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					Date;-           3rd April 2013.                                            Anthony Ramsden

Ref ;-           C0/14044/2012 Court ref                                    14 The Mount Thornes

F.t.a.o;-        Mark Burns Williamson                                      Wakefield WF 2 8 QP

Without Prejudice and are my own Experiences of factual Events;-

Further to receiving yet another disappointing letter taken suggesting action that couldn’t be further
away than what should be requested of the police, delaying a result to prove the police at fault,
which is no surprise to myself. With my 16 months of dealing with the Police and the 5 months that
you have been in office. Please allow me to summarise my dealings with yourself as follows ;-

Elections;-Leading up to the elections, you refused to respond to my emails and letters, and found it
        not necessary to attend public meetings in places like Dewsbury or Agbrigg, which tells me,
        you knew, you had the elections in the bag, as the other two candidates who were also
        Councillors, had no chance. Then Cedric Christie entered into the equation. I believe that
        it was a big publicity stunt to make the public think it was a fair race, which in fact it was not.
        As not a lot of people were aware that you were in the WYPA, where you were just taking, I
        Believe 40K a year ( Allowances & expenses )to do nothing same as other councillors were.
        As stated you totally ignored all the questions I requested answering to make my decision
        on who to vote for, so by not responding meant you had something to hide. So my decision
        to vote went to Cedric Christie, who still deserves the position, as he has the correct morals
        and integrity for the job, where as all you have done is beg for money and promote yourself
        as Mr nice guy, of which we all know you are not, and just in this for the money as you’ve
        not done much else in your position as the new PCC.

Appointed PCC;- Once you were elected I continually tried to contact you to meet with you, and
       again you totally blanked me, so I ended up calling to your new over staffed office, and
       handed over the full file, with a 16 page summary to assist you, which I know to this day has
       still not been looked at, which is proved by the information you asked from me lately. This
       file was handed in at the end of November, where I made an appointment to see you two
       week’s after, when I received two letters changing the time of the meeting and one letter
       dated the 7/12/12 stating “ I do not consider that it is necessary to meet with you”, with no
       reasons on why and no response to my questions. I also received a letter on the 21/12/12,
       regarding the file I dropped off, stating that you had looked at all the available footage and
       you stated that you were satisfied and the matter was closed. The file contained proof of
       two officers clearly perverting the course of justice, and listed numerous footage that the
       police stated they had. This proves your incompetence as a PCC as all the information was to
       Do you not know what your position entails; as you are supposed to assist the public not just
       believe what the police say. It’s the public that paying you ? or could it be the Police ?

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Items Since you were appointed;-

