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                                    CERTIFICATE OF INDIVIDUAL
                               DOING BUSINESS UNDER ASSUMED NAME

It is hereby certified that:                                                                          Amended

The undersigned is transacting business at

City of                                   Zip Code            , County of                     , State of New York

under the name of                                                                                                    .

The full name of the undersigned is:

and his/her residence is

City of                                   Zip Code            , County of                     , State of New York.

I further certify that I am successor and interest to

This certificate is executed and filed pursuant to Section 130 of the General Business Law.


STATE OF NEW YORK                         )
COUNTY OF MONROE                          )      ss.
            of                            )

On this        day of                      , in the year two thousand             before me, the subscriber,
personally appeared                                                               to me personally known to be
the same person described in and who executed the foregoing instrument, and he/she acknowledged that he/she
executed the same.


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