following (4-meets criteria 1= Needs Improvement).

 Each platform shows engaging content (evidence)                                   4     3   2   1
 Campaign has consistent and effective: look and feel, voice, message,             4     3   2   1
 across all platforms

Comments: __________________________________________________________________

 Application of the Monitoring, Measurement, and Analysis                                    /10 marks
 (Reporting) strategy:

 On a scale of 1-4 rate the following (4-meets criteria 1= Needs Improvement).

 Demonstrates effective implementation of the monitoring strategy                  4     3   2   1
 Developed a professional report/ dashboard to measure campaign                    4     3   2   1

Comments: __________________________________________________________________
 Presentation:                                                                             /10 marks

 Presentation contains all the required components:                              YES           NO

 Business Objectives

 Competitive Analysis

 Target Audience

 Goals for each platform (4)

 Story / Experience / Call to Action

 Content Path

 Results (SMM Marketing Analysis Report)

 On a scale of 1-4 rate the following (4-meets criteria 1= Needs Improvement).

 The presentation was highly professional                                        4     3   2   1
 Well supported with visuals of execution                                        4     3   2   1
 Clearly shows reflection and refinement of proposed goals/ plan.                4     3   2   1
 Presentation of results included through analysis tied to set goals and         4     3   2   1
 business objectives

Comments: __________________________________________________________________

Overall Feedback:

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