   1. Within first week gave ACC Parkinson Increase in salary, refusing to tell public how much and
      why, when he hadn’t been promoted, even though he was under investigation, I believe
      from two external forces, then within a few months announced his retirement, which I
      believe the salary increase was to boost his pension, and he then strangely manages to retire
      so all the investigations are dropped, after he leaves the force. Which is also strangely
      before the date that the law changed, so officers that do leave should still be investigated.
      Very Odd or just coincidental? Let the public this letter goes to, make their own decision. I
      also could put money on he has another high salary job somewhere else within the Police.
      You have also approved the sale of his police fleet car to Parkinson and refused to disclose
      the amount agreed for value of car. All highly suspicious.
   2. The paedophile Michael Vause got away with a slap on the wrist, whilst you were taking the
      40K a year in the WYPA, he managed to sell his house where he lived, the case was kept out
      of the media, till UPSD found out, the case got downgraded from serious Level 4 images with
      no real explanation, he left court with a slap on the wrist and a 59 k a year pension paid for
      by the public. So the police covered for him, assisted and pro-longed the case till he had set
      up home somewhere else, and the minute he left court with a smirk on his face, to his new
      life, we believe in Scotland, with no one aware they have a peado in his new neighbourhood.
      None of the victim’s families that Vause had images of were informed. Why? is this because
      he is a Police officer.
      Have you taken steps to retrieve two thirds of his pension? If not why, as that would pay for
      two new PCs on the beat.
      Also I was at the last ever WYPA meeting when Mr Vause was due to attend, but suddenly
      gave last minute apologies, once it was realised that me and Mr Wilby were in the audience.
      It was the Police that released the statistics that I believe 99 percent of Peados re-offend,
      but being a Police officer seems to be rewarded for it. How many others have got away that
      we are not aware of, what the public are paying for. What a disgrace. Is this why the police
      refused to name peado’s to advise the public where they are, so it would not expose the
      number that are former police officers????
   3. All the public meetings you have, are controlled and filtered. Only allow people who ring up
      to attend and are vetted by your staff to make sure they do not ask any awkward
      questioned. I find it strange that I myself have been refused, and other members of the
      public that have questions that you seem to run from. How are these public meetings, when
      you only let members of your party attend, and people who I class as brown nosers, who
      only give good feedback, not the people who have asked you questions that really need
      answering. Again hiding behind the police and members of your Labour clan, and on top of
      that covered by the papers, who seem to be run by the police.
   4. You appointed 4 new members to wipe out police corruption, after myself and others
      offering one day a week free of charge with numerous officers to target with physical proof,
      yet still appointed 4 ex WYPA members at £ 232.00 per day each. I have asked you how
      many offices have been disciplined, cautioned or prosecuted, yet UPSD are uncovering
      corrupt officers on a weekly basis. This tells me they are not doing their job correctly, or do
      not know what they are doing, or the police are controlling them. Wonder which?
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5. The next one is the advert for your deputy, in your already over staffed and underworked
   office, again costing the public masses amounts of money, for jobs worth’s, all who worked
   within the WYPA, who did nothing whilst employed by them, and have moved to the PCC
   office and still no results. Absolutely scandalous. To top it all off you employed Isabel Owen,
   who went from your promotion manager when you were a Councillor, to your assistant, in
   PCC and now landed the deputy job for 56 k a year.
   What I find really strange is that you stated her role was crucial when you brought her across
   to PCC office, and now a crucial job she had, no-one has taken her place, so the question is
   what was she doing?. I believe there is more to this relationship, as in she has something
   major against you, and you cannot afford to let her go in case she exposes you for the man
   who I know you are. This will make good reading when it comes out.
   Cedric Christie would have been the ideal candidate for the job, experienced commended
   retired police officer, fully experienced in his field, gained huge public confidence, yet you
   choose, Isabel Owen, what experience does she have except for what appears to be covering
   your arse ? Again scandalous ( Nice boots by the way )

6. Lets now refer to the first Police Crime Panel meeting that a number of the public attended
   and could not believe your inability to understand figures and how you blatantly ripped
   members of the public out of millions of pounds, and the increasing of council tax to raise I
   believe an extra and undeserved 2.8 million for the police. Just a summary on questions you
   acknowledged receipt of and clearly stated on a recorded meeting I had with you, that you
   would respond to within two weeks, of which I am now almost seven weeks down the line
   with no response. Even if this was regarded as an FOI request it should have been dealt with
   by the 28/3/13:-
       a. What has your anti police corruption team achieved to date?
       b. PFI scheme why has the costs doubled in the first 8 months of build?
           How much including interest pay back is it costing the public?
           Yourself and Councillor Carter seemed to be on the board of the finance team,
           A member of the WYPA, is this not a conflict of interest?
       c. How many police officers have criminal records who still work for the police and
           how many convicted police officers receive full pensions?
       d. The sale of the existing police station, you were a councillor and PCC again conflict of
           interest, and why weren’t the buildings let out to public auction?
           How much did the buildings sell for and where has the money been allocated? No
           figures showed in your agenda. Should it not pay off the loan for the PFI scheme to
           save the public money?
       e. 10 million under spend on last year’s money, so why asked for over 13 million on top
           of the 10 million under spend? You stated that the money was for reserves?
           Reserves for what peado officer’s pensions????
       f. 29 staff in PCC yet other similar size forces seem to manage with 8, please advise
           and why so many assistance, again huge bill for tax payers to cover.
       g. 150 officers leaving every year, saving 4.5 million, yet only need 50 to replace them,
           what were the other 100 officers doing?

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            h. You requested 4 million in increments to staff wages, why when you stated in the
               same notes that all staff had a pay freeze for the forthcoming year?
               Please see letter issued to you on the 28/2/13, which requests more detail that you
               seem to have pushed aside hoping it will go away, as other problem questions.

