Assignment 2 - Example by yvtong


									Assignment #2: Social Media Monitoring and Measurement

A. Media monitoring strategies
    1. Social Mention: I am going to use Social Mention to track the company online Sentiments,
       Reach, Passion and Strength each month. This will allow the management know how we are
       doing on online.
    2. Tracking tool for Twitter: Klout score to measure the standard of influence.
    3. Google Alerts: To track our company and other competitors news and activities. Also it is
       important to keep track of what is happening in relation to the industry. I will set anything that is
       related to RESPs, our company and topics that related to Canadian education, Canadian
       university or post-secondary studies on my daily alert.

    4. Open Site Explorer from to monitoring the ranking of our website.

    5. Facebook analytics for daily monitoring: see customer feedback. If budget permits, we will get
       Radian6 or Viral Heat for better tracking on ROI.

B. Business objectives
SMART goal

Business Objective         SMART Goal                  Success Metric/ KPI         Tracking Tool
Facebook Engagement to Increase Facebook Likes Likes, Potential reach              Facebook insight
improve customer loyalty to 10K by end of 2013
and retention
Increase Twitter followers Increase followers by 10 Followers, re-tweets           Klout
                           % in 4 months
Drive traffic to website   for every 10 visitors to    # of unique visits, # of    Google Analytics
and conversion to leads website converts to            sign-ups
and sales                  potential leads.
Increase brand and         Increase website traffic by Youtube views, website      Google Analytics, Social
products awareness.        10 percent and increase traffic and unique visits       Mention,
                           Youtube viewing by 20%                                  YouTube analytics
                           by end of campaign                                      dashboard
C. Analytics Reports (Mock up)

Share of Voice Report (using Hootsuite, Klout and Social Mention )

Social Media Share of Voice and Sentiment
                    Nov 1 2012– Dec
Date Compiled:      5 2012

Organization        Positive MentionsNeutral MentionsNegative MentionsTotal Mentions
Knowledge First

Total Mentions                                                                 3253

Share of Voice (positive/neutral only)                  Average Sentiment
Organization     Share %                                Organization    Share %
Heritage                 30.13%                         Heritage                3.34
CST                      17.40%                         CST                     3.12
Global                   18.41%                         Global                  3.08
Knowledge First           3.66%                         Knowledge First         2.89
CEF                       3.41%                         CEF                     2.65
USC                       8.15%                         USC                     3.55
Heritage                 11.93%                         Heritage                3.19

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