7       When you took office and took on that huge salary where you have claimed you have
        donated a percentage of it to a charity, which may be true, but I believe you have just done
        it to benefit yourself for tax reasons, which will be high-lighted when you first annual
        accounts become public, subject to you declaring all your incomes correctly

Back to My case ;- I finally attended a meeting that you had the balls to follow up, with new
        Evidence proving that the police were lying ( or you were lying to me ) clearly showing the
        cCTV footage the police had ceased which was also listed in the previous file I dropped off in
        December, that you had clearly not read, which again clearly proves 2 officers perverting the
        course of justice.

        This doesn’t seem to be a crime when police officers do it, yet is a jail-able offence when
        members of the public do it. This meeting took place on the 28/2/13, at your office in
        Wakefield. With your puppet master ( Fraser Sampson ) in attendance.

        I asked you at the start of the meeting if I could record it, and you stated that you would
        rather not as you do things on trust, which I knew I couldn’t trust you with, so I went on to
        record the meeting with my phone in the middle of the table, and will issue you a full
        transcript of the lies that you came out with and false promises, that other people like
        myself have had experienced with you. This is proven that your minutes do not really reflect
        the detailed discussions and information handed to you, as you clearly have done with other
        people in similar situations to myself.

        I showed you the stills and cameras set out on Elland road and this excluded the ground
        patrol team the police had, that Carr stated were flashing lights so that they could see where
        they are going, which were clearly the police back up evidence team. You stated the police
        had lied to you and told you there was only one camera / footage evidence, yet the file I
        handed you in December 2012, clearly identified seven camera angles the police had
        viewed, which again high-lights your lack of interest in the role you are in, or incompetence
        to pick up minor clues like this, which is why you shouldn’t be in the position you are. You
        are not qualified in any way but to promote yourself politically and beg the public and
        government for money for the police

        At the end of the meeting you clearly stated that you would respond to the damaging
        questions within two weeks and would be in touch within a couple of days regarding the
        CCTV footage you claim the police are withholding from you.

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       I received a letter from you dated the 18th March 2013, stating that you have requested
       statements under the Criminal Justice act 2003 from the officers mentioned. And you would
       be in touch shortly. Why have you not asked for the CCTV footage clearly requested by
       myself and solicitor on numerous occasions? This again proves your inability to do the job
       the public are paying you for and the letter has Fraser Sampson all over it, delaying tactics
       and excuses that couldn’t be further from what any standard investigation procedure should
       entail. I am amazed that DI Carr could attend the meeting with Fraser Sampson and yourself,
       when it is in the public domain that DI Carr just laughs in the face of any sanction from

       All this information was issued to you in the original file, and you have taken no time to look
       at the summary that had dates and key discussions on, to save you looking through the file,
       yet you just took DI Carr’s word that what he showed you was all they had. Proving you to
       be either incompetent, or being told what to say and do by your puppet master Fraser
       Sampson. Please advise which? Either way you are not carrying out your duties that you
       were voted in to do.

       I won’t hold my breath on waiting for a response, and wait for the courts, where you have
       been cited in my latest papers that you confirmed the police have withheld evidence from
       you, as they have to myself and the courts. So not only me, the courts should look forward
       to see how you have dealt with my case.

       I must also add that the recording of the meeting proves outright that the minutes you have
       issued changes your answers and responses to what was said and agreed, and the tape in
       question will be offered to all local, regional and national print & broadcaster media if you
       do not comply to your assurances made to me in the meeting. To prove that you are not
       carrying out your duties, that the public are paying you to do.

       I will also be serving you with a witness summons to attend JR Oral Permission hearing once
       I receive the date from the court which should be in the next couple of weeks, so you should
       have had a minimum of nine weeks, to look at and get to the bottom of my case. Again this
       will prove whether you are or are not carrying out your duties correctly.

       An annoyed member of the Public

       Anthony Ramsden

Note :-
Attached is the questions you acknowledged receipt of in our meeting, just in case you have
misplaced them

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DATE :- 28th February 2013                                     ANTHONY RAMSDEN
                                                               14 THE MOUNT


REF    :- Questions Put to New PCC                             WAKEFIELD WF2 8QP

                                                               07817 94438

F.T.A.O. Mark Burns Williamson         New Police Crime Commissioner

Further to my numerous emails asking questions that you are refusing to respond to which
is in the public’s interest, please acknowledge this document and sign the areas below as
confirmation of receiving this document and 4 pages of attachments ;-

Anthony Ramsden        Signature;- ___________________                       28/2/13

Witness        Signature;- _________________           Print:-________________ 28/2/13

Mark Burns Williamson Signature;-___________________                         28/2/13

Witness        Signature;-_________________ Print;- ________________ 28/2/13

Questions that need responding to for the Public;-
1. As you have been emailed on numerous occasions by myself, could you please advise
   me on what the task team you appointed and are paying £ 232.00 per day
   Per member, To investigate and wipe out corrupt police officers have done to date.

   a. How many officers have been arrested?
   b. How many officers are facing misconduct procedures or criminal charges?
   c. Why was I myself not given the chance to be a member of the team, where I
       offered myself and other members our service free of charge, saving tax payers
2. The PFI Schemes that you signed up for, as you stated in the best of public’s interest,
   knowing that the build cost of 250 million, would cost the tax payers at least 5 times
   that amount to repay the debt.
   a. In the Police Crime Panel meeting on the 5/2/13 the debt repayment had doubled,
       yet the reasons you gave did not justify the question. If budget set and loan
       repayment agreed, how can the payments have doubled? Please advise
   b. You also stated that the government gave £ 100,000.00 tax credit against the PFI
       Scheme, this has no affect on the money the public have to pay back, as the Police
       are tax exempt anyway. Please advise how we benefit?
   c. I have tried to obtain the loan repayments / cost of the scheme over the period we
       have to pay the debt back, and no-one is forth coming with this, and the PFI
       website rejects this question. Please advise cost of PFI scheme on contract that has
       been signed to the loan company, and what the public will be paying back over the
       time agreed. Budget figures will be ok
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    d. Please be aware that it was yourself and Les carter that seem to be behind this PFI
       scheme, which myself and others see as a major conflict of interest, being a
       councilor at the time, member of the WYPA, and also a member of the financial
       committee that signed up for this contract.

3. When you were a member of the WYPA you asked John Bettison the Question on how
   many officers in the police have criminal records, and he responded with a very
   detailed account of approx 250 odd officers faced charges for one year, which proves
   you have the answer to this question, and also confirmed by the Police IT department,
   who bragged about the detail data base used, that could format most requests, and
   was set up to answer this question that has been asked by the papers and members of
   the public over the last three years.
   The response from the police that it was financial reasons, and couldn’t afford the
   time required to collate this information, even though I offered to pay and assist in
   getting this information.

    So this question I put to you, bearing in mind we know you and the police have this
    information at the press of a few buttons, by your own submission, along with
    Bettison, and your IT department. How many convicted police officers still work within
    West-Yorkshire Police with criminal records?

    How many convicted police officers who have left the force are receiving police full
    pensions, like in the case of Peodophile Micheal Vause?

   Please note that question no 1 should also back this question up, and costs should be
   no issue, as the task team set up to wipe out corruption, should have full access to the
   police computers to find the answers to these questions.

4. The sale of the existing police buildings to the council which again should have been a
   conflict of interest, as you acted on behalf of the council and the police, then strangely
   stood down as a councilor once the deal had been done.
   Me and members of the public would like a response to the following questions;-

    a. How much was the sale of the buildings exchanged for ?
    b. Why weren’t the building publicly advertised to get the best price, which is the
       standard procedure on these types of sale. Set by the Councils rules. ?
    c. If they were advertised please advise what editions of the Wakefield Express,
       Evening Post, or which agent acted on behalf of the council and public ?
    d. Where have the funds been allocated to by the police, as these figures were not
       mentioned in the budgets or forecast to bring the PFI Loan debt down ?
       The money received from these buildings should automatically be paid to the loan
       company to reduce the PFI debt for the best public’s interest.

5. The following questions are further ones raised since myself and others attended the
   Police Crime Panel meeting at Wakefield Town hall on the 5/2/13, which numerous
   members of the public now want answering ;-
   a. The police had 10 million underspend last year, 3.4 million the year before, your
       stated that these were being kept for reserved funds ? For what, please submit in
       detail where this money is allocated
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b. The PCC office now has 29 staff, and as stated in the meeting this office is costing
   double what was budgeted, before you were appointed, and you set the
   Budget’s for the new PCC. Why has these costs gone up ?

c. Why do you have 20 more staff than other areas, of similar size forces?
d. You stated that 10 of your staff were being subcontracted to other forces that you
   were charging out, so why hasn’t your office costs reduced by at least 30%, if they
   are bringing money in from other forces ?
   If this is so, where is the money they are earning going, or being allocated to?

e. John Parkinson stated that 150 officers per year were leaving the force, saving a
   further approx figure of 4.5 million a year, yet you only need 50 new officers to
   replace them? Why and if so what were the other 100 officers doing if they don’t
   need replacing?
   The figures clearly show a saving of 4.5 million, and to replace one third of them,
   would mean the police would have further savings of 3 million pounds. So why
   have you asked for further funding i.e. the increase in council tax, to pay for an
   additional 50 officers, when you have in excess of £ 14.5 million in what you call
   reserved funds ?

f.   Questions from the minutes noted in the meeting, and on the agenda :-
     4 million for police and staff increments? Why when pay freeze set in police, why
     do they need this on top up when 14.5 million in reserve?

     0.5 million for claims against the police? Again why when they have 14.5 million
     already in reserve from last year?

     0.675 million on ill health & pensions ? Why when they have 14.5 million in
     reserves to cover this. Please advise as tax payers money?

     See a bit of a pattern here, misuse of public funding and monies, going to pensions
     of corrupt officers that should not receive pensions, and be able to pay for more
     officers on the beat.

g. With ref to the on-line survey that you did on your website asking if the public
   would pay for additional policing, on our council tax, please advise why this survey
   wasn’t publicly advertised so the 1.61 million electorates could take part, yet a
   vote was agreed when the survey was done on 2000 people when only 1000 of
   them agreed on the increase. Please note that officially one in four families have
   to choose in paying bills for the roof over their heads, or food for the family, yet
   you have blatantly done this survey to hit a select few that does view your website
   knowing the majority would agree to it, which no doubt would be you party
   members and followers.
   It is completely unsafe to rely on 50% of a minute sample of the total electorate of
   1.61 million people. I believe this survey should be executed correctly and ensure
   that at least 50 % of the people involved should take part, till a decision is made.
   Please confirm that you will retract the increase till a correct procedure and survey
   has been carried out. Or if not please advise on your actions.

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       6. Now you have your task team set up to stop corruption in the police, can you advise
          me what you are doing to retrieve the officers who have been convicted and left the
          force with full pensions, when 66 % if it should not be paid, as clearly stated under
          policing policies. Such as the case of Peodophile Micheal Vause? In his case the money
          would put two officers back on the beat. Please advise?

       7. Why did you give John Parkinson the ACC a rise within your first week of being in
          office as the PCC, and why was the amount not published for such a high profile
          officer, and reason for the pay increase ?

       8. More financial questions on why Isobel (Michell) Owen was appointed as your 41K a
          year research director, and what does she actually do for the tax payers money she is
          receiving ?
          Why was this post not left unfilled as it appeared to be spare and did not affect the
          lack of performance of the previous West-Yorkshire Police Authority. And she does not
          seem to be having any affect on the PCC office.
          Does any other PCC office have this role for this ludicrous amount of money, as we are
          unable to find evidence of other PCC needing someone of this position, please advise?

       9. Could you please advise under what rule or law you can dictate who I can have attend
          a meeting with me, at your offices as a complainant friend? As I cannot believe your
          request declining Mr Wilby to attend with myself.

Please note that these questions are not under freedom of information requests or requirements
these are facts that you have dealt with, agreed, signed up to, and avoided, that we require you as
the new Police & Crime Commissioner to respond to us, as members of the public who you are
supposed to act in the best interest of.

Shall we agree two weeks to respond to these questions, as I am aware all this information has
passed through yourself at some point, and should be ready available for you to retrieve with your
29 staff, including your task force team investigating all these corrupt officers.

So I would expect a response by no later that the 15/3/13.

Yours Sincerely

Anthony Ramsden and members of the public

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Description: Letter from Wakefield businessman Tony Ramsden to Police & Crime Commissioner in connection with assaults on him by West Yorkshire Police at Elland Road on September 20th 2011. Attached also is a schedule of unanswered public interest questions.